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Being Good to You: A Self-Care Guide for Teachers

Being Good to You: A Self-Care Guide for Teachers

Being Good to You: A Self-Care Guide for Teachers

Dr. Adam Saenz
Dr. Adam Saenz
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators


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Last updated: 23 Jul 2020

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Laura Toler (12 Jul 2020)
Self-Care was a surprising topic to see as I pursued CPE for teaching in Texas, I found this to be very informative and helpful.
minerva ontiveros (10 Jul 2020)
is a good informative course to self care for us to be able to give to our students.
Amy Durden (1 Jul 2020)
Not appropriate for this forum. If you wanted your friend to be able to vent and provide marriage counseling, do it somewhere else. Wasted my time and not as advertised.

I would like to...

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Educators are nurturers. Any good nurturer is likely to consider the needs of others above their own needs. That's certainly admirable, but if left unchecked, self-neglect could lead to chronic stress and eventual burnout. Are you loving yourself as well as you love those around you? This webinar was created to give you a better understanding of what a healthy you should look like-occupationally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically. You will also receive practical strategies to increase well-being in each of those areas.


Participants will understand the relationship between self-care and professional effectiveness.
Participants will understand what it means to be well occupationally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically.
Participants will be offered practical strategies to increase well-being.
Dr. Adam Saenz

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Dr. Adam Saenz
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

Dr. Saenz earned his Ph.D. in School Psychology from Texas A&M University. He completed his predoctoral clinical training under a fellowship appointment to Harvard Medical School, and he has a postdoctorate in clinical psychology from the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Dr. Saenz also earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling from Graduate Theological Foundation with residency at the Christ Church college of Oxford University.

Dr. Saenz currently serves as the clinical director of the Brazos Valley Counseling and Assessment Clinic, which he founded in 2003.

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User Reviews (121)

