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When Caring Hurts: Managing Compassion Fatigue

When Caring Hurts: Managing Compassion Fatigue

When Caring Hurts: Managing Compassion Fatigue

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(9 Nov 2019)
great info
Jessica Daul (4 Dec 2017)
Excellent course on Compassion Fatigue!
(31 May 2019)

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Compassion fatigue is a term used heavily in the human medical field, particularly human nursing. It can be described as the “cost of caring for others in emotional need.” The impact of compassion fatigue is now being realized by the veterinary community. Every veterinary team member is exposed to this potentially career-ending emotion. Unless it is identified and managed, it could have very detrimental effects.

For example, every member of the veterinary practice team strives to provide the best medical service to every client on a daily basis. However, some owners are unable, or unwilling, to accept team recommendations. Over time, team members begin to feel helpless and unsuccessful in their mission to provide serve the needs of their patients.

It is vital to identify compassion fatigue and to manage the stressors associated with it. Team members need to learn how to recognize the signs of burnout in others as well. When Caring Hurts: Managing Compassion Fatigue will help each participant define and identify compassion fatigue through the understanding of the Human-Animal Bond. Causes, including empathy, burnout, compassion, fatigue and vicarious trauma, are discussed at length, along with examples of signs and associated symptoms.

Compassion fatigue not only has an impact on the “self” but on the “practice” as well, severely affecting the client and patient. Methods to manage compassion fatigue complete the course, providing exercises and successful tips for both participants and managers.


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
1. Define the Human-Animal Bond
2. Identify the behaviors associated with empathy, burnout and compassion fatigue
3. Consider the effect of compassion fatigue on one’s self and on the practice
4. Facilitate the treatment of burnout and compassion fatigue in practice team members
5. Explain the importance of developing a protocol to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue in practice team members
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Industry Specialist
on behalf of VetMedTeam

Julianne G. Evenhus, CVT, CFE and Heather Prendergast, RVT, CVPM

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User Reviews (23)

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(9 Nov 2019)
great info
Jessica Daul (4 Dec 2017)
Excellent course on Compassion Fatigue!
(31 May 2019)
Dr Thomas Zulandt DVM (3 Feb 2018)
very well done
Deanna Ingram (29 May 2019)
I thoroughly enjoyed this course.
Dr Cornelia Wagner (28 Dec 2018)
Nicole Palermo (26 Sep 2017)
Dr Rhoda Gledhill BSc., DVM (22 Aug 2018)
Mrs Mona Pohl (20 Oct 2019)
This was very helpful in offering techniques to avoud CF.
(2 Jul 2019)
This was an excellent module that really showed different methods of dealing with and preventing CF.
Ms MICHELE SMITH (18 Jun 2018)
This was an important topic for anyone who has been in the field for a number of year.
Dr Mandy Miller DVM (17 Mar 2020)
Course selection has been great! Thank you
Dr Laurene Wright DVM (15 Sep 2019)
This is a course everyone should review for themselves and as a veterinary team member
Dr Chelsea Moran(Woiwood) (15 Jun 2017)
Very important subject that they do a great job of tackling.
Dr Genesia Livingston DVM (14 Nov 2017)
Enjoyed the CE and felt it had many good ideas for helping the job fatigue of our profession
Miss Danielle Hessels (14 Jun 2018)
No comment
Dr Janice McClatchey Hopkins DVM (13 Jun 2017)
Excellent course. I liked the set up where you move through the slides at your own pace and can repeat each one, if needed, for better understanding.
Dr Misty Hiegl (13 Feb 2018)
Good course
Jennifer Sexsmith (12 Mar 2018)
Was fine
Dr Sarah Summers (12 Jun 2017)
good ideas for recognizing and dealing with compassion fatigue
Dr Anne Gard (12 Jun 2017)
Relevant and important information for all team members in profession.
Jennifer O'Neill (11 May 2018)
Good tips on handling stress
Ms Jennifer Wojciechowski (10 May 2019)
Strongly recommend this course to any veterinary professional


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