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Impacts of Sleep Loss and Stress

Impacts of Sleep Loss and Stress

Impacts of Sleep Loss and Stress

Janne Grønli
Janne Grønli
on behalf of Quantum Units Education

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Sleep has been ascribed a critical role in cognitive functioning. This advanced CEU course provides evidence linking sleep to mechanisms of protein synthesis-dependent synaptic plasticity and synaptic scaling. How disruption of sleep by acute and chronic stress may impair these mechanisms and degrade sleep function is also considered.


On completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
1. Enumerate the specific functions that have been proposed for NREM and REM sleep in humans.

2. Investigate what early long-term potentiation depends on.

3. Identify the condition for which repeated exposure to stressors may constitute an environmental risk factor.

4. Describe the relationship between sleep loss and cortisol levels.
Janne Grønli

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Janne Grønli
on behalf of Quantum Units Education

Dr. Grønli investigates the impact of stress on sleep (and synaptic plasticity). She employs various paradigms that rely either on acute or chronic, predictable (controllable) or unpredictable (uncontrollable) stress, in different phases in life. The sleep-stress interaction is examined at the behavioral level, on brain function and molecular changes at the translational level. Working with research partners, she performs studies on human adults and children to apply the findings to issues related to human mental health. During her stay at WSU, Grønli is working in Dr. Jonathan Wisor’s laboratory on projects aimed at characterizing the critical function of sleep in ensuring metabolic homeostasis within the cerebral cortex. In particular, she is exploring how chronic methamphetamine use causes hypersomnolence and cerebral hypermetabolism.

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