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Packaging to Facilitate Sterilization and Sterility Maintenance

Packaging to Facilitate Sterilization and Sterility Maintenance

Packaging to Facilitate Sterilization and Sterility Maintenance

Cynthia Spry, RN
Cynthia Spry, RN
on behalf of Medline University

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Two of the many steps in instrument processing are selection and use of packaging systems and storage of packaged devices in a manner that maintains sterility. Rigid sterilization containers, peel pouches, and non-woven synthetic wraps are all appropriate for packaging items to be sterilized. Each has advantages and disadvantages. It is important for clinicians and processing personnel to understand how to select, handle, and use packaging that is most appropriate for devices intended for sterilization and subsequent storage and finally to identify considerations for storage.


Learning Objectives:
1. Identify types of packaging systems.
2. Describe advantages and disadvantages of packaging systems used for packaging items in preparation for sterilization and subsequent storage.
3. Explain key factors in the proper care and handling of packaging systems.
4. Discuss how to determine whether packaging is intact.
5. Discuss conditions of storage necessary to maintain sterility of packaged items.
Cynthia Spry, RN

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Cynthia Spry, RN
on behalf of Medline University

Cynthia Spry, RN, holds both MA and MS degrees in Education & Nursing and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of surgical services with a focus on sterilization and disinfection. She is now an independent consultant. She retired from Advanced Sterilization Products, a Johnson & Johnson company, where she worked as an international consultant in sterilization and disinfection. Cynthia is a member of APIC, IAHCSMM and AORN where she was a past national president. She has authored over 75 publications, two nursing texts, and was lead author for three AORN evidence-based guidelines. She has presented seminars on many healthcare related topics across the world. Cynthia is also a member of several AAMI Working Groups writing and updating recommended practices, including co-chairing the committee responsible for the ST79 Comprehensive Guide to Steam Sterilization and Sterility Assurance in Health Care Facilities.

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