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Feline-Friendly Handling

Feline-Friendly Handling

Feline-Friendly Handling

Dr. Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP (Feline)
Dr. Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP (Feline)
on behalf of American Association of Feline Practitioners


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Launch date: 16 Aug 2018
Expiry Date: 25 Jun 2020

Last updated: 24 Oct 2019

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(9 Sep 2019)
very useful in practice
Kayleigh Brooks (8 Nov 2018)
The information was very helpful. I would recommend that everyone in the veterinary field that works with cats should do this!
(8 Mar 2019)
Great techniques to use for a fearful cat

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Understanding the cat is the foundation of feline-friendly handling. Cats are unique in that they are the only solitary hunter that can live amicably with people. They still however retain the behaviors of their wild ancestors, with strong protective mechanisms and keen senses to protect against perceived threats. Preventing feline stressors in veterinary practice prevents the negative emotions that trigger undesirable behavior responses. Feline-friendly handling also addresses all patients, including those that remain difficult to handle despite our best efforts, increasing human safety and job satisfaction while enhancing feline welfare.


Feline-Friendly Handling
• Learn the reason behind different feline behaviors in the veterinary practice
• How to prevent feline stressors that cause undesired behavior responses such as aggression
• Hiding or the cat’s ability to feel hidden is an important coping skill in an unfamiliar environment
• Remaining in their desired location and position helps reduce fear, pain, and other negative emotions.
• Stroking over the cat’s preferred areas of touch – the pheromone-producing facial glands – helps to control head movement and replaces scruffing.
Dr. Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP (Feline)

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Dr. Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP (Feline)
on behalf of American Association of Feline Practitioners

Dr. Ilona Rodan is the founder of the Cat Care Clinic, a Gold Cat Friendly Practice® in Madison, Wisconsin, serving as owner and medical director for over 28 years. She is a board member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, co-chair of its Cat Friendly Practice® committee, and co-chair of several guidelines and welfare position statements. Dr. Rodan has been ABVP certified in feline practice since 1995. She started Feline-Friendly Consultations concentrating on handling techniques and environmental changes for veterinary professionals and founded Cat Behavior Solutions for veterinary referrals of frustrating feline behavior problems.

In 2005, Dr. Rodan received the AVMA Animal Welfare Award for her leadership and contributions to feline welfare. She is a co-editor and co-author of the book, Feline Behavioral Health and Welfare, published in 2015.

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User Reviews (96)

