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Information Literacy in the Digital Age

Information Literacy in the Digital Age

Information Literacy in the Digital Age

Andrea Keller
Andrea Keller
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators


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(9 Sep 2019)
The course was very informative, thank you for providing these types of courses for us.
Braden Hunt (9 Oct 2018)
Shared a lot of resources for fact checking online information sources.
Ashley WILLS (9 Oct 2018)
she was informative and easy to listen to.

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Participants will learn the definition of information literacy and ways to work with students on becoming great digital citizens. Participants will also walk away with resources and links to use in their own classroom.


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Andrea Keller

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Andrea Keller
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

Andrea Keller is librarian who spends every waking moment encouraging the youth of today. She spent 11 years in the special education world as a self-contained LIFE (learning in a functional environment) teacher where she pushed her low-verbal and non-verbal students to new heights using various forms of technology. She was named Texas Computer Education Agency Classroom Teacher of the Year in 2011-2012 school year. She was also named 20 Educators to Watch by the National School Board Association. Andrea has also been recognized by both the local Irving and Region 10 Association of Texas Professional Educators as classroom teacher of the year. Before becoming a librarian, Andrea was also an instructional technology specialist where she trained teachers in using technology to increase instruction. Although Andrea spends countless hours at school preparing for the hundreds of students that visit the library weekly, she also spends time outside of school working in the community. Andrea is a team manager for Destination ImagiNation where she leads students into a world of unlimited possibilities. She is also a troop leader for a group of Brownie Girl Scouts, is involved in the Elliott PTA, and is also the Past Irving ATPE President.

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User Reviews (146)

