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Diagnostic Considerations and New Tx Options.

Diagnostic Considerations and New Tx Options.

Diagnostic Considerations and New Tx Options.

Dr Edward Feinberg DMD
Dr Edward Feinberg DMD

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Difficult cases can be simplified when carefully thought out. A strong proficiency in crown and bridge, precision attachments, restorative dentistry and implants allows the practitioner to choose the best treatment options for the patient. This course will present a unique approach to diagnosis and treatment planning that will offer the practitioner new and creative treatment options to help patients—including patients who are not candidates for sophisticated dentistry. In addition course attendees will learn how to treat teeth with insufficient clinical crowns. These teeth, which are often considered "non-restorable" can be saved without posts or buildups. Techniques for making provisional and permanent restorations on these teeth that do not fall out will be demonstrated. This presentation includes numerous case examples from a library of more than 100,000 pictures and X-Rays taken during the past 60 years.


Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
The reader will be able to identify at least three ways to diagnose, examine and choose the best treatment option for a patient.
Managing Difficult Cases
The readers will be able to choose options that simplify the management of difficult cases and incorporate a contingency plan.
Saving "Hopeless" Teeth
The reader will be able to understand how teeth with little or no clinical crowns can be utilized without buildups or posts.
Choosing the Best Treatment Option
The reader will be able to recognize when to best utilize fixed bridgework, removable bridgework and implant restorations.
The Double-Tilt Precision Attachment Case
The reader will be able to understand the basic principles of surveying, designing and maintaining a double-tilt precision attachment case supported with natural tooth or implant abutments.
Dr Edward Feinberg DMD

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Dr Edward Feinberg DMD

Dr. Edward Feinberg is a graduate of Tufts University and has practiced Dentistry in Scarsdale, New York for more than 35 years. He is the successor to a unique tradition of restorative dentistry and was trained by a master and pioneer in full coverage restorative dentistry, Dr. Elliot Feinberg. The techniques used by Dr. Feinberg have documented clinical evidence in a library of 100,000 pictures taken during the past 66 years. Dr. Feinberg is a nationally recognized lecturer and a noted author of scientific and educational articles for dental publications and a textbook, "The Double-Tilt Precision Attachment Case for Natural Teeth and Implants" (The book is available at He is also a reviewer for the Journal of Oral Implantology. In addition to educational activities, Dr. Feinberg has also served on 4 Councils of the American Dental Association and is a past president of the Ninth District Dental Association, a component of the New York State Dental Association with 1600 members. Dr. Feinberg is a recipient of the Ninth District Dental Association D. Austen Sniffen Award, the Paul Harris Fellowship Award and the NY State Pierre Fauchard Academy's Award for Distinguished Service.

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