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(9 Sep 2019)
very useful in practice
Kayleigh Brooks (8 Nov 2018)
The information was very helpful. I would recommend that everyone in the veterinary field that works with cats should do this!
(8 Mar 2019)
Great techniques to use for a fearful cat
(8 Jun 2019)
Some of the strategies for handling cats are useful but some don't seem to be really useful in certain situations.
(8 Jul 2019)
I thought this was an excellent course and I learned alot and will be implementing these techniques with opportunities arise.. Thank you.
Megan Dedor (7 Nov 2018)
I thought I knew everything, but this was a great refresher course.
(7 Jun 2019)
Lots of immediately practical guidance for feline handling
Mrs Margaret Stevens Britt CVT (7 Jul 2019)
Enjoyed the tidbits of information she provides from outside studies and various sources in addition to her own knowledge and experiences!
(7 Jan 2019)
A great refresher when dealing with cats.
(6 Oct 2019)
I absolutely loved the content. I would like to see a video demonstration of getting a cat to do well in semi-lateral position for the medial saphenous collection though. I also felt that the sound quality was a little rough when wearing headphones, but when I continued watching at home without headphones on, it was fine.
(6 Feb 2019)
the exam questions were poorly formulated.
Karen PEEK (5 Nov 2018)
All this information was very informative. I learned several things that I need to readjust in my handling of cats
(5 May 2019)
Its a very great course, great for volunteers and people who need to know a little bit more about cats. i knew a lot of this information already but there are great little gems hidden trough out.
(5 Feb 2019)
Very interesting and informative presentation.
(5 Dec 2018)
it was easy!!!
(4 Jan 2019)
The program was very informative.
Ms Lindsay Nelsen (4 Feb 2019)
I felt this was a good webinar, and that it covered a wide variety of information.
Michelle Perry (4 Apr 2019)
great course!
Mrs Joanne Zammit R (4 Apr 2019)
Presentation was a good refresher course in handling frightened or aggressive cats.
Callie Musgrove (31 Oct 2018)
The answers for the test were a little confusing but other than that it was nice to see how to handle a cat safely and calm.
(31 Mar 2019)
Some really useful tips are provided. Very comprehensive.
Ms Laura Aylesworth (31 Jan 2019)
This was a great review and I learned some new things too!
(31 Dec 2018)
I am a quick reader and really enjoy these types of educational topics. I personally feel I should be able to go to the next slide when I am confident with my knowledge.
(31 Dec 2018)
It has been a long time since I worked with cats, and this course was an excellent overview on the newer less is more strategies used to better handle cats in a stressful environment.
Ms Sandra Gaylinn (31 Dec 2018)
Clear, concise, good speaking voice.
(31 Dec 2018)
good information about how to handle cats
Allyssa Kerner (30 Sep 2018)
Dr. Rodan was very knowledgeable in feline-friendly practices. The only downside was that the audio was not completely clear at all times.
(30 Jul 2019)
I learned many things that I didn't know prior. Such a not scruffing the cat as I was shown in a previous practice.
Dr Hans Larsen (30 Dec 2018)
Thank you for sharing what you have learned through practice - the facts, the experiences, the good and what needed to be changed.
Ms Liane Ehrich CVT (30 Dec 2018)
This was an extremely detailed seminar that will provide better interaction with cats in any setting
Mrs Patricia Ganske CVT (30 Aug 2019)
was very informative and would reccommend any clinic seeing cats to watch.
Dr Katheryn Applegate (3 Oct 2019)
Good information on safe and friendly handling of cats.
Amber Rovane (29 Dec 2018)
not sure if there was suppose to be found to the video or not. I didn't have sound nor could I get sound to work.
France Tancelin (29 Aug 2018)
the sound was not clear all the time
Brittany Herring (28 Sep 2018)
I learned how to best handle cats in the veterinary practice.
Ms ariel jenks (28 Oct 2018)
Great information with corrective action for the handler.
Ms Kara Presley RVT (28 Jun 2019)
Great tips for handling anxious or fearful cats
Dr James Harris DVM (28 Jul 2019)
Very pertinent points made in this webinar. Will help greatly in handling cats in my practice.
Dr Reham Khalil (28 Jan 2019)
very informative.
Dr Avenelle Turner DACVIM (Oncology) (27 Sep 2018)
Very useful insight, Thank you :)
Ms Tiffany Fraissinet (27 May 2019)
It was interesting learning more about feline behavior. Thanks.
(27 Jun 2019)
I liked all the tips and pictures combined with videos that clearly explained the techniques.
Sonia Archnoi (26 Sep 2018)
More examples and video examples would be great way to better explain the cat fear responses and how to handle them. Overall I enjoyed the course.
Ms Brittany Bradbury (26 Sep 2018)
Good for general practice settings
(26 Jan 2019)
Good seminar overall, but at times it was very difficult to hear or understand the speaker. I had to rewatch a second time and then go back and “scroll” through the video to understand some key points.
