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Lamaze Certification Exam: Practice Test

Lamaze Certification Exam: Practice Test

Lamaze Certification Exam: Practice Test

Lamaze International
Lamaze International
on behalf of Lamaze International

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Launch date: 01 Oct 2019
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Last updated: 09 Nov 2020

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Kathleen Vozoff (8 Nov 2020)
Helped reassure me about what I know an gave me motivation to review some material before the actual exam.
Janelle Lowery (8 Nov 2020)
Very helpful!!
Penny White (5 Nov 2020)
Pleasantly surprised with my results - need to work on my post partum now!

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The Lamaze Certification Exam Practice Test includes 50 practice questions to prepare test-takers for the official LCCE exam. In this course, learners will have the opportunity to interact with LCCE certification exam questions and test their knowledge of the Lamaze competencies. Question rationales, corresponding competencies, and references are available for each test item.



Learners will be able to test their knowledge of Lamaze competencies
Learners will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the LCCE Certification Exam
Learners will gain familiarity with test questions
Learners will be able to explore item rationales and enhance their understanding of Lamaze competencies
Lamaze International

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Lamaze International
on behalf of Lamaze International

Lamaze is a nonprofit organization that promotes a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. Knowing that pregnancy and childbirth can be demanding on a woman’s body and mind, Lamaze serves as a resource for information about what to expect and what choices are available during the childbearing years.

Lamaze education and practices are based on the best, most current medical evidence available. They can help reduce the use of unnecessary interventions and improve overall outcomes for mothers and babies. Working closely with their families, health care providers and Lamaze educators, millions of pregnant women have achieved their desired childbirth outcomes using Lamaze practices.

As a nonprofit organization, the work of Lamaze International is supported by many actively engaged unpaid volunteers who give generously of their time and talent. Volunteers serve on the Board of Directors, the Education and Certification Councils and on various Lamaze committees and task forces. Volunteers are the heart of Lamaze International!

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Deborah L. Amis, RN, LCCE, FACCE
Marilyn S. Curl, RN,CNM, LCCE, FACCE
Judith A. Lothian, PhD, RN, LCCE, FACCE, FAAN
Allison J. Walsh, IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE

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User Reviews (46)

