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Periodontics 101

Periodontics 101

Periodontics 101

Dr Wilkie  Stadeker
Dr Wilkie Stadeker

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Periodontics is an informative, interesting, fact-packed lecture with current and useful information in periodontics for dentists and dental specialists. The lecture will show the viewer how to diagnosis periodontal disease. The lecture will give a detailed description of the medical perio link. This lecture will review periodontal treatment planning. The lecture will review surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment.

Please email author if literature cites are needed.

Caution: Participants must be aware that there may be potential risks to using limited knowledge when incorporating techniques and procedures into practice when participants have not received supervised clinical experience or demonstrated competency.


To diagnose Periodontal Disease
To understand how to establish a treatment plan for periodontal patients
To understand the link between periodontal disease and other medical conditions
To understand how to treat periodontal disease surgically and non-surgically
Dr Wilkie  Stadeker

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Dr Wilkie Stadeker

Dr. Stadeker received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Northwestern
University in 1994. At Northwestern, Dr. Stadeker received several awards including the
American Academy of Periodontology award and a US Army Dental Scholarship.
After Northwestern, Dr. Stadeker spent 3 years in the US Army as a general dentist.
After the military, Dr. Stadeker attended the University of Alabama where he received a
Certificate in Periodontology. Dr. Stadeker has published articles in the U.S. and
Canada. Dr. Stadeker lectures to local dental organizations and was a lecturer in
periodontology for the U.S. National Dental Hygiene Board Review. Dr. Stadeker is a Board Certified
periodontist who maintains a private practice in Marietta, GA, USA

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