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Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills

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Launch date: 08 Sep 2018
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Last updated: 23 Dec 2020

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John Lobdell (11 Oct 2020)
Useful dialogs to communicate with challenging clients
Jaclyn Epp (16 Sep 2020)
Useful for all practices.
Ms S W (13 Jun 2020)

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This course goes over the “do’s” and “don’ts” of customer service. It explains the top reasons clients leave a company and go to another, how you can avoid this, how employees should respond to upset clients, and the benefits of being a professional employee. This is a must have for all organizations to ensure their employees are projecting quality customer service.


On completion of this course you should understand:
-The top reasons clients leave a company and go to another, how you can avoid this,
-How employees should respond to upset clients,
- The benefits of being a professional employee. This is a must have for all organizations to ensure their employees are projecting quality customer service.

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User Reviews (57)

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John Lobdell (11 Oct 2020)
Useful dialogs to communicate with challenging clients
Jaclyn Epp (16 Sep 2020)
Useful for all practices.
Ms S W (13 Jun 2020)
Bailey Watkins (11 Apr 2020)
Useful information for all members of a clinic.
SUNDRA MORROW (9 Apr 2020)
helpful and interesting .
Adelaide Vet Prospect Adelaide (31 Jan 2020)
a bit repetitive and I find the "bad customer" examples to be a bit sexist, otherwise very useful
Dr Perng Lee (24 Dec 2019)
The course is practical and applied efficiently to the practice.
Jennifer Horbelt (12 Nov 2019)
customer service is not taught in school, this helps
Mylene Iemini (28 Oct 2019)
Very explanatory
Mrs Patricia Ganske CVT (31 Aug 2019)
very helpful and should be seen by all staff
Mary McNall (11 Aug 2019)
Good information, well presented & appropriate for anyone dealing with people in a professional setting.
Miss Kaylee Trach RAHT (5 May 2019)
Good info!
Lois Armstrong (27 Apr 2019)
Good refresher
Emma Sladek (6 Apr 2019)
Nice and helpful skills
Kelly Dowell (15 Mar 2019)
good reminder of what should be done
Ms A Shaw N.A. , F.S. (14 Mar 2019)
I enjoyed seeing a list in the presentation that gave examples of do's and dont's to say to customers and a list of 20+ comments to say to customers that offer and promote a positive customer service experience.
Mackenzie Parr Mackenzie (10 Mar 2019)
Clear and straight forward.
Kevin Waitkevich (3 Mar 2019)
Excellent overview of communication and hospital presence.
Dr Reham Khalil (6 Feb 2019)
very useful
Ms Laura Aylesworth (31 Jan 2019)
Easy to understand
Ms Julia Cameron RVT (24 Jan 2019)
Has lots of information to help with dealing with customers of all kinds.
Miss Gail Mackenzie (21 Nov 2018)
On at least three questions there could have been two technically "correct" answers.
Paula Martin (15 Nov 2018)
I disagree with some of the statements made about handling difficult clients, such as when they are being unexceptionally rude.
Ms ariel jenks (28 Oct 2018)
Well informed on what can be a difficult subject.
Mrs Kaylene Baker (16 Oct 2018)
A very good overall course on customer service.
Myrna Fitzpatrick (21 Sep 2018)
It was very helpful and a great to brush up on past training. thank you
Miss Leeann Ruddell (18 Aug 2018)
It was a good refresher on customer service
Jetzy Villanueva (29 Jul 2018)
This presentations gives you an overview on things to stay conscious about when interacting with a customer in order to keep them happy. Also delves into suggestions to handle difficult clients.
Mrs Cynthia Gohier (22 Jun 2018)
Great reminder of important aspects of customer service.
Avis Moller (4 Jun 2018)
It is good to know how to react to angry or upset clients this gives us good ways to respond
Jessica Griffiths (2 Jun 2018)
I wasn't expecting it to cover so much information
Olivia Johnson-Armstrong (11 May 2018)
Very short, concise
Deborah Griffin (6 May 2018)
Good suggestions on how to communicate in a positive manner.
Mrs Patricia Freedman CVT (29 Apr 2018)
Good refresher info that everyone dealing with the public should go over
Ms Britanie Gehling (20 Apr 2018)
There were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors but the overall course and it's content was useful.
Ms Courtney Shafer (17 Apr 2018)
This course had some very good tips and suggestions.
Harvey Fisch (3 Apr 2018)
Course material is practical and overall, very good, but please, correct the typographical errors.
Lainen Bayer (14 Mar 2018)
It even applied to my current profession outside the veterinary realm.
Mrs Kelly Williams RVT (23 Feb 2018)
It was super simple, easy to use customer service skills for every practice/business.
Jennifer Hernandez (21 Feb 2018)
Great course to review what you already know! Nice tips too!
Lori Kapushion (14 Feb 2018)
A nice refresher coarse!
Mrs Brittany Shepherd (13 Feb 2018)
Good refresher course.
Miss Caitlin Leonard B.S., RVT (8 Feb 2018)
Always a nice refresher. Good information laid out in an effective way.
Ms Kelsey Toole (1 Feb 2018)
Good brush up on customer service skills.
Kylee Byrnes (31 Jan 2018)
A very nice refresher on customer service skills
Ms Kerry Hodges (18 Jan 2018)
Great way to help remind us how to communicate effectively.
Cheryl Johnstone (16 Jan 2018)
Excellent information.
Brooke Gibson (28 Dec 2017)
very helpful information on dealing with customers
Mrs Kyleigh Blandford (29 Apr 2017)
Continue to include interesting topics.
Elizabeth Morrow (5 Apr 2017)
This had some very good tips for dealing with unsatisfied customers.
Miss Isabel Lambourne RVN (16 Mar 2017)
Good webinar for all members of staff involved in the practice.
Miss Charlotte Peacock (15 Feb 2017)
It is very important for all employees of a practice, no matter their position, to have knowledge in customer service. This CE is very helpful in increasing that knowledge.
Dr Reanna havenner (15 Feb 2017)
Its used in all types of fields and in life also.
Miss Jenny Williams (10 Feb 2017)
It was fine
Miss Jennifer Biala (7 Feb 2017)
Customer service is very important in all business. Being refreshed on standards yearly is great.
Ms Audrey Bowen (7 Feb 2017)
All staff should be trained in customer care, no matter what position they are hired on for. We have contract with clients and need to try to be as helpful as possible.
Miss Sophie-may Mansfield (15 Dec 2016)
this was good info


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