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Recurrent UTI and Prevention Strategies for Re-Infection

Recurrent UTI and Prevention Strategies for Re-Infection

Recurrent UTI and Prevention Strategies for Re-Infection

Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM @ VetVine
Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM @ VetVine
on behalf of VetVine

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Dr Tracy Lord DVM (9 Jan 2017)
Nice course
Dr Gregory Bean (8 Dec 2016)
very good
Dr Mary Cho (8 Dec 2016)
Very helpful with detail in various therapeutic regimen.

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Part II of this two part series on the topic of urinary tract infection in companion animals. In this hour, the focus will be on recurrent urinary tract infections and strategies to prevent recurrence or re-infection.


Learn to differentiate recurrent from relapsing urinary tract infections, the causes and treatment of patients.
Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM @ VetVine

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Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM @ VetVine
on behalf of VetVine

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User Reviews (40)

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Dr Tracy Lord DVM (9 Jan 2017)
Nice course
Dr Gregory Bean (8 Dec 2016)
very good
Dr Mary Cho (8 Dec 2016)
Very helpful with detail in various therapeutic regimen.
Dr Andrew Waymire DVM (5 Jan 2017)
A good course. I would have preferred a little bit more focus on common etiologies and how a general practitioner can diagnose them, and a little less on cystoscopy/advanced ultrasound, but then I may simply be wishfully thinking that I can do more without better diagnostics.
Dr MaloRee Allen BS, DVM (5 Dec 2016)
very informative and helpful
Ronald Raymer (4 Feb 2018)
antibiotic informaton was fantastic. was taught at uni that amoxyclav/clavulox is good for getting into the prostate but obviously not.
Mrs Heather Hyler LVT RN OCN (4 Dec 2016)
Easy to follow,very informative
Dr Nicki Plunkett DVM, MS, DACVS-SA (31 Dec 2017)
Great information on rule outs for recurrent UTIs
Dr Michael Fixler (30 Dec 2016)
I now know the better drug to use
Dr Mark Hein DVM (29 Oct 2016)
excellent presentation
Dr Sonya Dacus DVM (29 Nov 2016)
Great review and new information.
Dr judith mahoney DVM (29 Dec 2018)
lots of info!!
Dr Brandon Reines DVM (28 Oct 2016)
Good presentation. 4/5
Dr Nathan Meyer (28 Feb 2017)
Very good
Dr Kuo Min Lee L (27 Nov 2016)
very excellent presentation
Dr Molly Jackson DVM (27 Feb 2017)
Great reminder of difference of time-dependent vs. dose-dependent ABX, predisposing factors
Dr jennier crossley (26 Dec 2016)
Great info but delivery is a little boring.
Mrs Tracy Morante (25 Jan 2017)
I enjoyed this education experience
Dr Kari Kobus DVM (24 Jan 2017)
Very good talk. Relevant and complete.
Dr Christina Kinkade DVM (22 Feb 2017)
Very well done presentation with excellent information
Kathleen Martinelli (22 Feb 2017)
Good review and some new information
Dr Christina Benigni (22 Dec 2016)
great overview of all areas to consider for a full work-up.
Ms Michelle Riebe (20 Feb 2017)
Very informative and I think it would be very valuable to be able to review this course again.
Dr Mark Larson DVM (20 Dec 2016)
Dr Randall Werkheiser DVM (2 Dec 2016)
This was a good summary of appropriate drug therapy for complicated UTI. Nice review of other anatomical and metabolic causes.
Miss Sara Novak CVT (19 Nov 2016)
Excellent presentation to present some different ways to approach recurrent UTIs. I appreciate the candid discussion of alternate/supportive therapies even though their efficacy has not been fully evaluated through clinic study. Food for thought.
Dr Lori Pritchett (19 Mar 2017)
Insightful course.
Dr Krista Wilhelm DVM (19 Jan 2017)
Mrs Sheila Frank (18 Jan 2018)
Very interesting information.
Dr Carmen Albany DVM (18 Jan 2017)
Speaker was knowledgeable about topic and well organized.
Mrs Summer Stuart (18 Feb 2017)
Amazing job
Ms Holly Killian CVT (17 Nov 2016)
This was a great lecture. I especially liked the breakdown of the commonly used antibiotics and there efficacy. The section on possible prevention by use of probiotics, estrogen and sub therapeutic levels of antibiotics was interesting.
Dr Charles Plein DVM (16 Feb 2017)
very good
Dr Odeliah Bouganim DVM (15 Jan 2017)
I would have liked a course that was more light.
Stephen Syken (14 Nov 2018)
good info. Practical
Dr William Debold D.V.M. (13 Mar 2017)
excellent course and practical for practicing veterinarians
Dr Maria Pyrdek (13 Jan 2017)
I thought the presentation was well laid out and provided useful information in treating/diagnosing difficult cases - Would like a little more information though at what point does a gp who does not have access to a lot of imaging need to refer.
Dr Annetrea Cassens DVM (13 Dec 2016)
well done
Dr Nicole Butler Anderson DVM (12 Jan 2017)
very helpful
Dr Cecele Mullen DVM (11 Dec 2016)
This gave me very good insight to keep looking for an underlying cause for a recurrent/relapsing UTI and some interesting thoughts on management of the disease.


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