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SXSW Edu 2019: A Unified Perspective

SXSW Edu 2019: A Unified Perspective

SXSW Edu 2019: A Unified Perspective

Erika Guerrero, Tajha Ilerant, Timothy Shriver
Erika Guerrero, Tajha Ilerant, Timothy Shriver
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators


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stephanie mcknight (26 Nov 2020)
Very Interesting!
Mrs Andrea Vega (26 Nov 2020)
nice to hear from real students in their own words the issues with special Olympics and their needs in relation to education and recognition
Erika Seals (10 Nov 2020)
Essential, important, and vital for educators to be reminded of!

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In 2019, "Unified" is more than just a word. It is a movement of inclusion led by youth around the world. Timothy Shriver, Jamaal Charles, Erika Guerrero, & Tajha Ilerant explore the Unified Generation and their work in bringing together students with and without intellectual disabilities in order to play together, learn together, and have the opportunity to build genuine friendships.


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Erika Guerrero, Tajha Ilerant, Timothy Shriver

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Erika Guerrero, Tajha Ilerant, Timothy Shriver
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

Timothy Shriver (Special Olympics Chairman of the Board), Jamaal Charles (Global Ambassador & Former NFL Player), Erika Guerrero (Special Education Teacher), & Tajha Ilerant (Student)

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User Reviews (82)

