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Why and How Elevations Matter in Floodplain Management

Why and How Elevations Matter in Floodplain Management

Why and How Elevations Matter in Floodplain Management

Wendy Lathrop PLS, CFM
Wendy Lathrop PLS, CFM
on behalf of GeoLearn LLC

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“Elevation” refers to the height of something above (or below) a reference level. In floodplain management, we compare elevations of structures, land, and water in deciding the best means of protecting lives and property. Where is the lowest floor of a structure? What is the expected height of the water surface during a particular storm frequency event? Why should we care?

This course defines the various elevations of significance in designing floodplain development and protecting existing development, supplemented by applicable regulations and technical guidance documents from FEMA. Because the Elevation Certificate is used for many floodplain management purposes, discussion of how elevations reported on this form are utilized is expanded into identifying sources of Base Flood Elevations.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Identify the various elevation relationships involved in sound floodplain management
• Understand the regulatory framework behind the various purposes of the Elevation Certificate
• Recognize appropriate sources of Base Flood Elevation information for different floodplain management purposes
Wendy Lathrop PLS, CFM

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Wendy Lathrop PLS, CFM
on behalf of GeoLearn LLC

Wendy Lathrop, president and owner of Cadastral Consulting, is licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in several states and as a Professional Planner in New Jersey. She holds a Master's degree in Environmental Policy, and has been involved in surveying since 1974 in projects ranging from construction to boundary to environmental land use disputes. Wendy is also a Certified Floodplain Manager through the Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM). A former adjunct instructor at Mercer County College in New Jersey, Wendy has also taught as part of the team for the licensing exam review course at Drexel University in Pennsylvania. She has been teaching seminars for surveyors since 1986 and has been writing articles for surveyors since 1983. Wendy is a contributing editor for a number of professional publications.

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