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Dr Steve Woodring DO
Dr Steve Woodring DO
on behalf of Conscious Sedation Consulting, LLC

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Last updated: 07 Apr 2020

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Dr Brandon Grieve D.M.D. (1 Apr 2020)
Thank you
Steven Ross (2 Jan 2020)
Well done!
Dr Thaddeus Carter DMD (23 Dec 2019)
Succinct and to the point.

I would like to...

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Introduction to the physiology of sedation and review of common sedative agents


1) Understand the interaction of the sleep-arousal system
2) Understand the common effects and potential side effects of various sedative agents
3) How to monitor the effects of sedation on brain activity
Dr Steve Woodring DO

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Dr Steve Woodring DO
on behalf of Conscious Sedation Consulting, LLC

Steven F. Woodring, D.O. is a board certified anesthesiologist located in Naples, Florida. Dr. Woodring received his D.O. degree from A. T. Still University - Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the founding school of osteopathic medicine, located in Kirksville, MO. He completed a traditional internship at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and his anesthesiology residency at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine - MetroHealth Medical Center campus in Cleveland, OH. Currently, Dr. Woodring is President of Mobile Anesthesiologists of Florida, LLC, a company that specializes in office based and ambulatory anesthesia services. He also serves as Chairman of the Florida Society of Anesthesiologists Office Based Anesthesia Committee, and as a lecturer for Conscious Sedation Consulting.

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User Reviews (50)

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Dr Brandon Grieve D.M.D. (1 Apr 2020)
Thank you
Steven Ross (2 Jan 2020)
Well done!
Dr Thaddeus Carter DMD (23 Dec 2019)
Succinct and to the point.
Michael Bodensteiner (15 Dec 2019)
Clear and easy to follow
Kevin Priest (8 Dec 2019)
Good review
Adiyanaa Jamiyanbaatar (15 Jul 2019)
Good information!
brent steadman (30 May 2019)
Dr Tom Clark DDS (15 May 2019)
detailed biochemistry that may be beyond what is needed to administer light to moderate sedation
Dr james dickson (6 May 2019)
Lots of information. Could easily have been a two or three hour course with more questions on the test.
Michael Balch (13 Apr 2019)
too pharmacological and not enough on practical sedation drug protocol
Dr Paula Roemer (30 Mar 2019)
informative, very dry, boring
Dr Mehrshad Shelyan DDS (29 Mar 2019)
Great review. To the point. Thanks
Dr John Robinson DDS (21 Feb 2019)
Some of the slides are too small to read clearly, especially numbers on graphs.
Peter Shim (11 Feb 2019)
Very useful review for sedation CE course.
Dr Catherine Schlaht (7 Feb 2019)
Dr Delwin Hemingway DDS (7 Feb 2019)
Very good review
Terence Lau (31 Jan 2019)
The presenter was very clear and understandable
Mark Caggiano (27 Jan 2019)
great overview, would do it again
Chelsey Schmidt (23 Jan 2019)
too much talking distracted from what was on the slides
Perry Joiner (1 Jan 2019)
Dr Wade Logan DDS (17 Dec 2018)
great course
David Taylor (14 Dec 2018)
very useful
Dr Caleb Corwin, DDS (29 Nov 2018)
lots of good details and information
Paul Tolmie, DDS (29 Nov 2018)
We used this for staff training and it is fairly detailed.
Dr Paul Bland (19 Sep 2018)
Very nice review
Dr Michael McGrath DDS (21 Aug 2018)
There was a lot of information presented in a short presentation. Found it to be interesting.
Dr Prachi Deore (1 Jul 2018)
Good overview.
Dr Carlos Gonzalez R (21 Jun 2018)
Sobering information about sedation.
Dr Steven Hokett DDS, MCR (10 Jun 2018)
Great review of the pharmacodynamics of conscious sedation; highly recommend this.
Dr Phillip Ashiku DDS (8 Apr 2018)
Great course, excellent presentation
Rebecca Brown (31 Jan 2018)
I was wanting more nursing hands on sedation info. I wasn't wanting info on receptors.
Kaylee Moench (9 May 2017)
Good information, but a lot of information in a little amount of time.
Dr shreyesh ruparelia dds (5 May 2017)
Great course
Miss Erin Amdahl (14 Apr 2017)
Dr John Thaler II, DDS (21 Mar 2017)
Dr Aaron Pitts (23 Feb 2017)
Nice course. A good refresher.
Dr Ricardo Diaz Dds,ms (21 Feb 2017)
Dr CADE HUNZEKER DDS (20 Feb 2017)
Nicely done!
Dr MU MU MIN DMD, MSD (15 Jan 2017)
Would prefer to go into detail of different benzodiazepines indicated for conscious oral sedation
Dr Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS (9 Jan 2017)
Great review!
Dr Paul Falvey DDS (8 Jan 2017)
Well done presentation of a complex subject
Dr James Wolfe (4 Jan 2017)
Excellent course with a good review of sedation meds with basic pharmocology.
Dr Tiffany Hetmanek (20 Dec 2016)
The speaker and information was somewhat slow and boring - class should have been labeled as pharmacology. Overall, great course with a lot of information to understand how sedation works.
Dr Angela Ruff DDS (9 Dec 2016)
great course.
Dr matthew howell dds (30 Nov 2016)
Dr Matthew Perry (30 Nov 2016)
Good info on mechanics of sedation
Mr Jonathan Pachulski PhT (22 Nov 2016)
Great program Explained everything required!
Dr Charles Boettcher DDS (20 Nov 2016)
Thank you for a well organized and informative review
Dr Jason Haworth (13 Nov 2016)
Good info for review
Dr Larre Betsworth DDS (13 Nov 2016)
Very hard to use computer for exam


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