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Introduction to the Canine Osteoarthritis Case Manager Certificate

Introduction to the Canine Osteoarthritis Case Manager Certificate

Introduction to the Canine Osteoarthritis Case Manager Certificate

Darryl Millis, M.S., D.V.M., Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons, C.C.R.P.
Darryl Millis, M.S., D.V.M., Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons, C.C.R.P.
on behalf of Northeast Seminars, Inc



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Launch date: 22 Feb 2018
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Last updated: 10 Jan 2021

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Dr Hannah Mortensen (7 Jan 2021)
Straight forward case supporting setting up osteoarthritis case managers in your clinic and the need for continuous education on new treatment modalities.
Dr Tara Pogarch (4 Jan 2021)
Good overview of what is to be learned in the Case Manager Certificate Program
KAREN Fischer (24 Dec 2020)
Great concept

I would like to...

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Osteoarthritis affects an estimated 20% of the canine population. The Canine Osteoarthritis Case Manager course will provide an in-depth examination of canine osteoarthritis and the practical application of treatments. Relevant clinical studies will be reviewed as they pertain to canine osteoarthritis. This Introductory Module will discuss the concept of the Osteoarthritis Case Manager, the economics of osteoarthritis, and describe the seven course modules.


Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:
• Describe how an osteoarthritis case manager can help your patients and your practice
• Identify the roles of the osteoarthritis treatment team
• Describe the prevalence of osteoarthritis in dogs and its associated problems
Darryl Millis, M.S., D.V.M., Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons, C.C.R.P.

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Darryl Millis, M.S., D.V.M., Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons, C.C.R.P.
on behalf of Northeast Seminars, Inc

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Surgery Section Head, Department of Small Animal Clinical Services. Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has published in numerous peer-reviewed veterinary journals and is co-editor of the books Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (2004) and Essential Facts of Physiotherapy in Dogs and Cats (2004).

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User Reviews (159)