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Laura Toler (12 Jul 2020)
Self-Care was a surprising topic to see as I pursued CPE for teaching in Texas, I found this to be very informative and helpful.
minerva ontiveros (10 Jul 2020)
is a good informative course to self care for us to be able to give to our students.
Amy Durden (1 Jul 2020)
Not appropriate for this forum. If you wanted your friend to be able to vent and provide marriage counseling, do it somewhere else. Wasted my time and not as advertised.
Jessica Chiverton (30 Jun 2020)
Great information on stress management techniques - choosing to engage/ disengage in helpful or hurtful ways.
Jennifer Worley (21 Jun 2020)
Good information on how stress effects our performance, ways to identify it, and steps to reduce stress.
Karen Pinkston (1 Jun 2020)
Excellent and practical information shared in this talk on self-care!
Suzanne Garcia (30 May 2020)
Good examples but not a lot of new information.
Perinza Reddic (22 May 2020)
I so needed this! Thankfully, this pandemic has allowed me to decompress, but this webinar topic was exactly the refresher I needed to return to the classroom. I have always enjoyed teaching, but it was "everything else required of teachers" that was really attacking my spirit. Thank you, Dr. Saenz! Your presentation was the therapy I needed!
Julio Gonzalez (19 May 2020)
Mr Jesus Rodriguez (3 May 2020)
A very good presentation on stress management for teachers.
Kathryn Baker (2 May 2020)
This job comes with a lot of emotional and mental demands. Taking care of that stress being carried by the teacher is essential.
Meghan Standley (21 Apr 2020)
Excellent resource for teachers to remember to maintain work/life balance and manage stress.
Ms Marlene Driggers (17 Apr 2020)
Seemed long winded and repetitive.
Amanda Lucas (14 Apr 2020)
This is certainly a topic that applies to most of the teaching population
Karma Travis (27 Mar 2020)
This is important to educators.
Melissa Gross (21 Mar 2020)
Great & relevant information!
Lisa Sizemore (13 Mar 2020)
Mrs Christy Christensen (3 Mar 2020)
Very good thoughts about keeping yourself mentally healthy.
Mrs Dawn Rice (2 Mar 2020)
Excellent!! The tips, suggestions and strategies for dealing with stressfull situations, difussing them and focusing on being the example of positivitiy rather than negativity..all great!! I really enjoyed this!
Kathy Wells (20 Jan 2020)
Tips for stress management.
jesslyn wilson (6 Jan 2020)
Useful information on the topic of maintaining work/life balance.
Dee Dee Davenport (31 Oct 2019)
Dr. Saenz presented a lot of good ideas for dealing with common stresses that arise in every day life.
Kendra Till (29 Oct 2019)
It was nice informative video talking about the energy of stress and whether you can deal efficiently with situations.
Ms Vivian Simpson BS (26 Oct 2019)
So helpful with those stressors that come up.
Jennifer Backlund (21 Oct 2019)
Great advice for teachers! An person who is not taking care of their own needs cannot be performing at the highest level as an educator.
Ariel Johnson (15 Oct 2019)
Explained stress and positive and negative ways we handle it.
Ms Bernadette Hancock (17 Sep 2019)
Many great strategies for dealing with the stress of being a teacher.
Keli Kayser (27 Aug 2019)
Practical advice on stress avoidance/indicators
Mrs Traci Willingham (18 Aug 2019)
Very interesting webinar.
laura peart (17 Aug 2019)
what an inspiring speaker! Thank you:)
michele nelson (24 Jul 2019)
Enjoyed the course.
Heather Entzminger (12 Jun 2019)
Loved all the practical tips on how to evaluate how you personally are contributing to the stress.
Catherine White (6 Jun 2019)
It is just what the doctor ordered.
Stephanie Jobe (26 May 2019)
Lots of good information!
Dawn Cervone (8 May 2019)
This was so good
Presenter had great ideas on how to cope with stressful situations.
Elizabeth McDaniel (20 Mar 2019)
Was too long for the topic, probably could've been a half hour course and been great. Never the less, a decent course for CPE
David Taylor (7 Mar 2019)
Melissa Dominguez (14 Feb 2019)
This course is a good reminder of things that we should already be doing, but often overlook.
Elaina Erwin (8 Feb 2019)
This is a topic teachers often fail to think about.
Jessica Risenhoover (8 Feb 2019)
This course offers many practical strategies for managing stress. It also points out negative ways in which people deal with stress. By knowing what doesn't work, this can help us make decisions to deal with stress energy in a positive way.
Mrs Mary Ann Bankston C (15 Jan 2019)
A very educating help guide seminar for all teachers I would recommend this seminar to everyone.
Mrs Nan Robinson (19 Dec 2018)
