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Responsibilities for Managing HIPAA Compliance

Responsibilities for Managing HIPAA Compliance

Responsibilities for Managing HIPAA Compliance

Diane Evans
Diane Evans
on behalf of Pedagogy Incorporated

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On July 14, 2016, the feds announced that the “HIPAA audit program has kicked into high gear.” It’s up to leadership to follow the rules, create a culture of vigilance, and avoid costly penalties.

Recent federal investigations – leading to fines and settlements -- show carelessness and neglect as primary enemies. Social media abuses loom as well.

In a 2016 survey co-sponsored by the nonprofit Health Care Compliance Association, participating healthcare providers ranked social media as their #1 compliance concern.

Learn how to protect patient information by putting the required safeguards in plan. This course includes real examples of how breaches can and do happen. For healthcare employees with compliance responsibilities, this is must-have knowledge.

This online continuing education course can help:
• Prevent violations of patient rights
• Create a culture of vigilance within an organization
• Save providers the cost of fines and settlements, often in 7 figures
• Identify potential HIPAA violations within an organization


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
1. Define Protected Health Information (PHI)
2. Identify the kind of daily carelessness that threatens PHI
3. Identify potential threats to PHI in an office setting
4. Recognize risks and precautions for PHI in physical places
5. List 3 methods of contributing to a culture of vigilance in protecting PHI
Diane Evans

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Diane Evans
on behalf of Pedagogy Incorporated

Diane Evans is Publisher of, a news and information service that helps HIPAA-covered organizations understand their responsibilities.

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