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Kathleen Vozoff (8 Nov 2020)
Helped reassure me about what I know an gave me motivation to review some material before the actual exam.
Janelle Lowery (8 Nov 2020)
Very helpful!!
Penny White (5 Nov 2020)
Pleasantly surprised with my results - need to work on my post partum now!
Noelia Satornicio (5 Nov 2020)
Me ayudo mucho para el desarrollo del tipo de las preguntas a poder centrarme en la mejor respuesta como educadora
Maricarmen Gutiérrez (4 Nov 2020)
Sería ideal poder contar con la oportunidad de saber cuales fueron las respuestas correctas e incorrectas. Sin embargo, me pareció un buen ejercicio para tener una idea más clara sobre el tipo de preguntas y en qué áreas tengo que reforzar mi estudio para el examen.
Ashaki Tobias (2 Nov 2020)
Great Practice Test! This practice test definitely built my confidence up! Make sure you read the directions and do the slide presentation first! There's an answer key which is recommended to look at after you test. In addition, once you complete the test it does display your results. I personally feel it is worth it to buy and test your knowledge.
Stephanie Mollinier (1 Nov 2020)
It was very useful to test my knowledge and narrow down the areas that I should study more.
Aqueelah Russell (27 Oct 2020)
Lactation questions need a lot of work Some of the wording is subjective Hopefully the questions are the same level on the actual exam
Roa Altaweli (24 Oct 2020)
The exam was really usefull to understand the nature of the questions. However, it would be nice to get feedback on each question after completion of the exam.
Krystal Barnhart (24 Oct 2020)
I'm very encouraged (and a bit relieved!) after using this! I was able to easily identify which areas I need to focus on and the format was simple and easy to navigate.
Mrs Lavanya V (19 Oct 2020)
It was very useful to take the practice exam prior to the LCCE certification exam. It has helped me to understand the areas that I have to focus more.
Jennifer Kishbaugh (6 Oct 2020)
Helpful to get an idea of what questions will be like! Worth it
Mrs Danielle Batista (18 Sep 2020)
this was very helpful
shantel pipkin (8 May 2020)
of course I would like to see instantly what I got wrong, but the test brought ease to my mind. I was able to see where I need to focus my studying. Honestly you know what you weren't sure about. I now know what I need to brush up on. I also like how it brings familiarity to the style of the test as well as wording. They also give study reference to download and I believe an answer key.
Mrs Patience Dominick (6 May 2020)
Really helped me to dig in and see what I need to work on. Really helpful!
Erika Millender (4 May 2020)
Terms in the questions are an effective starting point for where to fine tune study points.
Miss Jessica Klausing RN-BSN, LCCE (3 May 2020)
This practice test was wonderful to calm my anxiety about the exam after taking the NCLEX four years ago. No, it doesn't tell you which answers you got wrong, but when you download the answer key it should be easy to remember which answer you picked. Then from there be able to see why you got the answer right or wrong.
Sydney Minetto (3 May 2020)
Very insightful- great guidance for knowing how to better study!
Paula Carrasquillo (3 May 2020)
The practice test should include different questions each time.
monalisa Orduno (3 May 2020)
I wish it showed which answers I got wrong so I could have an idea of what areas I need to study.
saranya subramanian (1 May 2020)
Very useful and has build up the confidence level
Mary Sefchek (1 May 2020)
The questions were much easier than I suspected. There were no questions about medical complications which is what I am most nervous about. Also some reviews say it doesn't give you the correct answer it does and the rational behind the correct answer
Shea Pacaud (30 Apr 2020)
It was nice to see how questions will be asked.
Melissa Johns (30 Apr 2020)
It was confusing at the end when I could not submit question #50.
Laura Bowman (30 Apr 2020)
Some of the questions where there were multiple right answer's were challenging. I guess you have to think about how the question writers may want you to answer.
Dr Aishah Almefarfesh DHSc,MSN,RN,CHCQM,CPPS (28 Apr 2020)
Taking practice test was very useful and worthy. I recommend to take it in order to familiarize yourself with the Lamaze certification exam. Good luck for all. Aishah
Angel Coleman (28 Apr 2020)
great test in showing how this test will actually be
Hannah Stokes (27 Apr 2020)
I feel that there are a few questions that can be answered in multiple ways based on teaching strategies of the actual childbirth educator. This made some of the questions difficult to answer.
Amanda Coles (24 Apr 2020)
I was not sure I wanted to take the practice exam at first, but I am so glad I did. It really helped me hone in on how potentially the exam will be. It also assisted with me knowing what areas I need to focus on more study wise.
Erika Collin (24 Apr 2020)
Definitely helped put my studying mind at ease and gave me a better idea of how the exam will be structured.
KATJA HOLZHEI (10 Nov 2019)
I took the exam in prep. for the online exam. It's disappointing that I am only allowed to take the test 3 times and that the correct answers are not provided. I have sent a message but didn't get any reply. As a test exam, it should be possible to take it as many times as wished, especially with no answers provided.
Leat Millunchick (7 Nov 2019)
Its useful to see how they are going to ask questions.
Sheila Martin (7 Nov 2019)
Please include the correct answers with our grade
Mariana Villegas (7 Nov 2019)
please explain the answers :)
Miss Gabriela Lopez MG (6 Nov 2019)
considero que deben ser más preguntas
Arva Nagy (5 Nov 2019)
It would be nice if it would show which questions we answered incorrectly. Not necessarily the answer, but just which question.
Rachael Pilling (3 Nov 2019)
Many of the questions are very vague and have ambiguous answers.
Bethany Duvall (1 Nov 2019)
So far, the practice test has been helpful. Now i know a few things i need to brush up on. However, I do not like that it does not show you the correct answer on questions I got wrong or why it is the correct answer. That's not very helpful.
neeru verma (1 Nov 2019)
nice idea of exam
Ms Laura Tompkins (31 Oct 2019)
asking BEST is sometimes confusing and unclear
Katherine Tyo (30 Oct 2019)
Would like to know what questions I answered incorrectly.
Lindsey VanAlstyne (30 Oct 2019)
Easier than I thought it would be. :)
Samantha Baratta (28 Oct 2019)
Looking for more feedback on the correct answers.
mari freitas (26 Oct 2019)
Glad there was not a lot on Cochrane reviews and research data,
Gina Suro (25 Oct 2019)
Jenne Paddock (22 Oct 2019)
Would prefer to have instant feedback on whether my answer is correct, including pertinent information


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