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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Illinois Optometrists

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Illinois Optometrists

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Illinois Optometrists

Ms. Beth Karmis and Ms. Maritza Lopez
Ms. Beth Karmis and Ms. Maritza Lopez
on behalf of Illinois College of Optometry

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Launch date: 31 May 2019
Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2022

Last updated: 26 Nov 2020

Reference: 194285

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JORGE ROJAS (24 Nov 2020)
Job well done by Beth and Maritza, really proud of both of them!
milissa bartold (23 Nov 2020)
Very informative and well done.
Connie Scavuzzo (20 Nov 2020)
Beth and Maritza did a great job!

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This course is in fulfillment of the Department of Professional Regulation Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois Sec. 2501-15.5. The content includes the definition of “Sexual Harassment”. It addresses both the types and forms of conduct that constitute sexual harassment. The course discusses what an optometrist should do either as a witness to or victim of sexual harassment. Various response and reporting activities are will be delineated. Options for both internal and external reporting will be outlined. Retaliation and whistle-blowing protections will also be covered. The course includes 4 scenarios intended to guide the course participant through determination whether sexual harassment has occurred and through potential responses or reporting steps. The course culminates in a 10 question exam. ONLICE COURSES DO NOT COUNT AS CERTIFIED (TQ) CE.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Through completion of this course participants should have a clear understanding of the conduct that constitutes sexual harassment and be familiar with the forms and various types of behavior. The participants will have familiarity with the ‘best practices’ for responding to incidents as they happen and reporting internally or externally if appropriate. Participants should realize that there are protections in place to ensure safe reporting. Finally, course participants will have a framework for possible modifications to make in their current work environment to help prevent future incidents of sexual harassment.
Ms. Beth Karmis and Ms. Maritza Lopez

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Ms. Beth Karmis and Ms. Maritza Lopez
on behalf of Illinois College of Optometry

Beth Karmis
Senior Director of Student Development
Title IX Coordinator
Illinois College of Optometry

Ms. Maritza Lopez
Director of Human Resources
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Illinois College of Optometry

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User Reviews (124)