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stephanie mcknight (26 Nov 2020)
Very Interesting!
Mrs Andrea Vega (26 Nov 2020)
nice to hear from real students in their own words the issues with special Olympics and their needs in relation to education and recognition
Erika Seals (10 Nov 2020)
Essential, important, and vital for educators to be reminded of!
Lisa Germann (20 Oct 2020)
Very inspirational!
Jordan Krill (1 Oct 2020)
Inspiring and a reminder of the work we still need to accomplish for all students.
Joann Discavage (24 Sep 2020)
What an important and timely topic.
Patrick Partida (19 Sep 2020)
The information on this panel and the stories told by the panelists were really good!
Mrs April Flynn (3 Sep 2020)
Love how it addressed inclusion in society in general, not just the classroom.
Lindsay Hamilton (19 Aug 2020)
Great thoughts about inclusion and the value of a student's voice for inclusion.
Kara McClain (18 Aug 2020)
great ideas and different perspective!
Barbara Langston (7 Aug 2020)
Very interesting.
Rachel Ashlock (4 Aug 2020)
Love the ideas!
Sophia Prieto (30 Jul 2020)
Inclusion is the key when dealing with special needs children, but I enjoyed the different perspective.
Ms Janet Slack (20 Jul 2020)
This was very informative and interesting!!!
Teresa Hand (14 Jul 2020)
I feel it was good to hear different views from different people.
Laura Toler (12 Jul 2020)
Inclusion is the key, not just in special education but across the board in school and in sports! Really knowledgeable panel, especially Timothy Shriver and all he's done through special olympics.
Jennifer Hopper (6 Jul 2020)
Allowing teachers to know that they have the power to influence students is important.
Cayce Smith (1 Jul 2020)
lots of great real, personal stories
Jessica Chiverton (28 Jun 2020)
Insightful information on inclusion for all. Every person is "Made to Matter".
Ashley Myers (28 Jun 2020)
Loved this presentation. So inspiring!
Mrs Sharon Matthews (23 Jun 2020)
I enjoyed this very much. I teach elementary, so the final thoughts about starting inclusion early, so it is just a natural thing is absolutely correct. I enjoyed all of this. Thank you so much for presenting this. So fitting in so many ways for a teacher to be reinforced in this way.
Casey Kendrick (22 Jun 2020)
I thought it was great that everyone had a different background, and it only took one teacher to change each student's direction.
Jennifer Worley (20 Jun 2020)
I enjoyed hearing from NFL players about the effects of Special Olympics and the need for inclusion.
Ed Ratcliff (14 Jun 2020)
Marxist Garbage. Whatever, so long as I get my CPE credit.
Suzanne Garcia (28 May 2020)
The personal insights given by the panelists were insightful and made understanding the concepts easier. Inclusion is all means all!
Karen Pinkston (27 May 2020)
A Unified Perspective provided a panel of advocates for inclusion that values each, individual person, embraces diversity, and whose passion is contagious! Inclusion and unity is very close to my heart!
Julio Gonzalez (18 May 2020)
Great class
Mr Benjamin O’Connor (17 May 2020)
Sports reveal and reinforce characteristics beyond athleticism.
Perinza Reddic (16 May 2020)
I love the unified concept and believe all kids have value. I enjoyed the discussion and appreciated the candid responses from the young people on the panel. Mr. Schriver favors his Uncle Robert very much!
Marlene Warren (15 May 2020)
Very inspirational session about including all students in academics and sports.
Nacole Sampson (15 May 2020)
I appreciate listening to the three personal experiences and I like that they offered a free form question answer session from the crowd!
Ashley Risien (10 May 2020)
Worth the watch - Enlightened my day
Joshlynn Ervin (7 May 2020)
I really love that the conversation regarding special education and inclusion is increasing in importance in educational discussions. So often students with disabilities are separated and stereotyped; it is refreshing to hear discussion of the importance of building relationships with these students and allowing them to develop a positive perspective of themselves.
Breann Decker (6 May 2020)
I really enjoyed the stories of that "one" teacher who turned things around for kids. Get involved, ask the hard questions, be a role model, be a teacher.
Mr Jesus Rodriguez (3 May 2020)
This panel discussion was great to see the diverse ideas and ways of advocating for special education students.
Isabel Kuneman (2 May 2020)
This was a very inspiring panel. It was great to see a teacher living the life, a student living the life and two people that have overcome stigma and a system that under valued them to rise to the highest level of athletics.
Dolores Barrientos (27 Apr 2020)
I love the views, testimonies, and ideas being brought up through this video/conference. I am studying to be a special education teacher. I am so glad there are still people advocating for special education students. Even though we have come a long way with getting students the rights they deserve, there is still so much we can all do to accommodate this world for all of our students.
David Enoch (23 Apr 2020)
Timothy Hawkins (23 Apr 2020)
Excellent and practical content.
Meghan Standley (21 Apr 2020)
A wonderful panel of very well-spoken youth speaking on a topic that is relevant to not only the classroom, but our society as a whole.
Jessica Warren (20 Apr 2020)
I enjoyed the perspectives and insights of all the speakers.
Dianna Cooper (20 Apr 2020)
