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Transforming compassion fatigue

Transforming compassion fatigue

Transforming compassion fatigue

Veterinary Cancer Society
Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association


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James McMinn (30 Nov 2020)
I absolutely loved this course! Life changing!

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Transforming compassion fatigue Feeling “crispy?” This workshop explores the experience of compassion fatigue in veterinary practice, with particular attention to methods of prevention and intervention. “Compassion fatigue” will be defined and differentiated from the other conditions frequently experienced by professional caregivers, and the neurobiology of compassion fatigue will be described. Drawing from both research and case examples, the personal and professional manifestations of compassion fatigue (“how do we know it when we see it?”) will also be reviewed in detail. Finally, attendees will walk away with practical, real-time strategies for restoring personal well-being, renewing vocational commitment, and reviving the relationships – personal and professional -- so often damaged by chronic stress.


Attendees will be able to:
• Understand the etiology of compassion fatigue and burnout in veterinary practice.
• Identify the most common manifestations of compassion fatigue on both an individual and organizational level.
• Implement evidence-based practices to transform compassion fatigue and heal the cognitive, physical, and emotional effects of chronic stress.
Veterinary Cancer Society

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Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association

Jeanine Moga MA, MSW, LCSW; Jeannine is a mental health clinician, educator, and program consultant practicing at the intersection of human and animal issues to support animal people, create sound organizational/social policies, and develop evidence-based animal-assisted programs. As a licensed clinical social worker specializing in human-animal relationships, she has served as the Founding Director of both Veterinary Social Services at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center (2004-2012) and, more recently, Family & Community Services at North Carolina State University’s Veterinary Hospital (2012-present). Her work involves a wide range of clinical practice, including crisis intervention, medical case consultation, and counseling for animal owners, as well as skills training, debriefing, and psychosocial rounds for veterinary professionals and students. Additionally, Jeannine provides consultation and training on a wide range of topics to social services, veterinary medicine, and animal welfare professionals across the country. Her focal interests include traumatic grief, medical futility, and occupational risk and resilience in animal care professions.

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James McMinn (30 Nov 2020)
I absolutely loved this course! Life changing!


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