Mr Sergio Ramirez Benito (25 Sep 2018)
The audio could be better, great content important for daily cat handling.
Ms Holly Killian CVT (24 Oct 2018)
It was a good lecture. It revealed things I didn't realize about cat handling, like not to scruff. Also, the fact that the tail is more accurate on senior cats.
(24 Jun 2019)
this is a good, free CE course. Thank you for the information!
Frances Dougherty (24 Jun 2019)
good information and well presented
(24 Jan 2019)
Some very construction suggestions to lower stress and fear.
(23 Sep 2019)
More people need to know how to appropriately handle cats! Everyone in the practice should view this video.
(23 Sep 2019)
The course has alot of good information. The exam could be better, clearer to emphasize learning points.
(23 Oct 2019)
Very good information. I felt it was presented a bit slowly.
Dr Cornelia Wagner (23 Dec 2018)
Dr Regina Housley MS, DVM, ACLAM (22 Oct 2018)
Sadly time does not allow many of these recommendations
Despite already informing myself on numerous fear free methods and being certified fear-free, this was very informative. Lots of gems within this webinar regarding basic tactics for anxious cats.
(22 Feb 2019)
Experienced consultant.
(22 Feb 2019)
I liked this presentation very much. It was very informative.
Miss Brady Guzman CVT (21 Sep 2018)
Demonstration videos would benefit viewers.
(21 Dec 2018)
Very good information.
(21 Apr 2019)
I always felt like I was pretty good at handling scared cats but this course really opened my eyes at some techniques that I do that I should probably retire.
(20 May 2019)
This course was very helpful!
(20 Jan 2019)
The information at the beginning was a little basic. However past that it was very informative and helpful.
Ms Nicole Bernt (20 Dec 2018)
Very informative
Ms Laura Vander Veen rAHT (2 Oct 2019)
Exam seemed to have multiple correct answers and i had trouble with deciding the most correct
Kimberly Muller (2 Feb 2019)
A very good course for handling feline patients. I thought I was doing the best for my cat patients, but learned many new techniques and awareness to make their experience even more stress free. Recommend this course as refresher for all tech staff.
Mrs Tiffani Sanford CVA (2 Apr 2019)
Great topic! Can't wait to implement some of these practices.
Dr Kathryn Gruca (19 Jun 2019)
Very useful information
(19 Jan 2019)
Worth the time.
(19 Aug 2019)
It was very informative
Tammi Coleman (18 Sep 2018)
Excellet course to brush up on your feline behaviors
Mrs CATHERINE LEE (18 Feb 2019)
Sound quality was muffled.
Dr Jennifer Tonkin DVM (17 Sep 2018)
I enjoyed the review of low stress feline handling.
(17 Feb 2019)
Very useful
Mrs LEAH SHUMWAY (16 Oct 2019)
A lot of great information for handling cats as well as client education and practice changes for flow and waiting rooms.
Mrs Macy Ryan CVT (15 Oct 2018)
Exam answer choices too broad.
Dr Matthew Ehrenberg DVM, ABVP (15 Jan 2019)
I think Dr. Rodan might want to express herself in a way which allows for the successful experience of others. She might want to phrase her recommendations as "this has worked best for me so far" rather than "this is the best" , "that is unacceptable."
Dr Linda Harbeck (15 Dec 2018)
Lots of good ideas
John Lobdell (15 Dec 2018)
Plenty of good advice and tips.
Diane Eigner (14 Sep 2018)
So much useful information!
Dr McLean Gunderson DVM (14 Oct 2019)
Learned a lot, and I have been through lots of behavior CE.
(13 Oct 2019)
This was a very through video and I feel that I gained knowledge that will help me in day to day practice.
Mrs Jessica Weaver (12 Oct 2018)
Thank you! Very good information!
Dr Tannis Dressell (12 Oct 2018)
Very informative with lots of useful tips
(12 Mar 2019)
Questions and answers are not worded the best.
(12 Aug 2019)
Great tips that can be easily used daily
Dr Emily Carrington (12 Aug 2019)
Very useful course for everyone's safety as well as welfare of the cat.
(12 Apr 2019)
Caitlin Stormonth (11 Jan 2019)
I very much enjoyed this webinar. It allowed me to revisit my own techniques and gave me strategies to use with my boss and support staff.
(11 Jan 2019)
I learned a few great tips to share with owners about how to properly prepare their cat for veterinary visits. Overall a great refresher course on how to handle happy, fearful or fractious cats. Definitely recommend to anyone who works with cats at their practice.
Mrs Aautumn Arredondo LVT (11 Feb 2019)
Great reminder of how to achieve a cat friendly environment especially in a mixed practice.
(11 Aug 2019)
Excellent information about understanding cat behavior and how best to safely handle cats in a veterinary environment & why such handling is safer for the cat & human handler.
(11 Apr 2019)
very informative
(1 Oct 2019)
This was a good review of best practices for feline handling in the vet practice.
Dr Mary Lewis DVM (1 May 2019)
Very thorough with good examples and resources
Dr Rachel Wright DVM, CVA (1 Feb 2019)
Excellent CE


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