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Impact of Anxiety on Cognition

Impact of Anxiety on Cognition

Impact of Anxiety on Cognition

 Oliver Robinson
Oliver Robinson
on behalf of Quantum Units Education

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Anxiety disorders constitute a sizable worldwide health burden with profound social and economic consequences. This advanced CE course examines the interaction between anxiety and cognition focusing on the translational threat of unpredictable shock paradigm.


On completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
1. Investigate at which level fear and anxiety are dissociable.

2. Compare and contrast “hot” cognitive functions and “cold” cognitive functions.

3. Examine with which type of anxiety deficits in attentional control have been reported.

4. Describe anxiety-provoking context during episodic memory formation and retrieval.
 Oliver Robinson

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Oliver Robinson
on behalf of Quantum Units Education

Dr Oliver Robinson is a Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer for Psychology in the Department of Psychology, Social Work & Counselling at the University of Greenwich.

Oliver is programme lead for BSc Hons Psychology with Counselling, and a Year 3 course coordinator for Adult Development and Mental Health.

His research focuses on how identity, wellbeing and mental health are affected by major life transitions, crises and ageing processes during adulthood. His research has gained interest from the media, including the New Scientist, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4, The Telegraph and The Times.

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