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Dr Hannah Mortensen (7 Jan 2021)
Straight forward case supporting setting up osteoarthritis case managers in your clinic and the need for continuous education on new treatment modalities.
Dr Tara Pogarch (4 Jan 2021)
Good overview of what is to be learned in the Case Manager Certificate Program
KAREN Fischer (24 Dec 2020)
Great concept
Adrian Russell (21 Dec 2020)
Does make you want to investigate their certificate program
Abigail Owens (14 Nov 2020)
Very informative. I can't wait to share this information with my technician team who are always looking for more ways to strengthen the bond between cilents and pets and at the same time improve the quality of life for our patients.
Allyson Cook (6 Nov 2020)
Thorough, practical, and encouraging for successful patient care.
Dr Heather Ludlam DVM (18 Oct 2020)
Basic overview giving the value of the OA Case Manager Certificate program
alexander jackson (15 Oct 2020)
Good ideas to practice better medicine and business
Dr Michael Klingler DVM (24 Sep 2020)
Very thiorough overview of osteoarthritis case management in the dog
Kevin Kunde (11 Sep 2020)
Simple yet thorough approach. Really stressed weight loss and owner compliance
Dr Nabeel Yousaf (4 Sep 2020)
Must include all modules in the course, otherwise it is not of great benefit.
LeAnn Ahlbrecht (10 Jul 2020)
Very clear speaker
Stacey Engel (1 May 2020)
Very informative! Great outlook on the approach, and the term of care.
Jaclyn Allen (16 Apr 2020)
A good review of the multimodal approach to canine osteoarthritis management and all that is available. Good idea to designate (train) a staff member to follow OA management cases & be a liason between the owner and veterinarian!
Jodie Spencer (1 Apr 2020)
This is basically a one-hour advertisement for a seminar to become a certified Osteoarthritis Case Manager. The information presented was basic and not terribly useful.
Ms Lindsay Nelsen (27 Mar 2020)
a good overview of course offered on osteoarthritis in dogs.
Rosemary Wallis (16 Mar 2020)
Very informative.
Mrs Margaret Anson (26 Feb 2020)
This course is very informative in how having a case manager can help the veterinary clinic. There isn't a lot of information regarding OA or treatment itself.
Dr Kyra Larkin-Sladek BSc, DVM (19 Jan 2020)
Good introduction to the detailed course they refer to.
Dr Troy Gowan DVM (26 Nov 2019)
Very basic overview. Some interesting thoughts on involving an OA case manager in your practise.
Ron Greenwald (17 Nov 2019)
Well put together and organized, but a little redundant.
Dr Dane Piper DVM (4 Nov 2019)
good organized way forward
Gerald Carey (19 Oct 2019)
An excellent introduction into all the aspects of Osteoarthritis
kathy adamson (25 Sep 2019)
Good introduction. I will likely take the course after completing this hour.
Dr Les Mayes (16 Sep 2019)
Concise overview.
kellie kuzdas (9 Sep 2019)
I thought it was a little redundant and the pace was quite slow.
Jerry Simmons (8 Sep 2019)
excellent course
Anais Alamo (25 Aug 2019)
Straight forward information with realistic ways on how to manage and follow up OA patients. Also the importance of managing OA not only for the business benefit but for the pets benefit into managing sooner rather than later
Elizabeth Sawyers (6 Jun 2019)
Very informative.
Dr Carol Hershey DVM (31 May 2019)
Very good lecture, thank you so much!- Dr. Mom of three Newfoundlands :)
Carlyn Zylstra (22 May 2019)
Good overview of improved OA management. I appreciated how highlighted financial benefits for the practice.
Kassidy Stevenson (21 Apr 2019)
Very educational and gave helps tips for the economic and social benefits of each clinic who partakes in the time management of these such cases.
Richard Scholfield (14 Apr 2019)
Will be very informative and useful.
Merry Kroeger (11 Apr 2019)
Pretty good basic overall info on OA. Really liked the part on managing the OA with different modalities. However wish that the lecturer had mentioned specific examples of. joint supplement food, omega FA products, and specific herbs. Found the case manager part of the lecture helpful but not realistic for my clinic.
Dr Jessica Kowaleski DVM (10 Apr 2019)
Good outline of arthritis management and role of technicians. Doesn't get into specifics of treatments.
Lisa Carter (6 Apr 2019)
Excellent and very informative module.
Dr Alan Zamarron D.V.M. (25 Mar 2019)
Good start to understanding how important it is to use the whole team to manage osteoarthritis.
Jennifer Ermon (12 Mar 2019)
