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Introduction To Class IV Laser Therapy by Companion Therapy Lasers

Introduction To Class IV Laser Therapy by Companion Therapy Lasers

Introduction To Class IV Laser Therapy by Companion Therapy Lasers

Companion Therapy Laser
Companion Therapy Laser



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Last updated: 23 Dec 2020

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Mrs Sally Jung RVT (16 Dec 2020)
Very basic intro to laser therapy
Dr Heather Ludlam DVM (17 Oct 2020)
Good overview on class IV therapeutic lasers
Dr Patricia Lorenz (13 Oct 2020)
Would like to learn more about the researched used to establish doses.

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Learn about the fundamentals of laser therapy presented by John C. Godbold, Jr., D.V.M.


Learn why Class IV therapy lasers offer the latest, most powerful, non-invasive technique for addressing acute and chronic pain, inflammation, and wound healing!
Companion Therapy Laser

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Companion Therapy Laser

Companion Therapy Laser by LiteCure

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User Reviews (48)

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Mrs Sally Jung RVT (16 Dec 2020)
Very basic intro to laser therapy
Dr Heather Ludlam DVM (17 Oct 2020)
Good overview on class IV therapeutic lasers
Dr Patricia Lorenz (13 Oct 2020)
Would like to learn more about the researched used to establish doses.
Dr Kimberly Fleming DVM (4 Jun 2020)
I had seen a demonstration a few years ago but there have been a lot of advances. I am excited about the future of using a laser in our practice
Dr Christine Fields DVM (15 May 2020)
Good basic information
Dr Nancy Lou Little DVM (7 Apr 2020)
hard to hear
Dr Keri Driscoll DVM (1 Apr 2020)
enjoyed lecture
Mrs Kirsty Powell Palmer RVN PgDip Vet Physio (25 Feb 2020)
good well presented information with case studies
Sarah Hilbert (5 Nov 2019)
Good course
Dr Jennifer Richmond (29 Oct 2019)
Enjoyed the section on various uses of the class 4 laser. Excellent reminders of it's diversity.
Ms Liza Stevens LVT (22 Sep 2019)
Good information and references to back it up.
John Lobdell (22 Sep 2019)
Excellent introduction to class IV laser use in practice
Dr Kevin Templeman DVM (19 Sep 2019)
useful new information, little short on the technical information I expected to hear
Jessica Lingel (7 Jun 2019)
very informative, well put together
Mari Vuorinen (16 May 2019)
This was very informative and eye opening of the possibilities where laser therapy can be used and realizing how little we utilize it in terms of them.
Mrs Joanne Zammit R (2 May 2019)
Excellent presentation regarding Class IV Laser Therapy. Definitely will be looking for a Veterinarian Clinic that implements this into the practice.
Dr Alan Zamarron D.V.M. (1 Apr 2019)
Good introduction to class 4 laser therapy. Definitely has peaked my intrest.
Lisa Carter (8 Feb 2019)
This was an excellent presentation that displayed real effectiveness of Class IV laser therapy. I would have liked for more information regarding which laser therapy companies are recommended.
Dr PATRICK MECH DVM (3 Feb 2019)
Good overview of a practicing veterinarian incorporation of Class IV laser into his practice.
Dr Alok Kr. Chaudhary (9 Jan 2019)
good please share some precaution of using laser therapy for patients as well, clinician
Ms Liane Ehrich CVT (30 Dec 2018)
Informative, but light on actual data
Jayne Buchan (10 Dec 2018)
Very interesting presentation
Dr Jeff Goldman (8 Dec 2018)
Excellent review of Class IV Laser Therapy in Veterinary medicine with photographic examples of treatment outcomes
Dr Michael Brown dvm (22 Nov 2018)
Excellent introductory information!
Dr val Harris DVM (9 Nov 2018)
great course
Ms Holly Killian CVT (24 Oct 2018)
The idea of using laser therapy as an adjunct pain protocol is new to me. I work in an ICU unit and deal with severe post op pain. I feel like this would be perfect addition to analgesics without the negative side effects, like hypotension and dysphoria.
Sidney Griffin (25 Sep 2018)
This course gives an indication of the value of laser therapy in treating post procedure, acute and chronic conditions. Very good introduction to its application and use.
Ms Lyndsey Hildebrandt (30 Aug 2018)
It was very insightful on how the laser therapy can be used. I liked how the presenter broke down each subject.
Jetzy Villanueva (29 Jul 2018)
Very informative in the uses of laser therapy for many cases such as: acute, chronic, and post-surgical.
Caitlynn Bright (27 Jun 2018)
Easy to follow and understand. I knew that laser therapy helped decrease inflammation and pain but not the mechanisms behind it, now I know. The information was great
Trista Robertson (20 Jun 2018)
Easily understood and very informative.
Bakhtyiar Azeez (20 Jun 2018)
Dr Brenda Lobbezoo (7 Jun 2018)
This course offers a concise explanation of how laser therapy works on the cellular level. I will use it to explain to clients how a "flashlight" can make the difference in healing time.
Avis Moller (4 Jun 2018)
Very easy to follow and understand,Good information
Echo Kopp (26 May 2018)
I enjoyed the doctor sharing about specific cases including lick granulomas and anal sacculitis. This gives a deeper indication of practical application with result.
Dr Robert Herath D.V.M. (16 May 2018)
very complete overview
Anastasia Nesterenko (10 May 2018)
Great introduction to laser therapy, I am more confident in talking to clients about the benefits of laser therapy
Deborah Griffin (6 May 2018)
Nicole Neff (2 May 2018)
It was a very informative webinar!! I think it is a great CE course to listen to.
Dr Thomas Finn DVM (22 Apr 2018)
I would have appreciated a bit more depth into the specifics of the MOA's of the therapy laser, or information relating to studies demonstrating the claimed MOA's. But overall, I very much enjoyed this course.
I love laser therapy and now I know even more on this treatment and even more that I can do to improve my patient recovery or pain treatments!
Megan Rush (30 Mar 2018)
I loved all the examples used!
Elisabeth Morgan (18 Feb 2018)
Good information and pictures
Ms Dyann Jackson (3 Feb 2018)
I thought the Veterinarian giving the lecture was very thorough on the use of the Companion Therapy Laser and what the laser can be used for.
Dr Phillip Dilts (31 Dec 2017)
This seemed like a hour long sales pitch.
Brhiannon Mullins (30 Dec 2017)
I love that there were pictures demonstrating the usefulness of treatment because there are a lot of speculative doctors out there.
Brooke Gibson (29 Dec 2017)
very informative
Mikayla Bruce (20 Dec 2017)
Was very informative about using therapy lasers in small animal practice.


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