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How To Better Understand What We See

How To Better Understand What We See

How To Better Understand What We See

Ric Redden
Ric Redden
on behalf of NANRIC

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Better understanding what we see if life's mission. The unique characteristics of each foot make them as different as the faces of people. The small variances in distance occur naturally, as well as a response to injury and disease. This first of this series teaches how to observe the smallest details that once were not detected; sketching what your mind's eye sees, opens the window to better understanding the large range of norm, as well as pathology.


Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
1. Observe the smallest details that once were not detected.

2. Sketch what your mind's eye sees.

3. Gain better understanding to the large range of norm, as well as pathology.
Ric Redden

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Ric Redden
on behalf of NANRIC

R.F. (Ric) Redden, D.V.M., is one of the rare individuals who is both a farrier and a veterinarian. His shoeing career began more than 40 years ago and has had a profound impact on his medical career.

Dr. Redden graduated from the Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) College of Veterinary Medicine in 1974 with distinguished honors in Equine Medicine and Surgery.

After graduation, he developed a racetrack lameness practice focused on thoroughbreds and standardbreds. His reputation as a lameness consultant quickly spread, and Dr. Redden soon found himself traveling around the world to care for horses living with diseased or injured feet.

In 1983 he built the International Equine Podiatry Center (IEPC) in Versailles, Ky. It was the first podiatry center dedicated exclusively to the equine foot, and even today, it remains the only exclusive equine foot practice in the horse world.

Dr. Redden’s clinic is dedicated specifically to treating development problems in feet, as well as career and life threatening foot disease and injury. His innovative techniques and concepts have saved the lives of many seemingly hopeless cases where euthanasia is the only option.

For 17 years, Dr. Redden organized and hosted the annual Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium in Louisville, Ky. He has organized podiatry seminars in 22 other countries throughout the world, and in 1998, Dr. Redden was inducted into the International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame.

Dr. Redden has developed a number of specialty products including Four Point™ shoes; the Four-Point, the Rail, the Club, the Full Rocker and the NANRIC Ultimate (Redden Modified Ultimate). He developed the method of rockering horseshoes know in the industry as "banana shoes" or "rocker shoes". Most recently, he began teaching a five-day educational program for practicing veterinarians and farriers entitled “Equine Podiatry 101,” which is recognized by the American Association for Veterinary State Boards and offers 40 continuing education credit hours.

Dr. Redden resumed his specialty equine podiatry practice September 1, 2005. He will continue to treat diseases and injuries associated with the equine foot on a strict outpatient basis at International Equine Podiatry Center, Inc. located at 8235 McCowans Ferry Road in Versailles, KY.

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