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Hospice For Pets: Providing Quality Care As Life's Journey Ends

Hospice For Pets: Providing Quality Care As Life's Journey Ends

Hospice For Pets: Providing Quality Care As Life's Journey Ends

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Many practices strive to provide the best customer service available and wish to offer lifelong service to their clients and patients. Unfortunately, many forget about the very last step taken when our patient's journey is nearing the end. This last step is critical in helping to keep our client satisfied, and have them return with another pet in the future. A poor or nonexistent hospice program can break a client relationship.

The last step can take several weeks to occur, or several years. Consider diabetic patients, renal failure kitties or those patients experiencing cancer. Many clients need guidance in order to provide the best care for the pet, whether it is the administration of medication, fluids, or assessment of pain. Comfort, hygiene and safety techniques need to be discussed, both for team members and clients.

Hospice for Pets: Providing Quality Care as Life's Journey Ends is a 6-week course developed to aid in the understanding and development of such programs within the veterinary practice. Participants are not required to work in practice to complete this course.


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for hospice services
2. Determine facility modifications that can increase the success of a hospice program
3. Implement hospice and palliative care protocols that are personalized for each patient
4. Evaluate owners, patients and environmental conditions to support a hospice environment
5. Describe and implement the QOL scale
6. Evaluate and manage anxiety, sleeplessness and cognitive dysfunction
7. Evaluate and implement pain management protocols for hospice patients
8. Describe the role and function of physical medicine and rehabilitation for patients in hospice care
9. Compare and contrast devices used to aid in the mobility of patients
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