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Adverse Events - Airway and Respiratory

Adverse Events - Airway and Respiratory

Adverse Events - Airway and Respiratory

Dr Steve Woodring DO
Dr Steve Woodring DO
on behalf of Conscious Sedation Consulting, LLC

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Dr Philip Gardner MD (8 Nov 2016)
Average course.
Dr Carlos Gonzalez R (8 Jul 2018)
Enjoyed it
Dr Catherine Schlaht (7 Feb 2019)
Good course

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Introduction to the causes, early recognition and treatment of potential adverse events associated with the airway and ventilation


1) Be able to understand and anticipate potential adverse events associated with airway and ventilation in the sedated patient
2) Prepare the practitioner to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with adverse events early in their progression to minimize potential patient risk
3) Review the appropriate therapeutic interventions to be initiated when an adverse event begins to occur
Dr Steve Woodring DO

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Dr Steve Woodring DO
on behalf of Conscious Sedation Consulting, LLC

Steven F. Woodring, D.O. is a board certified anesthesiologist located in Naples, Florida. Dr. Woodring received his D.O. degree from A. T. Still University - Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the founding school of osteopathic medicine, located in Kirksville, MO. He completed a traditional internship at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and his anesthesiology residency at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine - MetroHealth Medical Center campus in Cleveland, OH. Currently, Dr. Woodring is President of Mobile Anesthesiologists of Florida, LLC, a company that specializes in office based and ambulatory anesthesia services. He also serves as Chairman of the Florida Society of Anesthesiologists Office Based Anesthesia Committee, and as a lecturer for Conscious Sedation Consulting.

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Dr Philip Gardner MD (8 Nov 2016)
Average course.
Dr Carlos Gonzalez R (8 Jul 2018)
Enjoyed it
Dr Catherine Schlaht (7 Feb 2019)
Good course
Dr Delwin Hemingway DDS (7 Feb 2019)
5 stars
Dr Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS (5 Jan 2017)
Good presentation.
Dr Brandon Grieve D.M.D. (31 Jan 2017)
Dr jason primm (31 Dec 2016)
(30 May 2019)
Dr Jason Latham DMD, MSD (30 Dec 2016)
Great review!
Dr Daniel Schiavone DDS (3 Nov 2016)
Thanks, a good course.
(3 Feb 2020)
good presentation. thanks
Chris Bowman (28 Mar 2018)
Nicely presented.
Dr Ronald Lubovich DDS, MSD, FIDS, FIOCI, FAAID (28 Dec 2017)
Question no 5 should have one more answer. All answers are correct. Please advise. Thank you Ronald P LuBovich DDS, MSD, FIDS, FICOI,, AAID [email protected]
Mrs Connie Simmons RDH, BSDH (28 Dec 2017)
Great review of basic procedures
Dr Stephen Kolakowski MD (27 Oct 2016)
Dr Reid Hill DDS (24 Dec 2016)
(22 Jan 2019)
Actually the information was great. The question didn’t work out so well. Had three doctors take it. They all failed
Dr Michael McGrath DDS (22 Aug 2018)
Well organized and easy to follow.
Dr Travis Hampton DMD, MAGD (21 Dec 2017)
thorough and eye opening!
Dr Paul Bland (20 Sep 2018)
A very good review
Dr Robert Fletcher DMD (2 Nov 2019)
Awesome course!!
Dr Prachi Deore (2 Jul 2018)
Good review
(2 Jan 2020)
Well done!
(18 Mar 2019)
some questions are confusing
Dr Geoffrey Bauman DMD,MS (18 Dec 2016)
Good overview and specifics of airway management!
Dr Kent Mueller DDS (17 Mar 2017)
concise bullet-point slide outline format. this presentation could be more dynamic with addition of lecture material , or demonstration animation. These changescould be better shared in a learning environment with support staff.
Doug Holliday (16 Jan 2018)
During the exam the screen would show two arrows spinning and would not show what was on the screen. This occurred roughly 30% of the time. Still the class was informative
Dr MU MU MIN DMD, MSD (16 Jan 2017)
Good review
Dr Kiya Green DDS, MS (15 Dec 2018)
Good information, the lecturer had a very calm voice (maybe a little too calm). Maybe using more slides to break up his information for each talking point- would be helpful in keeping the listener engaged. (each slide stayed on the screen for 1+minute- which doesn't allow some users to be active listeners).
Dr Allan Sundin DDS (15 Dec 2016)
A must for sedation care givers.
(14 Dec 2018)
clear and concise
Miss Erin Amdahl (14 Apr 2017)
good informtaion
Dr Wade Logan DDS (13 Jan 2017)
Great class
Dr Craig Colas DDS (13 Feb 2018)
Good overview of potential causes and treatments of respiratory depression
Dr shreyesh ruparelia dds (12 May 2017)
good course
Dr manish rana (12 Feb 2017)
great course
Dr elizabeth ashiku dds (10 Jul 2018)


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