This more or less a sales pitch for the actual CE and information about OA.
Dr Kristine Petrini (20 Feb 2019)
too much repetition.
Dr Brianna Letaw (10 Feb 2019)
Very informative
John Lobdell (9 Feb 2019)
Good suggestions for teamwork approach to OA management
Katelynn Hileman (1 Feb 2019)
I feel like this presentation had a lot of repetition and could have been presented in a more concise manner
Bonnie Dansby (28 Jan 2019)
This is an good introduction to another more in depth online course. Good preview and overview of OA, not meant to be a specific treatment guideline.
Jennifer Wilson-Cohen (24 Jan 2019)
Excellent overview. Intrigued by the potential of this course.
Dr Tina Capps (11 Jan 2019)
Lacks detail
Paul Martin (1 Jan 2019)
good CE
Trudy Salerno (17 Dec 2018)
Informative and thorough.
Emily Toleno (6 Dec 2018)
Great overview of osteoarthritis, a very common and often overlooked illness
Robin Whitney (3 Dec 2018)
Difficult to navigate the intro as initially it continued to replay rather than advance. Content very relevant & well presented.
Dr Shannon Klein DVM (23 Nov 2018)
Is mainly an introduction to taking certification course- what the benefits financially will be, early methods of instituting an OA program in hospital.
Danielle Hughson (7 Nov 2018)
Good intro to OA management, but a bit repetitive
Dr Patricia Lorenz (27 Oct 2018)
little education. 2 main takeaways 1. designate an interested vet tech to deal act as a case manager to earn more money. 2. take our additional (paid) modules to actually learn
Heidi Burris (23 Oct 2018)
I was hoping for more info about medicine
Jorge Navar (21 Oct 2018)
to the point presentation
Dr Tannis Dressell (16 Oct 2018)
I mistakenly thought I was going to learn ways to manage OA and this course goes more into their program they offer......which by the way looks very interesting
Fiona Dodson (4 Oct 2018)
very clear to follow.
Mr Ryan Neale (28 Aug 2018)
Very interesting.
Caroline Niederman (7 Aug 2018)
Very practical seminar on how to provide comprehensive care to a common and chronic issue.
Guillaume Marechal (29 Jul 2018)
There is a point where the lecturer estimates the yearly income for dogs with osteoarthritis in around 500,000$. It is ridiculous to see in a scientific presentation such a flawed calculation. He begins with assuming a veterinarian would see 20-25 dogs per day, of which 2 will have OA. He multiplies that by 250 working days in the year, and multiplies again by 1000$ profit left by each of these per year. That's how he comes to the conclusion that the annual profit left by osteoarthritic dogs amounts to 500,000$. The maths are correct, except for one very important detail. For those calculations to be correct those 2 OA dogs he sees every day must be new cases every day. It means he must see 500 NEW cases of OA every year. I don't think that is possible, and if it was then his calculation falls way short, because then next year he can add another 500 new cases to his already 500 patients, so his profits for year 2 should be 1 million. In year 3 his profits should be 1'5 millions,....
Madeline Scofield (30 Jun 2018)
great intro!
Sean Peck (27 Jun 2018)
Enjoyed the presentation.
Dr Stephen W. Long,DVM dvm (22 Jun 2018)
added emphasis on details especially follow up calls are very helpful in building a team response and more educated and compliant owners
Jennifer Green (20 Jun 2018)
the introduction is very basic and a prelude to the rest of the modules.
Caitlin Davis (20 Jun 2018)
The video quality was okay sound was fine but the picture skips alot and was distracting. Not a lot of medical information, more of an introduction to other modules..
Kristin Strelec (15 Jun 2018)
Lot of repetition but good ideas.
shahin sabagh (11 Jun 2018)
i learned many things in this course that i didn't know before.
Dawn Jernigan (8 Jun 2018)
This was a very informative course. However I do wish it had into further details.
Laura Cooper (3 Jun 2018)
Great course
Dr Era Jo Moorer (28 May 2018)
Gives you the basis for setting up a program in your hospital to do follow-up with your canine patients with arthritis.
Jennifer Wammock (15 May 2018)
Genuinely good since just had torn meniscus surgery myself.
Dagoberto varela (14 May 2018)
It was a very good course that had extremely good information. I really like it a lot.
Dr James Posey DVM (9 May 2018)
very appropriate for today's practices
Dr Steven Peterson (29 Apr 2018)
good overview
Madison Schilling (28 Apr 2018)
good approach to arthritis
Erin campbell (26 Apr 2018)