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JORGE ROJAS (24 Nov 2020)
Job well done by Beth and Maritza, really proud of both of them!
milissa bartold (23 Nov 2020)
Very informative and well done.
Connie Scavuzzo (20 Nov 2020)
Beth and Maritza did a great job!
Dr margo wolf (1 Oct 2020)
there were things that I never thought of
Patricia Creatura (14 Sep 2020)
wondering if should have gotten into more of legal issues for employers
Dixit Patel (10 Sep 2020)
Great, no complaints. Easy to follow, and I remember details about title 7/9
Straightforward information that is applicable to our profession. Audio could be better.
Dr Elilta Bereketab (15 Apr 2020)
Poor audio and distracting background noise
Dr Lori Wassmann OD (12 Apr 2020)
Were the pages in order/all pages in the handout?
Irina Averbukh (11 Apr 2020)
Very informative.
Dr Nimisa Bhave (31 Mar 2020)
Hard to hear.
Jennifer Dungan (31 Mar 2020)
Audio was hard on the video
Megan Tweed (26 Mar 2020)
Informative, useful content. Appreciated the discussion of the scenarios presented.
Aimee Beluch (24 Mar 2020)
Great information! although very difficult to hear toward the end on 100% volume
Dr Kathleen Janssen (23 Mar 2020)
Presentation is difficult to hear.
Evangelos Vatianou (23 Mar 2020)
Good information to know
Dr Carla Adams OD, FCOVD (23 Mar 2020)
The volume is very low, I had to use head phones.
Tyler Doersam (20 Mar 2020)
Audio could be better, but good information.
Dr Camilla Joe OD (19 Mar 2020)
The one thing that I hadn't considered is that this would be applicable to our patients' behavior as well. Overall, it was good information to be aware of.
Dr Ellen Petroczky OD (17 Mar 2020)
Content was good. Volume was too low even with it turned up all the way on my computer. I needed a quiet room to hear the presenters speaking.
Dr Michael Balgemann (16 Mar 2020)
Very clear and concise. The printed out slide presentation blanks out on two of the reference websites, but pausing the presentation was easy enough, and I didn't have trouble with the audio.
Dr Jerome Lietz O.D. (16 Mar 2020)
Makes points succinctly.
Faustino Santiago (14 Mar 2020)
A good, thorough course. However, I agree with previous comments that the audio is quite weak so I recommend listening on good speakers or headphones.
Mark Allmaras (12 Mar 2020)
instructors gave an indepth look at the history, responsibilities and awareness of sexual harassment. An employer needs to know that not all comments are cute and respecting everyone is.
Dr Margaret Albertson OD (12 Mar 2020)
Volume during the case presentations could be improved. Otherwise, good presentation!
Dean Bishop (10 Mar 2020)
Good suggestions. Kept it interesting.
Milana Matz (9 Mar 2020)
Volume of the presentation needs to be addressed, but otherwise good course.
Kaitlyn Keller (8 Mar 2020)
Well done. Good content and scenarios.
Dr Zahra Adenwalla OD (6 Mar 2020)
It was a good review of the topic discussed. To the point, with examples as well.
Darryl Kunimura (6 Mar 2020)
Difficult to hear
Meeta Saha (5 Mar 2020)
difficulty hearing audio in some parts
Dr Thomas Stelmack O.D., FAAO (5 Mar 2020)
could not hear voices of speaker very well. there was background noise especially during discussion of scenarios.
margaret mannion (4 Mar 2020)
the only thing was that one of the speakers was difficult to hear
Dr Neil Hodur OD (3 Mar 2020)
The information is important but logical. There is no room for sexual harassment in the work or home environment.
Sung KIM (3 Mar 2020)
Great content about sexual harassment.
Unlike others' experience, no problem with audio quality (using headphones). The appropriate response to the fourth example was appreciated!
Beverly Lezondra-Wheatley (28 Feb 2020)
Very hard to hear dialogue in the 4 scenerios
Mark Colip (26 Feb 2020)
Nice presentation that covers the basic requirements for completion of the IL required 1 hour CE training on Sexual Harassment.
Dr Tom Benthien OD (26 Feb 2020)
The audio needs to be improved. It was very difficult to hear with volume turned up to 100%
Melissa Sigler (24 Feb 2020)
I thought it was informative and explained the appropriate procedures that should be taken if a sexual harassment incident occurs in one's practice.
