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Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring

Dr Steve Woodring DO
Dr Steve Woodring DO
on behalf of Conscious Sedation Consulting, LLC

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Dr Carlos Gonzalez R (8 Jul 2018)
Ms Deborah Thorne (8 Jan 2018)
(8 Dec 2019)
Great review of information

I would like to...

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This module will cover basic patient monitoring of vital signs during sedation including ventilation, oxygenation, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and temperature.


1) Basic understanding of function of patient monitors
2) Understand importance of monitoring each vital sign
Dr Steve Woodring DO

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Dr Steve Woodring DO
on behalf of Conscious Sedation Consulting, LLC

Steven F. Woodring, D.O. is a board certified anesthesiologist located in Naples, Florida. Dr. Woodring received his D.O. degree from A. T. Still University - Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the founding school of osteopathic medicine, located in Kirksville, MO. He completed a traditional internship at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and his anesthesiology residency at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine - MetroHealth Medical Center campus in Cleveland, OH. Currently, Dr. Woodring is President of Mobile Anesthesia Solutions, LLC, a company that specializes in office based and ambulatory anesthesia services. He has also served as Chairman of the Florida Society of Anesthesiologists Office Based Anesthesia Committee, and as a lecturer for Conscious Sedation Consulting.

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Dr Carlos Gonzalez R (8 Jul 2018)
Ms Deborah Thorne (8 Jan 2018)
(8 Dec 2019)
Great review of information
Dr Catherine Schlaht (7 Feb 2019)
Good Course
Dr tyler carlson d.m.d (6 Nov 2019)
good review
Dr Jeffrey Allred DDS (31 Mar 2017)
(31 Jan 2019)
The instructor has a good command of subject
Dr Matthew Perry (30 Nov 2016)
Good info on how to keep patients safe.
(30 May 2019)
Dr Kenneth Henley DDS (3 Dec 2018)
I thought it was a good review of basic patient monitoring for sedation.
Chris Bowman (28 Mar 2018)
Very clear presentation...thorough as well.
Mrs Connie Simmons RDH, BSDH (28 Dec 2017)
thanks for the review!
(27 Jan 2019)
(26 Oct 2019)
Perry Jue (26 Apr 2018)
brief, concise, and to the point.
Dr Kent Mueller DDS (24 Mar 2017)
poor overview of materials / somewhat disconnected presentation / no audio available to clarify course objectives
Dr Michael McGrath DDS (24 Aug 2018)
Very helpful
Dr Stephen Foster DDS (22 Jan 2017)
Good course content.
(21 Jan 2019)
I feel your view on Temperature monitoring with in office sedation is slightly skewed. We don't use the triggers for Malignant Hypothermia (muscle relaxants and inhalation gases). Thats the reason we don't monitor it. With intubated general anesthesia we do use these trigger and thats why it's monitored in that setting and not in our typical in office setting. Also I believe its now standard of care to monitor CO2- which you stated incorrectly.
Dr Ricardo Diaz Dds,ms (21 Feb 2017)
Eric Barney (20 May 2018)
excellent coarse and well presented for understanding.
Dr Prachi Deore (2 Jul 2018)
Good review
Dr Delwin Hemingway DDS (19 Feb 2017)
Test questions do not correspond ti the material taught, in fact they contradict the materials accuracy.
(17 Feb 2019)
useful review for CE.
Dr Wade Logan DDS (17 Dec 2018)
great course
Dr elizabeth ashiku dds (17 Apr 2018)
Do take notes. Good review.
Dr Charles Gabet DDS (15 Jan 2018)
Good Review
Ikuna Baatar (15 Apr 2018)
It was good, thank you
Dr Jason Haworth (14 Nov 2016)
Good info
(14 Dec 2018)
very straightforward presentation of important information
Miss Erin Amdahl (14 Apr 2017)
Pretty good information
James Orban (10 Oct 2018)
A lot of information


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