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(9 Sep 2019)
The course was very informative, thank you for providing these types of courses for us.
Braden Hunt (9 Oct 2018)
Shared a lot of resources for fact checking online information sources.
Ashley WILLS (9 Oct 2018)
she was informative and easy to listen to.
(9 Jan 2019)
Thank you for sharing information and additional resources to use in the classroom.
Mrs Alline Jourdan (9 Dec 2019)
This course gives some very good information, together with letting you know how to expand into the classroom with websites. Better than very good, actually!
Kevin Hatcher (9 Apr 2018)
Very Informative!
(8 Sep 2019)
This was a very informative cource.
Melissa Goins (8 May 2018)
Good sites to check if articles are fake or not. Liked how she said we can filter through cause we have more experience but the younger ones have a bit more difficulty because they are getting it from everywhere.
Mr jerry mcdermott (8 Jun 2018)
(8 Jul 2019)
Very informative and paced well.
(8 Jan 2019)
I really liked this one! Some of it is common sense, but it had great strategies to teach students on validating online news and sources.
(8 Feb 2019)
Very knowledgeable speaker.
(8 Feb 2019)
It was instructional, engaging, and enjoyable.
(8 Aug 2019)
I appreciated learning about new resources to teach my students how to be good digital citizens. I took notes and plan to check out EasyBib and Common Sense Edu. Thank you for putting this information together for us.
Morgan Derrick (7 Sep 2018)
She shared lot of good resources.
Corina Laraway (7 Aug 2018)
Thank you! Good links provided.
Ms Trina Pace (7 Aug 2018)
Overall the information was clear and concise
Mrs Ruth Pasalagua (6 Mar 2018)
Very informative.
Katie Faske (6 Jun 2018)
Great information! Especially the information about spotting false news.. something that needs to be shared on Facebook
(6 Jul 2019)
A wealth of resources! Thank you for sharing.
(6 Feb 2019)
Mrs Erin Treybig (6 Dec 2018)
Good communicator.
(6 Apr 2019)
Thank you, digitally speaking...
Mrs Jessica Diaz (5 Nov 2019)
I think the course was very good because she provided different websites for us to use and teach students how to search for veridical information.
Hannah Fitch (5 Nov 2018)
Good stuff!
Sylvia Jones (5 May 2018)
Good information to help our students with information literacy
(5 Mar 2019)
While some of the information wasn't new. The resources to help students verify sources was quite helpful.
(5 Jun 2019)
This video got right to the point and was easy to follow. I liked all the examples that were given.
Mrs Monica Aguilar (5 Jun 2018)
Great resources to use yourself and to show your students!
Melissa Almand (5 Feb 2018)
Thank you for sharing.
Maria Ibarra (5 Apr 2018)
I got some good information for resources online. thank you!
natasha hargraves (4 Oct 2018)
I enjoyed all the different websites and suggestions to try in my classroom
Gale Lopez (4 May 2018)
Very useful to help students do research.
(4 Jan 2020)
Useful info
Jennifer Nelson (4 Feb 2018)
I enjoyed this video. She gave lots of good information to use with students.
Mr Andre Raymond (4 Aug 2018)
Presenter talks fast so print the notes. Very good.
Reilly Spitzfaden (31 Oct 2018)
Lots of good information. Good presentation
Mindi Spears (31 Jul 2019)
Great information in this video!
Linda Paschal (30 May 2018)
Great information. Some information I've heard before, but she had some great tips for communicating with the kids about fake news and being a good internet citizen.
Amanda Baker-Adkins (30 May 2018)
Great besides given to verify the news with students.
(30 Jul 2019)
Very good information presented in a clear manner. Thanks!
Mrs Elizabeth Wilson (30 Jul 2018)
The information on websites for teaching children about fake news is very helpful
Rhett Hansen (30 Jul 2018)
Great information on how to use technology in the classroom.
mary crean (30 Dec 2017)
I will be following her on twitter! I work with students from 4th to 8th grade and have seen them all believe it if it is on the internet. They need these skills for lofe!
Heather Lovell (30 Apr 2018)
Great resource for information literacy in the classroom.
Christopher Ervin (30 Apr 2018)
Great info on fact checking resources.
(3 Sep 2019)
I like the graphic posters presenter the presenter had as examples of good charts to post near the media station in your classroom.
(3 Oct 2019)
There is a lot of great information to use with my students. I love the handouts that lay the information out in a way that is easy to read and understand. I appreciate the urls given to help find legitimate news and information.
(3 Jun 2019)
I enjoyed this course. Short. Simple. Informative. Thank you!
jesslyn wilson (3 Jan 2020)
Good information on the importance of fact checking sources found online
(3 Aug 2019)
This course gave awesome resources that I can use in the classroom!
David Taylor (29 Mar 2018)
Eva Burge (28 Sep 2018)
Informational. Learned about new sites for students to investigate.
(28 Jan 2020)
She was very informative and easy to listen to. I learned a lot!
(27 Mar 2019)