Irina Rutkowski (23 Feb 2020)
Clear and concise.
Dr Greg Artim OD (23 Feb 2020)
Sad that the state of illinois has prioritized this in the name of optometric science.
Dr Robert Grohe OD (21 Feb 2020)
Audio portion for Maritza is very hard to hear
Sukhdeep Ubhi (21 Feb 2020)
Simple and effective. I recommend printing off material to have it available if needed.
Dr Naomi Sakoda (20 Feb 2020)
Easy to follow and comprehend.
Julie Ensinger (19 Feb 2020)
Mostly common sense
Rachel Lee (19 Feb 2020)
Informative, but very difficult to hear. Sound quality was terrible.
Joseph Moreno (19 Feb 2020)
too long
Yasham Alam (18 Feb 2020)
It was a clear and concise course that covered all the important objectives of the course
Darren Koenig (13 Feb 2020)
Facts and case scenarios were presented in a logical manner.
Cathleen Cavender (13 Feb 2020)
Good course but poor sound.
David Cavender (13 Feb 2020)
Poor sound.
Dennis Ireland (12 Feb 2020)
Good course, very practical
Sonali Patel (11 Feb 2020)
Informative but difficult to hear audio
Dr Robert Levine (10 Feb 2020)
the volume of the speakers was low and hard to hear
charles goodman (9 Feb 2020)
The sound quality was very poor. The recording volume should have been at a higher level. I had my computer (1 year old) turned up to the highest volume - I had the course volume turned up completely and still had a hard time hearing. Especially during the discussion of the scenarios. I am not hard of hearing either.
Dr Laura Freeman (1 Feb 2020)
Volume was low at times.
gerald strauman (1 Feb 2020)
I had difficulty hearing some of the lecture
justin gordon (28 Jan 2020)
Chris Troyka (27 Jan 2020)
I feel Ms Karmis could have been better prepared/rehearsed. She frequently stumbled over her words and seemed unsure of what she wanted to say. I hope the course is more professional when I need to take it again in two years.
Diana Miranda (26 Jan 2020)
The course was professional and informative. The sound was too quiet. I would've liked to be able to print out a copy of my receipt so that my employer can reimburse me for the cost. I couldn't find this option.
Katie Foreman (18 Jan 2020)
Great content, just a bit quiet/hard to hear!
Dr Arnold Schuh O.D. (17 Jan 2020)
Makes you rethink your everyday actions and interactions with everyone around you. Great course.
John O'Neill (17 Jan 2020)
Poor audio on my laptop.
Kathleen Sblendorio (16 Jan 2020)
Content was spot on and presented very well. Audio needs to be re dubbed it fades in and out.
Mark Sblendorio (16 Jan 2020)
Great content, poor audio quality.
Dr Richard Torson (16 Jan 2020)
Straight Forward and timely
Dr Michelle Gianfriddo (14 Jan 2020)
As other reviews mentioned very poor sound quality
Dr Anne Rozwat (13 Jan 2020)
The content was good but the volume was so low that I couldn't hear the majority of it (especially when Ms Lopez spoke).
Tim DeBoer (13 Jan 2020)
Poor audio quality.
Amit Bhambri (12 Jan 2020)
Just a bit hard to hear, but thorough and helpful with the scenarios. Thank you for producing the content.
Dr Sherri Morris (11 Jan 2020)
volume issues
Lisa Ziliak (10 Jan 2020)
Great content, mediocre audio
Dr leo KAMMER (8 Jan 2020)
the sound was too quiet
John DeYoung (3 Jan 2020)
audio was poor
Li-Chiung Kao (20 Dec 2019)
The audio is ver low volume. make it hard to hear and learn.
Johanna Lingk (12 Dec 2019)
Hard to hear in sections
Dr Neeta Khurana (11 Dec 2019)
Could not hear the audio very well.
Dr Soumaiya Masood (10 Dec 2019)
Clear and concise course, easy to follow.
Camda Hughey (8 Dec 2019)
many of the slides were read verbatim by the hosts. The same material is covered every year by the HR department at practices I've worked in.
PETER MUELLER (12 Nov 2019)
renee yu (11 Nov 2019)
would be helpful to provide more scenarios, especially those not as clearly defined
Anthony Losurdo (11 Nov 2019)
Audio needs to be louder.
Karyn Bassett (7 Nov 2019)
I didn't have any trouble hearing either speaker.
Bertram P. Irslinger (6 Nov 2019)
This is helpful
Dr Randall Kittle (5 Nov 2019)
Good information, no problem on the volume as others had in past, however, speakings were not the most interesting speakers
Laura Wilshire (4 Nov 2019)
