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Sheltered Instruction

Sheltered Instruction

Sheltered Instruction

Minda Lopez
Minda Lopez
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators


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(9 Aug 2019)
Very helpful in supporting ELL's growth in language acquisition and competence.
Stephany Goodwin (8 May 2017)
good lesson, some slides had issues loading for me though
Mrs Amy Amacker (8 Feb 2018)
Content was easy to understand.Concise and to the point.

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Sheltered instruction is a total English approach to instruction and classroom management that teachers can use to help English Language Learners (ELLs) acquire English and content area knowledge and skills. This course is presented by Minda Lopez, Assistant Professor of Reading at Texas State University.


Learn about sheltered instruction, as well as tips and suggestions for implementing in your classroom
Minda Lopez

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Minda Lopez
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

Minda Lopez graduated with her Ph.D. in Culture, Literacy, and Language from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2008. Prior to academia, she served as a Bilingual, Dual Language, and ESL teacher for 6 years in Houston ISD, Spring Branch ISD, and the Pan American School of Bahia in Brazil. She also taught ESL in the Center for Continuing Studies at Rice University and at the University of the Incarnate Word and was a Bilingual/ESL Specialist for Education Service Center, Region 20 in San Antonio.

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User Reviews (73)

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(9 Aug 2019)
Very helpful in supporting ELL's growth in language acquisition and competence.
Stephany Goodwin (8 May 2017)
good lesson, some slides had issues loading for me though
Mrs Amy Amacker (8 Feb 2018)
Content was easy to understand.Concise and to the point.
Corina Laraway (8 Aug 2018)
Good content.
Mrs rebecca harris (7 May 2017)
great lesson
STACY GRIGG (7 Jun 2018)
Great course!
Great course
(5 Jun 2019)
So much information to retain.
(5 Jul 2019)
Good refresher!
Anthony Schreck (5 Apr 2017)
Good presentation. It expanded on concepts I have learned in other workshops. Very good at reviewing strategies we should be using with our ELL students.
(4 Oct 2019)
A couple pages are missing. But content still seems complete.
Mrs Christy Christensen (4 Mar 2020)
Great information about Sheltered learning.
Amanda Baker-Adkins (4 Jun 2018)
Great info
Mrs Karen French (4 Feb 2017)
good overview/reminder of siop
Miss Mary Ketchum (4 Feb 2017)
Thanks for offering Sheltered Instruction.
Maria Cardenas (31 Mar 2017)
This is a very informative course that will benefit and ESL/ELL teacher.
patricia ellis (31 Mar 2017)
Awesome.... This will also be excellent for Para's as well.
(31 Dec 2019)
Nice refresher on the goal of ESL techniques.
mary crean (31 Dec 2017)
I was familiar with teaching strategies was not using the correct terminology.
Linda Paschal (30 May 2018)
Great information!
William McGonagle (30 Mar 2017)
Great course.
Rhett Hansen (30 Jul 2018)
I learned how to better teach ESL students.
Mr Aaron Couch (3 Oct 2018)
As a teacher already having an endorsement in SEI, this course provided more tools and strategies to instruct students in a more sheltered environment. Lots of take-home ideas that I'll be using.
Selina Owens (29 Apr 2017)
This is a great class! Easy to understand and I will put these strategies to use!
Mrs Juanita Reyes (28 Jan 2017)
the information was excellent and allowed for proper understanding of the covered material.
Mr Joshua Shiel M.Ed. (27 Oct 2016)
This was a very well explained intro to sheltered instruction.
Mrs Julie Ibarra (27 Oct 2016)
Helpful for anyone working with ELL's
Stephannie Williams (27 Jul 2018)
Excellent content and course
Mrs Esmeralda Villarreal (27 Feb 2017)
The information provided is very informative. It gives me an overall understanding on how to assist students step by step in acquiring the second language.