Very useful and relevant information for this day and age.
(27 Jun 2019)
Easy to understand and follow
Kristen Taylor (27 Jul 2018)
This course was very informative.
Edgar Robles (27 Feb 2018)
I loved to see the relevance of the video and how to use it effectively in the classroom.
Mrs Joseline Martinez (27 Feb 2018)
There are so many resources that the presenter shared. I appreciate that she showed how to use them rather than just telling about them.
(26 May 2019)
Very informative
(26 Feb 2019)
Very informative. Thank you!
Randi Watson (26 Feb 2018)
It is so important that as teacher we model safe internet use and guide children to the correct sites.
Ms Jennifer Hernandez (26 Dec 2019)
This training provided a great bunch of resources for fact checking online information sources. The class notes download was a good idea too so we did not have to type all our notes as we viewed and listened.
Mrs Debbie Powell (26 Apr 2018)
Lots of great information about checking for creditable information and websites.
nikki knowles (26 Apr 2018)
Incredible source of web help identifying valuable sources vs. unreliable sources. I plan on taking the webinar again & writing down more notes to help me in my classroom.
Mrs Martha McMillan (25 Sep 2018)
Great information! I plan to use to some of the resources to help my son with his school report. Thanks
gina taylor (25 Jun 2018)
Nowadays information is everything, but wrong information can hurt our students. This was very informative and i enjoyed it.
Kimberly Fleming (25 Jul 2019)
I like Andrea's use of information graphics throughout her presentation as I am a visual learner. Thank you for the important information to help students check for fake news.
Mrs Jeannette Gadomski (25 Aug 2019)
Informative and helpful in teaching how to navigage the web and find more trustworthy sources
brandi montgomery (25 Apr 2018)
I got a lot of good information about figuring out if information is true or false on the internet. I will be able to use this information in my classroom to teach my students and in everyday life.
Mrs Lindsey Whitaker (24 Sep 2018)
Very interesting information!
Ronda Fullmer (24 Oct 2018)
The teacher was very easy to follow and understand. She had great information on spotting fake information on the web.
Sandra Davis (24 Jun 2018)
I learned so much from this video about how to teach my students and my own child and myself about how to navigate through the fake news problem we have currently with the internet. Great info., easy to understand and share with students! Thanks!
Tiffany McKinley (24 Jul 2019)
Good information. Love the idea of the lesson plans to use with students.
Mrs Mary Ann Bankston C (24 Jan 2019)
Great way to teach students how to spot fake information whether it be in the internet or newspaper.
Mr Jason Dangerfield (24 Apr 2018)
Lots of great information
(23 May 2019)
I loved this presentation. It gave me tips to help pull students out of the clouds and into reality that just because you see it on the internet or social media, does not necessarily mean it is true.
Mrs Yolanda Jenkins (23 Jan 2018)
Fantastic information for educators and students.
(22 Nov 2019)
Lots of good information in this video. Lots of good info that can be used in the classroom and in the home.
Ashley Black (22 Mar 2018)
Great Course!
Miss Ami Giguere (22 Feb 2018)
Incredibly thorough and easy to follow
Michelle Taylor (22 Aug 2018)
Good to be reminded on the reality that not everything on the internet is accurate and what are some ways to verify news sources.
Dana Barnett (22 Aug 2018)
Loved that the present gives lots of resources.
Marianne Roberts (21 Sep 2018)
Great information on what to look for in order to spot fake news. Also contains a link to 3 lessons that can be used with students.
Laura Vela (21 Apr 2018)
It provides plenty of information that helps teachers to educate our students to identify real and fake information.
(20 Feb 2019)
I found this course very helpful in teaching educators and students how to verify web resources.
Erin Boyle (2 May 2018)
Very informative on how to help my students recognize fake news.
Jeanie Williams-Hill (2 Jul 2018)
Very informative, clear, concise & easy to follow. Love the Info-graphics!
Mrs Pam Daigle (2 Jul 2018)
Good information.
Denise Littlejohn (2 Jan 2018)
Good basic information. Gives resources to help determine the validity of information presented by various authors and subjects.
(2 Dec 2018)
Good information. Wasn't aware of other websites to go to to find if a story is fake except for Snopes.
(2 Apr 2019)
Thanks Angela, you have definitely shared information relevant to my class. Very much appreciated.
Sharon Cready (19 Jun 2018)
The best part about this video is links and sources that we can share with our students. I would also like to see those places and links listed that all students must avoid (like Wikipedia, etc.)
Mrs rachel dale (19 Jun 2018)
lots of good info that I haven't heard before
(19 Jan 2020)
She shares many good websites for teachers and students.
Jennifer Elam (19 Jan 2018)
Lots of great resources!
Ms Christina Ford (19 Jan 2018)