Nice simple comprehensive approach to oa treatment.
Michael Herrington (25 Apr 2018)
Just an intro to a more extensive course. Serves as a good checklist to compare your OA protocols with.
Mr Bilqisthi Putra DVM., M.Sc (21 Apr 2018)
Nice course
Jacqueline Brito (10 Apr 2018)
Good but repetitive.
Susan Gibbs (9 Apr 2018)
Interesting information but very repetitive
Jonathan Power (8 Apr 2018)
Good course for learning to deal with a common problem.
Atalla Ishak (6 Apr 2018)
this course was very helpful and very intense
Kaytlin Sellers (29 Mar 2018)
So helpful!
Lindy Wang (26 Mar 2018)
A god overview
Kimberly Jurman (19 Feb 2018)
this was a very interesting and helpful overview of a certification course possiblility
Mrs Holly Bugbee-McCue (8 Feb 2018)
Good overview:)
Tanya Raya (6 Feb 2018)
Good general overview
Ms Dyann Jackson (4 Feb 2018)
This course was very well done!
Dr Jonathan Amos DVM (3 Feb 2018)
It was just a sales pitch for their certification course and I didn't learn anything new
Dr Toni Janosko DVM (30 Jan 2018)
course was very good. My computer/web set up let something to be desired...but that's probably a problem on my end not yours!
Victoria Martinez (28 Jan 2018)
Dr Melissa Dunleavy BVMS MLAS (22 Jan 2018)
very comprehensive. Easy to follow
Dr David Loehndorf (22 Jan 2018)
This course is an important introduction to identifying arthritic patients and effectively managing their treatment over the long term.
Miss Yara Dagher (21 Jan 2018)
I can see the effort for perpearing this wonderful course!! and I learnt too much from this course ..
Sarah Anderson (19 Jan 2018)
Felt like this course was very informative.
Dr SEONGKUK PARK (17 Jan 2018)
Very informative!
Dr harnoor bhinder (14 Jan 2018)
very informative
Dr Kimberly Dooner (14 Jan 2018)
Good overview for course
Sarah Lockwood (9 Jan 2018)
Very informative
Laura Goas (8 Jan 2018)
Really gave a lot of good insight into this debilitating disease we see so often in practice that we usually just throw medications at and say "good luck!" Im eager to finish the remaining modules.
Lauren Shell (31 Dec 2017)
A great breakdown of different modalities that should be utilized for OA management, and how your practice can work as a team to maximize benefits to the patient and your practice.
Jennie Areson (31 Dec 2017)
Good summary of treatment options and practice benefits of working with these clients/patients.
elizabeth boratenski (31 Dec 2017)
A good introduction if you are thinking about completing this entire course. It has some very good points on how to educate clients to better care for their OA dog
Brian Templeton (31 Dec 2017)
Did not personally find this particularly interesting, but I prefer medically oriented CE.
Mrs Bethany Seal LVT (31 Dec 2017)
Very useful information!
Heather Roderick (30 Dec 2017)
Great information
Haroutun Aruchyan (30 Dec 2017)
Dr Nicki Plunkett DVM, MS, DACVS-SA (28 Dec 2017)
This was a great overview of treatment option for arthritis in the canine patient.
Adam Kee (27 Dec 2017)
very thorough
Dr James Harris DVM (27 Dec 2017)
I Understand there should be more of a multimodal approach to treating and managing OA cases. Speaker is correct that it takes a lot of time and you must have a team to implfement it all.
Sean Saltsburg (27 Dec 2017)
As both an equine veterinarian and dog owner I found some very valuable tools for both my practice growth as well as being better prepared to take care of my dogs at home.
Dr Cathie Morrow DVM (26 Dec 2017)
This is a reasonable place to get an understanding of what the vet tech's role might be in management of OA patients.
Susannah Richardson (23 Dec 2017)
Nothing groundbreaking here, but nice appreciation of the role of the VT/asst in patient care!
Mr Gabriel Rosas (21 Dec 2017)
Great information on caring for patients with OA
Dr Lisa Koch (20 Dec 2017)
This course did not provide any new information on treating OA, but rather was more of a giant infomercial for Dr. Mill's course.
Ms Robyn Taylor (16 Dec 2017)
The license number is the course's reference #.
Dr Meredith Orr (15 Dec 2017)
I can not enter my license number to print the certificate. I understand many people are having the same issue. Can anyone help?!?
Mrs Peggianne Dominguez (17 Nov 2017)
stuck in a loop trying to print the certificate. Need to enter my license # but it won't allow me. Thanks for addressing this issue! Entered my license # under the accreditation and it did import it into the evaluation.. I was able to print the certificate after this.
Tamara Barbosa (7 Nov 2017)