Good information, but very hard to hear
Dr Elyse Chaglasian OD (27 Oct 2019)
Very pertinent and timely information. I know others had issues with the audio, but there were no problems at all using my laptop.
Dr Dennis DeLee OD (20 Oct 2019)
Easy to understand with good documentation. Made me think.
Dianne Anderson (19 Oct 2019)
Slides were choppy. Shouldn’t have to search for and activate audio on each slide. Should just advance with arrows to continue.
Michael Ciszek (19 Oct 2019)
easy, useful, comprehensive
Dr Jenniffer Shiple O.D. (14 Oct 2019)
Difficult to hear Maritza Lopez at times during presentation.
Dr Judith Weinstein OD (13 Oct 2019)
One speaker spoke very softly and was difficult to hear.
Dr Kim Briggs Krager (9 Oct 2019)
Audio was a little low in some areas, however, course subject matter nicely done.
Lisa Jeziorny Kerouac (8 Oct 2019)
Volume was too soft, I missed half of it.
Dr Caprice Smith-Lawson (7 Oct 2019)
Good info, but difficulty hearing the speakers
Joy Goffron-Kluge (7 Oct 2019)
Poor Audio
Dr Stephanie Messner OD (4 Oct 2019)
The content was well organized, logical and prepared me for the questions that followed. I found the audio quality to be excellent and had no issues hearing either speaker. I think that the audio may have been re-recorded to improve the quality. The process of completing this requirement was painless.
Pamela Boyce (2 Oct 2019)
Sometimes difficult to hear the speakers. Is there a way to turn up the volume? My computer had the volume all the way up.
amreen farooqi (30 Sep 2019)
Poor audio quality.
Janaki Patel (30 Sep 2019)
Very hard to hear. Speakers can be more energetic and engaging.
Dr John Sterczek (28 Sep 2019)
good info to know
kathy wilson (25 Sep 2019)
Audio is ridiculous....
Todd Hungerford (24 Sep 2019)
Audio very poor.
Dr Jay Charles Black (24 Sep 2019)
audio needs improvement
helen sagal (24 Sep 2019)
Please, do something with the sound. The audio is very hard to hear....
Caitlyn McHugh (20 Sep 2019)
Poor audio quality towards the end.
Janice Petersen Easty (17 Sep 2019)
Very difficult to hear.
oran linder (5 Sep 2019)
poor sound
Dr James Stevens (29 Aug 2019)
Initially, the sound was absent. After clicking the "back" arrow on the bottom control bar, the sound came on. After that there was not problem with the sound.
Dr Roger Blank OD (29 Aug 2019)
Very straightforward presentation applicable to anyone... with the last 12 minutes or so pertaining to optometrists. Sound quality was not an issue (I wore headphones). Slides were clear and concise. Dr. Roger Blank
Mary Jacobson (14 Aug 2019)
The audio needs improvement.
Dr Mindy Nguyen (9 Aug 2019)
good but at times hard to hear especially the second speaker (Maritza)
Dr Derrald Taylor OD, MS (6 Aug 2019)
Poor audio
Dr Brittney Brady (5 Aug 2019)
Overall good review course
Dr Vincent Brandys OD (30 Jul 2019)
audio was poor, context was good
Dr David Spengel OD (18 Jul 2019)
Monica Kalia (6 Jul 2019)
The audio on this lecture is horrible. I have my laptop turned to 100 on volume and the program setting on maximum capacity. I still was sitting in complete silence so I could here the presenters.
Dr Linda Murray OD (27 Jun 2019)
Terrible audio, especially when discussing the presented scenarios
Amy Knickerbocker (27 Jun 2019)
The audio quality of the presentation particular presentation was poor. I also disagree with Illinois' decision to have this course mandated as a condition for Illinois optometry license renewal.
Dr Jeffrey Getzell (26 Jun 2019)
The quality for what was audible was very good. Audio terrible in general. Unable to hear portions. Unfair to take a test on material that is inaudible.
Dr Christine Allison OD (24 Jun 2019)
Audio was very poor on my computer for some reason.
Dr CURTIS WEAVER OD (19 Jun 2019)
Course was good and, at times, promoted some thought provoking information. The audio on this course is terribly low in volume. Could barely hear the content.
Eric Johnson (19 Jun 2019)
Unnecessary, I've taken 3 sexual harassment courses in the past year for various organizations. I wish there was some form of global accepted class so I wouldn't have to repeat it often.


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