A definition of Special Olympics should have been included in the beginning of the presentation. Having watched the whole hour, I'm still not sure what the Special Olympics is or how it works.
Miss Dawn Conley (2 Apr 2020)
I found the information presented overall an important message that teachers need to recognize to place in their classroom. I felt like it was an introduction to the concept, but didn't give many concrete examples on how to adapt a classroom to this concept. However, I do feel inspire to re-evaluate how I look at my classroom as a whole.
Valerie Ross (31 Mar 2020)
Made is to matter is a conscious decision that should start early in classrooms and extend through adulthood.
Lauren Lively (28 Mar 2020)
This discussion panel made some interesting points about inclusion, but I felt like it dragged on longer than necessary.
Dana Woodrum (16 Mar 2020)
Good panel. Informative
Rachel Alfred (12 Mar 2020)
Wonderful message!
Amy Lester (12 Mar 2020)
Great message
Mrs Christy Christensen (2 Mar 2020)
Great thoughts.
danna casanova (2 Mar 2020)
excellent source of information
Terry Burris (1 Mar 2020)
Inspiring and thought provoking. A perspective that needs to be heard and implemented.
Mrs Dawn Rice (1 Mar 2020)
Made to Matter!!! Yes!! This was such an informative and insightful talk. The panel members represented the individuals and educators. Surprised at how much I gained from this! All mean All!! Full inclusion. I'd love to see this for the hearing impaired as well.
Ladda Hawkins (24 Feb 2020)
Excellent collection of perspectives.
Michelle Taylor (11 Feb 2020)
Dignity is so important for all students as is building a relationship with students.
Aliza Milliken (10 Feb 2020)
A culturally responsive educator focuses on learning the strengths of students and mediates the frequent mismatch between home and school cultures.
Kathryn Baker (7 Feb 2020)
“What a powerful role the teacher can play for the positive or the negative.” So important and so true!
Jennifer DeBakey (3 Feb 2020)
Very good talk about the importance of creating an environment of inclusion in your community (school).
Mrs melissa peters (1 Feb 2020)
Good thoughts from personal experiences on how to make a positive difference.
Cassie Willis (27 Jan 2020)
Great content and an easy listen!
Melissa Gross (22 Jan 2020)
Great message for educators ... and everyone really!
Kathy Wells (19 Jan 2020)
This is an introspective look at the social/emotional dichotomies that exist as athletes and representatives of Special Olympics gather to speak on injustices that persist.
jesslyn wilson (3 Jan 2020)
Fresh and often overlooked perspective on how special olympic/inclusionary sports can cross over into classroom inclusion.
Mrs Alline Jourdan (3 Dec 2019)
This course is tops! That's better than very good, that's excellent. I have gained a whole new respect for the Special Olympics Unified. Every student deserves an individualized education and every educator is engaged in that effort, all the time. Students need those bumpers, as Erika described her role.
Mrs Josefina Richie (25 Nov 2019)
Excellent panel and guests
Ms Vivian Simpson BS (16 Nov 2019)
The strong case for how a child sees himself even years later can be greatly influenced is things for them in younger years are made to matter. No shame in having disabilities. Validation of accomplishments and inclusion are so important.
Mr Zachary Zachary (11 Nov 2019)
Given the nrcessity tomainstream students in small schools that lack all of the specialist found in larger schools, i think this is an excellent seminar.
Jennifer Backlund (18 Oct 2019)
This video was both inspirational and educational. I cried listening to Jamaal Charles tell his story about being excluded because he was in the special education classroom. I plan to show this video to my son, who has dyslexia.
Hector Martinez Jr (9 Oct 2019)
Powerful message
Melissa Nickels (4 Oct 2019)
This course really speaks to the idea that all kids have a voice and need to be heard. It wasn’t so much about classroom inclusion as it was about the opportunity to say yes I do want to do this or no I do not want to do this and really listening to the needs of each child and building them up instead of tearing them down. I really enjoyed this. Thanks
Ariel Johnson (26 Sep 2019)
A great seminar discussing why every child matters and inclusive practices.
Rut Castellanos (22 Sep 2019)
Every child is to be treated with dignity. Inclusion is teaching that every child has made to matter.
Ms Bernadette Hancock (16 Sep 2019)
Very well put together.
Stephan Rybicki (2 Sep 2019)
I liked the activity of bringing the audience into the discussion.
Fernando Albarran (31 Aug 2019)
The moderator was inspiring but I felt lacked connection with the panelists, this could have been a lack of rehearsal or time to meet beforehand. Each panelist gave a great insight into the need for inclusion and building confidence in students.
Mrs Traci Willingham (19 Aug 2019)
Nice discussion on inclusion
laura peart (18 Aug 2019)
I enjoyed having different types of people present.
Connie Marx (16 Aug 2019)
Great ideas on how to make sure all children matter
April McCreight (9 Aug 2019)
Loved to hear the comments from the students.
Sheila Bosworth (8 Aug 2019)
Such an important message! "Every child is made to matter!"
Kevin McCormick (29 Jul 2019)
Good content
JOSE LARIOS (28 Jul 2019)
Excellent. I always include this topic into my lessons but I'm adding a couple of words I picked up from this video
Cheryl Palmer (27 Jul 2019)
I loved this presentation! I took notes and plan to implement it into my class.


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