Great presentation! I am also struggling to print the certificate because it will not let me enter my license number in the field, has anyone had this issue resolved yet?
Mrs Rebecka Barna CVT (2 Nov 2017)
This was a great presentation. However, when writing the evaluation statement, it will not let me enter in my license number. I would love to get accredited for this.
Natalie Smith (2 Nov 2017)
Will not let me input my license number.
Ms Nicolle Kemmerzell BS (21 Oct 2017)
I cannot print the certificate. And I do not have a license number to enter I just want the certificate on a hospital trained technician.
Kelly Krznaric (21 Sep 2017)
It will not let me input my license number to receive CE credit. HELP!
Ms crystal woods RVT (12 Sep 2017)
Trying to submit the comments section and it will not let me add the license number to submit. I am not sure why but it is really frustrating.
Dr Henry Snelgrove DVM, CTCVMP (27 Jul 2017)
A good, simple approach to bring an organized greater appreciation of OA treatment to your clinic.
Ms Susan Hayden VMD (26 May 2017)
There was some good information in this course, but there were problems with the exam which I took , and I think I got all 5 questions correctly answered, then a screen came up with circling arrows that would not stop. When i tried to get out a screen came up repeating one of the questions ( I think the last one ) so I thought I had missed that one so I answered it , hit submit to then be told I failed because I only answered one question. So I took it all over again and was told that I had all 5 correct . Now ir won't let me print the certificate, Very,very frustrating
Dr Jennifer Caffey DVM (18 May 2017)
Great Course
Dr Lyle Zitek (17 May 2017)
Very nice program. Very thorough discussion of OA.
Mrs Sandra Reiser CVT (16 May 2017)
Very good intro
Dr Kendi Horner DVM (15 May 2017)
Great introduction to a more in depth course! I enjoyed it.
Dr Hannah Good DVM (7 May 2017)
Redundant but thorough
Mr denis john coffey mvb mrcvs (4 May 2017)
good but repetitive
Jeanette Lorenzo (3 May 2017)
It provided good information for a basic introduction into the disease.
Ms patricia nieves (25 Apr 2017)
Darryl Millis did an amazing job with his presentation on Canine Osteoarthritis, I will recommend other student to take this course.
Kennedy Reyna (25 Apr 2017)
This was a very interesting video and I learned so much I didn't know before.
Ms Emily Holt (20 Apr 2017)
This was a very well put together and easy to follow.
Dr Jory Harvey D.V.M. (16 Apr 2017)
Excellent intro
shane kimble (13 Apr 2017)
Very good presentation, very informative and precise, Really appreciated it.
Dr Suzanne Hurst DVM (4 Apr 2017)
Basic but good overview of multimodal OA management
Dr Dennis Sweet DVM (9 Mar 2017)
Excellent presentation
Ms Michelle Riebe (20 Feb 2017)
Very easy to follow and understand. The information is clear and concise.
Mrs Summer Stuart (19 Feb 2017)
very informative
Miss Katherine Charest (14 Feb 2017)
This was an informative introduction to osteoarthritis case management.
Dr Gary Spodnick DVM, DACVS (30 Jan 2017)
Decent basic introductory information. I like the idea of a case manager for these patients.
Dr Cecele Mullen DVM (6 Jan 2017)
I thought there was too much repetition.
Dr Rambabu Sambangi DVM (6 Jan 2017)
Good information
Dr Julia Roach DVM (1 Jan 2017)
I'm looking forward to the module series. Especially treatment.
Dr Michael Fixler (30 Dec 2016)
great course
Miss Nikki Shackleton CVT (29 Dec 2016)
would like to be able to physically skip slides, lots of repeatition
Mrs Kasey Ellinwood RVT (27 Dec 2016)
Great breakdown of the multimodal approach in diagnosing and treating OA, with specific examples and emphasis on the role of the veterinary technician as case manager.
Dr Scott Jarrett (22 Dec 2016)
Great course,very positive
Mr Andrew Tepe BS, LVMT (21 Dec 2016)
Great information. Looking forward to the rest.
Ms Laura Shewmake (21 Dec 2016)
Very good course with great information about OA!
Ms Stephanie Pollen CVT (17 Dec 2016)
Great info about course
Dr Sonya Dacus DVM (30 Nov 2016)
Looking forward to learning more.
Mrs Laura Taylor CVT (26 Nov 2016)
very helpful info - would recommend to others
Ms Dominique Roy CVT (21 Nov 2016)
Good presentation, easy to understand, liked the review of material at the end.
Dr vladlen anurov (3 Nov 2016)
informative and educational for doctors and vet. technicians
Dr Shelly Rodewald (28 Oct 2016)
Good summary of a complex topic.


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