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Pain Management and Safe Prescribing of Opioids in an Optometric Setting

Pain Management and Safe Prescribing of Opioids in an Optometric Setting

Pain Management and Safe Prescribing of Opioids in an Optometric Setting

Gary Lesher, PhD, FAAO
Gary Lesher, PhD, FAAO
on behalf of Illinois College of Optometry

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Launch date: 14 Nov 2019
Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2022

Last updated: 16 Nov 2020

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Dr CHARLES HOANG OD (30 Sep 2020)
test was a bit much LOL
Dr Brandon McChesney (13 May 2020)
comprehensive overview and straight forward
Inga Fors (9 May 2020)
last slide cut off but otherwise very good

I would like to...

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The Illinois General Assembly passed a law that requires every CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE LICENSE HOLDER is required to take three hours of CE on safe opioid prescribing in order to renew a controlled substance license. This training is required in order to renew your controlled substance license in 2020. This course may be counted towards the current CE requirements and will count towards the four-hour limit on self-directed CE courses for Illinois Optometrists.

Attention Recent Grads: Update on CE Requirements
If you hold a controlled substance license, you must comply with the three-hour opioid requirement, even if this is your first renewal.


What Opioids are
How Opioids are prescribed in an Optometric Setting
Side Effects/complications
Gary Lesher, PhD, FAAO

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Gary Lesher, PhD, FAAO
on behalf of Illinois College of Optometry

Dr. Lesher joined the ICO faculty in 1983. His main teaching responsibilities are for the pharmacology sequence in the second year of the professional program. He has been chair of the Basic and Health Science Department since 1999, and is currently the assistant dean for didactic education. Dr. Lesher has a number of publications and book chapters in the areas of Ocular Pharmacology. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, and served for a many years on the NBEO exam construction committee for Parts I and II.

