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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Maureen Sullivan-Tevault
Maureen Sullivan-Tevault
on behalf of Pedagogy Incorporated

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Human Trafficking is considered a form of modern day slavery. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry and occurs in all parts of the world. It is believed that at latest count, over 20 million people, from all walks of life, has been victims of human trafficking. From child sex trafficking, to forced labor (farm workers, domestic servants and construction workers), these victims have been denied their freedom, their livelihood (earned wages), and are often subjected to inhumane living conditions and unsafe working environments.
The purpose of this educational offering is to familiarize the healthcare professional with the issues of human trafficking, including recognition of potential victims, identification of support services available for victims of human trafficking, and acknowledgment of the legal obligations of healthcare providers when caring for potential victims of human trafficking.
This course meets the Florida Board of Nursing requirement for 2 contact hours of continuing education on the subject of Human Trafficking.
This course meets the Michigan requirements for continuing education for nurses, pharmacist and pharmacy technicians, and nursing home administrators.


At the conclusion of this educational program, the participant will be able to:
1.Identify potential risk factors for a victim of human trafficking
2.Recommend social/legal services available to victims of human trafficking
3.Discuss the various types of human trafficking
4.Verbalize healthcare related guidelines for reporting suspected human trafficking
5.Give examples of human trafficking hotline numbers and websites for referral services
6.Review State specific information on mandated education requirements and care of human trafficking victims
Maureen Sullivan-Tevault

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Maureen Sullivan-Tevault
on behalf of Pedagogy Incorporated

Maureen has over 25 years in Emergency and Trauma nursing, including nursing positions as the Emergency Department Manager, Director of Staff Education, Trauma Coordinator, and Stroke Program Manager. In addition, she has also been certified as both a BLS and ACLS instructor, and adjunct faculty for an LPN nursing program. Maureen has also written nursing articles for the following journals: Nursing Spectrum, ADVANCE nursing magazine, and The Journal of Emergency Care, Rescue, and Transportation.

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