Really good information and appreciate the websites given.
Samantha Hereington (19 Aug 2018)
I enjoyed the resources discussed! I had forgotten about NewsELA and I am so thankful to be reintroduced. Sammi Garcia Herington
darron hannah (19 Apr 2018)
(18 Sep 2019)
Informative in an efficient way. Provided additional resources.
(18 Oct 2019)
Excellent resources. Loved all the info graphics
(18 May 2019)
The video was very informative.
Jacqueline Garza (18 May 2018)
Great information on digital literacy, I really enjoyed it and will be using it to help my students.
(18 Jun 2019)
This was very informative especially about how to spot fake news. Great information about where to get resources too.
Tara Goetz (18 Jul 2018)
Had a ton of great resources!! THANKS!
Mrs Amy Curtis (18 Feb 2018)
Information was good, but the little picture of the presenter and page set up could have been better.
Mrs Traci Willingham (18 Aug 2019)
Great info to detect fake news!
Kimberly Wilson Parsons (17 Jan 2018)
Very informative, timely information. Will share far and wide - and not just at school!
(17 Apr 2019)
This was a great course. She talked about how to search and avoid the fake news sources. It will be good for science classes when they are looking up topics in class.
Ms Bernadette Hancock (16 Sep 2019)
Mr Dale Shaulis (16 Mar 2018)
(16 Jan 2019)
This is helpful in regards to resources that will help you determine fake news. This is also a good resource on how to help children comb through what is real vs fake news. It's not something you think about as an adult, but you have to model it for your students. All of this was information I already knew, but it was a nice review.
Ms Shayla Ray (16 Jan 2018)
Loved the exposure to the different tools available and the infographics!
(16 Aug 2019)
Great information on identifying fake news.
(15 Nov 2019)
This was extremely useful. This made me find a conference in my area where I could understand this topic in more detail.
Mrs Elda Flores (15 Mar 2018)
Useful and very informative.
Mrs Lisa Ragsdale (15 Jun 2018)
Very helpul lesson
(15 Jul 2019)
Very informative.
(14 Feb 2019)
very helpful and useful information.
Stephanie Rabon (14 Aug 2018)
I thought this was an excellent presentation on how to spot fake news. The presenter was easy to understand and able to show terrific websites!
(14 Apr 2019)
Video is very informative in how teachers can teach students to evaluate what information available online is accurate. As classrooms becomes more digitized, it is important that students recognize what is good information and what is misleading.
Catherine Clarke (13 Mar 2018)
The topic was very interesting. Even for my own personal use is this helpful, but especially it is easy to see how needed this is.
Shawna Ward (13 Jun 2018)
Great job!!
Rebecca Dwyer (13 Jun 2018)
Great resources shared!
(13 Apr 2019)
Very good on media literacy and important facts you should use in the classroom when looking up internet information with students.
Megan Brown (12 Sep 2018)
This was a very good overview of digital awareness. It sparks the conversation for more.
April Navarro (12 Oct 2018)
Very informational and had alot of good resources on spotting fake news websites.
(12 Dec 2018)
Good information I can use for myself and the classroom.
Mr Zachary Zachary (11 Nov 2019)
This is a vital skill for students of all ages. Apllies to research for English papers, research in other classes, debate research etc.
(11 Jun 2019)
A lot of great resources were provided regarding digital literacy and teaching students to be responsible when researching online.
Sylvia Palacios (11 Jun 2018)
Awesome literacy information.
Deborah Hindman (11 Jun 2018)
Great resources given for teacher's to share with students on how to identify fake news.
(11 Jul 2019)
Great information and resources
Informative and good for basic knowledge.
Bethany Hara (10 Oct 2018)
loved all the info graphics!
Mrs Christa Roberts (10 May 2018)
Really enjoyed this, great information on digital literacy!!! Very easy to understand!
Corissa Bush (10 Mar 2018)
Great resources
(10 Jun 2019)
I particularly liked that Ms. Keller emphasized that it's OK to be biased, but we must look at both sides and be able to recognize bias.
Ms Serenity Vulgamore (10 Jul 2019)
Focus is on spotting fake news and teaching students about evaluating news sources
Rodney Smith (10 Jul 2018)
Very informative. Thank you for all that!
Nikki Smith (10 Jul 2018)
I use ELA in my Content Mastery Classroom...absolutely LOVE it! and love all the other website suggestions.
Meryl McClure (10 Feb 2018)
Very informative. The resources provide several easy-to-use guides for children to discern what is factual online. She did a great job explaining media bias and click bait.
(1 Nov 2019)
Great information. East to follow presenter.
Mrs Morgan Midkiff (1 Mar 2019)
She provides so many fantastic resources to take into the classrooms
(1 Mar 2019)
Great info!
(1 Jun 2019)
What a great presentation. I will be able to use with my students on their research unit!


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