Mrs Heather Curd (27 Dec 2016)
Great Review!
Guadalupe Novak (26 Apr 2018)
Good course on sheltered instruction!
Magdalena Gonzalez (25 Nov 2016)
Good review of sheltered instruction.
Mrs Katherine Shevchenko (25 Mar 2017)
A very thorough introduction and guide of Sheltered Education, a lot of information packed in the slides.
(25 Jul 2019)
enjoyed content
brandi montgomery (25 Apr 2018)
Enjoyed the course!
Jenny Cassidy (25 Apr 2018)
Informative. Very useful strategies.
Mrs Courtney Davis (24 Dec 2016)
great info.
(23 Oct 2019)
I enjoyed reading about the protocol, but I left feeling like I would still struggle to implement the protocol in my classroom. Some example lessons would help.
Holly Sanders (23 May 2018)
Sheltered is a total English approach to help in content areas.
Jaouad ZAAIMI (21 May 2018)
I enjoyed it!
Mr Brendan Carney (21 Mar 2017)
Miss Laura Ruiz (21 Feb 2017)
The information what was good. It helped me understand what it means of Sheltered Instructions and ESL. Before this I thought it was the same thing, but now I know there is a difference between both of them
Ms Ruth Rybacki (21 Feb 2017)
This was very informative. The format is excellent with the notes and slides.
Tryna Smith (21 Apr 2018)
This was informative.
(20 Nov 2019)
Great Info a nd presentation format! Love the course study guide! Thanks!
(20 Feb 2019)
This course did a good job of explaining the value of shared instruction.
(20 Aug 2019)
Audio would have been nice. Easy to read and understand
David Taylor (2 Mar 2018)
Very Good
(2 Apr 2019)
Very informative. I thought the presentation had sound, but it was read along. Graphic organizer and notes were very useful. Thanks, * Couple of slides did get stuck.
Sherri Echols (2 Apr 2018)
The outline notes are fantastic. This was a great, concise review.
Ms Bernadette Hancock (18 Sep 2019)
Mr Francisco Torres (18 Nov 2016)
Excellent overview of the importance of focusing on tools to improve academic language.
jennifer kramer (18 Jul 2018)
Excellent refresher course on SIOP.
Mrs Bethany Gamez (17 Jan 2017)
Great refresher. Good information.
Catherine Clarke (17 Apr 2018)
Great course. Interesting content and research!
Dr jill safi (16 Nov 2016)
good course!
Mrs Megan Warren (16 Jan 2020)
You must use the attached study guide to do well on the quiz.
Mrs AMY TAYLOR (16 Apr 2018)
I use SIOP. Good refresher!
Sylvia Jones (15 May 2018)
Helpful information
(15 Feb 2020)
Very direct to the topic.
Mrs Mary Ann Bankston C (14 Jan 2019)
Shared instruction is a great learning strategy I can I can use in my classroom. Great Instruction.
Eboni Hammond (13 Sep 2018)
This course was very informative and also supplies notes!
April Navarro (13 Oct 2018)
The modules were well written and placed accordingly. I am not and ESL or ELL teacher but I found this course to be very informative.
(13 Mar 2020)
Mrs Regenia Dixon (13 Dec 2016)
Very good information.
Jessica Barker (12 Apr 2018)
Lots of great information!
Bethany Leadon (11 Apr 2017)
Very good information and useful even in my special education class.
Mrs Julie Sholl (11 Apr 2017)
I really enjoyed this course. As someone who is not ESL trained, Sheltered Instruction seems to be an effective mainstream approach.
Mrs Donna Hedges (10 Mar 2017)
Great review for teachers with sheltered classs!!
(10 Feb 2019)
Notes to emphasis concepts would expand the knowledge that can be gained from these slides.
Mrs Araceli Hernandez (1 May 2017)
Sheltered Instruction is a powerful method in teaching students English, as well as, content area subjects. I would certainly use sheltered instruction to strengthen the knowledge of my students while learning a new language.
Mrs Erin Treybig (1 Jan 2019)
Always good to refresh on making sure I'm teaching ELLs in a manner that is best for them.
(1 Apr 2019)
Overall the course gives good information on how to level the classroom for ELL to succeed. I would suggest the notes follow in order of the slides.


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