Good to reflect on the teacher well-being and remember to take care of oneself! Something I forget to do in my everyday and professional life!
Christina Floyd (15 Dec 2018)
This was a very helpful, practical, and entertaining training session!
Molly Rhymer (13 Nov 2018)
This course was very clear and easy to understand. It was also very helpful as it shows ways of managing stress.
Erin Boyer (26 Oct 2018)
Great info. Enjoyed the course.
April Navarro (13 Oct 2018)
Mr.Saenz was very informative talking about stress. He provides great examples that have happened in the classroom and ideas on how to manage those behaviors.
Braden Hunt (4 Oct 2018)
Great practical tools for managing stress.
Lana Runnels (20 Sep 2018)
Such very good points about things beginning with and individual and becoming a group project.
Chad Baker (19 Sep 2018)
Great thoughts! Thanks a lot!
Danika Mclain (11 Aug 2018)
Gave good tips on stress managememt.
Corina Laraway (7 Aug 2018)
Excellent, thought-provoking content.
Rhett Hansen (30 Jul 2018)
This program helped me better learn how to manage stress.
Mrs Mary Simmons (28 Jul 2018)
Stress not handled appropriately can cast a sour mood over an organisation
Stephannie Williams (27 Jul 2018)
Very informative. Good information to use to prevent anxiety in stressful situations.
jennifer kramer (18 Jul 2018)
I learned so much about stress in this series. I had no idea what was going on in my body when teaching. Great information!
Brenda Gordon (17 Jul 2018)
Excellent! Some of the examples of stressors such as things that are out of my control, I suppose should be resolved by letting go. He did not address ways to let go. This is something teachers struggle with.
Nikki Smith (10 Jul 2018)
Great pointers. I deal with stress daily by laughing. I try to find the positive things in the sea of darkness....which sometimes, education is pretty gloomy.
Rodney Smith (10 Jul 2018)
Very good advice. I know we all deal with stress differently, but it's nice to hear some different stress relieving ideas.
Mrs Pam Daigle (2 Jul 2018)
Good information
Mrs Deborah Hindman (24 Jun 2018)
Dr. Saenz was most informative. Enjoyed his insight.
Anna Reed (21 Jun 2018)
Audio isn’t great.
Mrs Monica Aguilar (10 Jun 2018)
This touched on so many topics that are so important to a school community! Great information and I look forward to getting the book!
STACY GRIGG (7 Jun 2018)
Enjoyed this class.
Linda Paschal (30 May 2018)
Thank you for the tips.
Ms Katy Mulvaney (25 May 2018)
I liked the outlook, but I'm not actually sure "At the end of the day, it's all about how YOU react to it" is going to be all that life changing. Yes, our first question when facing stress should be how to fix the situation, but there's an awful lot of emphasis on cheerfulness to fix a bad school environment.
Holly Sanders (23 May 2018)
This is a very good reminder on how to keep your perspective when stressed.
Sylvia Jones (14 May 2018)
Good info on stress management
Guadalupe Novak (25 Apr 2018)
Good reminders on how to deal with stress & enjoyed the different scenarios & how to handle those situations.
Catherine Clarke (16 Apr 2018)
This was the best course I have participated in.
Colleen Brumme (14 Apr 2018)
He was very engaging. Talking about how to handle stress triggers.
Suzanne Rothman (14 Apr 2018)
Actually good PD. True and more practically information than I am use to. Kuddos!
Mr William Heikell (4 Apr 2018)
A lot to think about as I go through out the day. Stay positive for both mental and physical benefits.
Lauren McGuinness (28 Mar 2018)
Very useful information to help me identify behaviors that are helpful and hurtful.
Ms Paula Burk MED+30 (14 Feb 2018)
Pleasant, easy to follow, organized, relevant, self-care presentation. Would like additional course opportunities with Dr. Adam Saenz.
Melissa Almand (4 Feb 2018)
Thank you for sharing.
Ms Shayla Ray (18 Jan 2018)
Great topic and presentation. I enjoyed the discussion about boundaries and assurance that they are acceptable to have sometimes.
Denise Littlejohn (3 Jan 2018)
Good information on the types of fight/flight responses and how they can grow in an organization causing a betterment or detriment.
mary crean (30 Dec 2017)
Dealing with 5th to 8th grade students within the DAEP setting. It is hard to have an evaluation or set lesson across the board to do a direct teach. There is no real measure within the evaluation system of what I do. I ahve standards is all my students passing all subjets. I also have check ins as they return to campus and our numbers of repeat students has dropped to 3 out of 88 students as returns for the same choices, but hard to be able to have my evaluation. Ideas? C
Stephanie Maclin (18 May 2017)
Great speaker!