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Dr CHARLES HOANG OD (30 Sep 2020)
test was a bit much LOL
Dr Brandon McChesney (13 May 2020)
comprehensive overview and straight forward
Inga Fors (9 May 2020)
last slide cut off but otherwise very good
Michael Zost (29 Apr 2020)
Straight forward course.
Deana LaBrosse (29 Apr 2020)
Always a pleasure to listen to Dr Lesher. Clear, concise info.
Dr Rosalba Ramirez (28 Apr 2020)
It is a very informative review on opiates.
Dr Lori Wassmann OD (5 Apr 2020)
presentation was well organized & easy to follow it would have been easier if the exam could have been printed - the answers could still have been filled by computer this is the first CE course that has given a score: I'm curious about what question that I missed
Dr Emily Pott O.D. (1 Apr 2020)
Good course! Would love a little more in focus on the handout. A 30-60 second rewind would also be nice as it won't let you go back- it thinks you are trying to skip ahead! Overall a great course.
Evangelos Vatianou (29 Mar 2020)
Charles Pearson (26 Mar 2020)
Excellent preentation.
Faustino Santiago (25 Mar 2020)
An excellent review of essential information with clinically applicable connections made throughout. Perhaps more visuals could have made the material more engaging but the presentation did not significantly suffer for it.
Sonal Pandya (24 Mar 2020)
Great handout and lecturer.
Dr Randall Kittle (21 Mar 2020)
Dr. Lesher covered the material well, gave clear warning of the need to be cautious in utilizing opioids well yet defending and explaining their needful place. His test was straight forward and fair.
Dr Robert Peachey OD (20 Mar 2020)
Dr. Lescher continues to educate optometrists to their full scope potential in a fact based yet real life scenario educational module.
Frank Rubin (19 Mar 2020)
Poor slides hard to read
Dr frederic banser O.D. (19 Mar 2020)
Dr Lesher is very engaging and a fantastic teacher.
Paul Tracy (18 Mar 2020)
strait forward questions that can be used everyday in my practice I definitely learned some things
Dr Carla Adams OD, FCOVD (16 Mar 2020)
The handouts were a necessity to understanding this lecture. Dr. Lesher did an excellent job of organizing this material.
Dr Rasa Thap OD (16 Mar 2020)
Course was good but the recording was terrible. The video quality needs improvement.
Aimee Beluch (15 Mar 2020)
Great information and great slide show! useful for what optometrist can prescribe in Illinois!
Dr Tiffany Andrzejewski (15 Mar 2020)
Very thorough review of opioids and how they work with contraindications & considerations when prescribing.
Kaitlyn Keller (15 Mar 2020)
Easy to understand. Especially a good review of side effects and contraindications.
Mark Allmaras (13 Mar 2020)
Detailed, comprehensive and easy to follow.
shairoz fazal (12 Mar 2020)
This Course not designed for CE.
David Castells (11 Mar 2020)
Content was fine, but almost 50% of material repeated word for word. Significant technical problems made it take excessive extra time to get through presentation and figure out how to take exam.
Dr Thomas Stelmack O.D., FAAO (4 Mar 2020)
just enough basic pharmaolcogy with clinical relevance.
Dr Carly Szafranski (3 Mar 2020)
Easy to follow and understand. Sorry Dr. Lesher wasn't feeling well.
Dr Richard Nuccio OD (26 Feb 2020)
slides were not easy to see during the presentation and should have been an easy download BEFORE the course began
Deborah Zelinsky (24 Feb 2020)
It would help to have the "players" organized a bit more. It covers a lot in a short time. Good examples, and good amount of repeating important facts
Dennis Ireland (19 Feb 2020)
Good course, good slides
Heidi Larner (17 Feb 2020)
Had a lot of trouble with the audio of the video which made listening to the lecture extremely frustrating. However, the material covered is outlined very well and easy to follow.
Dr Jeannie Wang OD (17 Feb 2020)
Print out notes. Clear and easy to follow.
Abigail Ledford (16 Feb 2020)
Great course.
Dr John Sterczek (16 Feb 2020)
clear and concise lecture
Kristin Adams (15 Feb 2020)
Very convenient with great information.
Thomas Cohen (14 Feb 2020)
just a video of a lecture I attended in school, no new information was offered or even re taped, paid $75 for something that I've already seen live.
Dr Naomi Sakoda (12 Feb 2020)
I found the video lecture difficult to follow and the outline more informative. I also found the coughing/choking of the presenter most annoying. It would have been advisable to mute the microphone then.
justin gordon (10 Feb 2020)
I would have liked to know which question i got wrong.
Dr Sandra Rafael OD (4 Feb 2020)
Print the notes, they are useful for the exam.
Dr Ryan Hansen OD (2 Feb 2020)
While I understand the MOA of opiates as well as I did when I first had this lecture my 2nd year at ICO, I do not feel that this lecture improved my clinical ability to prescribe opiates. In the future, I would hope the lectures offered would be more practical for practicing physicians. I believe the intended goal of having optometrists take more opiate related CE is to better equip us to be able to safely and accurately prescribe opiates. Dosage would be beneficial to know and very little was mentioned regarding that. Yes, I can figure dosage out through other sources, but why is that not touched on in a 3 hour lecture? I was expecting more than a carry over from a lecture given to 2nd year optometry students that have never even sat in front of a patient before. The lecture is fair for a student, but I would judge it as poor CE due to its impracticality.
Dr Janna Jasper (29 Jan 2020)
Informative, easy to follow
Prasod Ramachandran (19 Jan 2020)
Very timely and useful I think given the present state of affairs.
Davld Anderson (17 Jan 2020)
was unaware all the slides were repeated larger at end of lecture... would have been better to print all powerpoint slides first, but I was on an airplane-- also not able to refer back to slides while taking the test. that made it a legitimate test!
Ms Rina Sheth (16 Jan 2020)
Easy to follow, good hand-out!
Li-Chiung Kao (30 Dec 2019)
easy to understand and good hand out
Joann Adams (30 Dec 2019)
There were some non-pertinent clinical information in the beginning, other than that, very informative
Dr Herri Park (16 Dec 2019)
Dr Jenniffer Shiple O.D. (6 Dec 2019)
Straight forward, easy to understand.


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