Mrs Michelle Atkeisson (14 May 2017)
Good advice for teachers!
Marla Perez (12 May 2017)
There was a lot of good real-world examples, on how a teacher become easily stressed due to day-to day duties; but this energy can actually be put towards accomplishing a positive goal! I enjoyed being introduced to logical strategies to increase one's well-being.
Stephany Goodwin (8 May 2017)
good stuff, laughed myself a few times!
Adriana Shed (8 May 2017)
I was required to take this course for my educator prep. program.
Edward English (7 May 2017)
Good ideas presented.
Mrs rebecca harris (7 May 2017)
very helpful and informative
Todd Rodenbeck (4 May 2017)
The stress level for teachers so high we need good information like this to stay healthy.
David Cole (3 May 2017)
Good to remember not to let negativity feed on itself but rather, redirect
Mrs Jill McKee (26 Apr 2017)
I liked the practical tips included in this course.
Andrea McKiel (24 Apr 2017)
Thanks for the suggestions.
Mr Clint Helpenstill (23 Apr 2017)
This was very helpful. Ways to manage stress and realize what is causing the stress that happens and how to deal with the stress. How to deal with negative people and prepare for parent confrontations.
jeff coop (21 Apr 2017)
Mrs Heather Loop (21 Apr 2017)
We all know its important to take time for ourselves, but the reality is we don't always do it and then we question why our lives are going as smoothly as it should. Very informative discussion on why its so important to take a step back.
Mrs Shelley Cooper (18 Apr 2017)
Thank you for having online professional development courses available!
Susan McCool (15 Apr 2017)
Thank you for helping remember that sometimes I just have to step away and take care of me!
Mrs Julie Sholl (11 Apr 2017)
This was a good course. Great reminders to stay positive when confronted with stressful situations and to keep work environment peaceful.
Bethany Leadon (11 Apr 2017)
Very good information. Very important to manage stress levels.
Mr charles griste (11 Apr 2017)
great but too many stories
Benjamin Ahrens (9 Apr 2017)
Wonderful course that is beneficial to current educators as well as future educators.
Mrs Regenia Dixon (5 Apr 2017)
This was a very good course.
Mrs Silvia Camacho (4 Apr 2017)
It was a great course with great strategies to support as you teach.
Coty Carver (4 Apr 2017)
very helpful
Lauren Shoemaker (1 Apr 2017)
Great strategies and easy to understand metaphors!
patricia ellis (31 Mar 2017)
Always good to have help and support as you teach. Years go by without having resources for one to get self help...
Mrs Kennie Wilcox (28 Mar 2017)
I found the session to be very interesting. It all became clear how one people can change the whole climate of a campus if stress is not handled
Kathleen Evans (21 Mar 2017)
Insightful comments and helpful prompts for stressed out teachers. It was especially helpful mid-year to re-focus and self-assess stress response.
Mrs Katherine Shevchenko (13 Mar 2017)
One of the most crucial essentials is for teachers to self care for themselves and to manage the effects of stress effectively to prevent burnout. Stress effects all levels of our well being and will hinder our ability to be there for our students. Self reflection is a good way to find ways to create progressive change in a healthy way.
Mrs Brenda Stefancik (3 Mar 2017)
Many good reminders.
Mrs Bonnie Johnston (2 Mar 2017)
Great stress management overview.
Mrs Amy Amacker (22 Feb 2017)
Good overview on identifying and managing stress in daily life.
Michele Carpenter (22 Feb 2017)
Great video!
David Duty (14 Feb 2017)
This course would have benefitted from more graphics.
Mrs Sonya Butler (2 Feb 2017)
Interesting and helpful info.
Mr Dan Parker (23 Jan 2017)
An excellent overview of how to deal with stress.
Mrs Bethany Gamez (6 Jan 2017)
Five stars. I would like to see stress management play a more active role in the training of educators.
Mrs Christy Greer (30 Dec 2016)
Teaching can be a very stressful occupation. It is important for the teacher to take care of their emotional and physical self in order to be the most effective in the classroom.
Mrs Courtney Davis (19 Dec 2016)
it is so important for us to take care of ourselves so we don't burn out. It only impacts our students in the long run.
Ms Laurie Ellison (11 Dec 2016)
After 24 years of teaching, the stress is higher than ever. I believe that TEA and districts need to make stress reduction a priority for the health and sanity of teachers.
Mrs haley emery (30 Nov 2016)
Thanks for all the great info!
Mrs Janet Pena (12 Nov 2016)
informative and useful tips
Kevin Ogilvie (7 Nov 2016)
Very informative webinar.


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