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5 Cat-Friendly Concepts to Integrate in Your Clinic

5 Cat-Friendly Concepts to Integrate in Your Clinic

5 Cat-Friendly Concepts to Integrate in Your Clinic

American Association of Feline Practitioners
American Association of Feline Practitioners
on behalf of American Association of Feline Practitioners


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Launch date: 15 Apr 2018
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Last updated: 27 Oct 2020

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Dr Roy Gully (11 Aug 2020)
Great tips!
Mrs Selena Kealy (26 Jul 2020)
Good tips
Dr Gail Walter DVM, Dip ACVP (Clinical Pathology) (7 Jul 2020)
very informative and good information

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You are the first step in improving feline healthcare and veterinary experience. Here you will learn about five concepts that you can integrate into your clinic today. This presentation will include information on the client’s perception and enhancing the veterinary visit, anesthesia and analgesia tips, approaching feline-friendly handling, intraoral radiographs, and easy alterations to become more cat-friendly. Practices that have implemented some of these concepts, tips, and techniques have seen less stress for feline patients, higher satisfaction among clients, improved visits and client retention, and more positive team morale.


Easy changes to make your practice more cat-friendly.
Karen E. Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM, CVA
Tactics to reduce stress and arousal for improved outcomes.
Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DABVP (Feline)
Tips on where (and where not) to handle and approach cats.
Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP (Feline)
Strategies for pain assessment and anesthesia/analgesia tips.
Why intraoral radiographs are necessary for feline-friendly care.
Cindy Charlier, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC
American Association of Feline Practitioners

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American Association of Feline Practitioners
on behalf of American Association of Feline Practitioners

Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP (Feline)
Dr. Ilona Rodan established the Cat Care Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin in 1987, a Gold Cat Friendly Practice and AAHA Certified hospital. She continues to practice feline medicine and works as the behavior consultant following the practice sale in 2015. Dr. Rodan is ABVP certified in feline practice since 1995. She started a consulting business, Feline-Friendly Consultations, to support veterinary professionals in handling cats to prevent fear and pain, and improving the practice environment and healthcare for cats. She also presents nationally and internationally. Dr. Rodan is also co-editor of the book, Feline Behavioral Health and Welfare, published in August 2015. Dr. Rodan is a past-president and active volunteer of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), and has co-chaired a number of guidelines including the AAFP Behavior, Feline-Friendly Handling, Environmental Needs, and the AAHA/AAFP Pain Management Guidelines. In 2005, she was awarded the AVMA Animal Welfare Award for her leadership and contributions to advancing feline welfare.

Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DABVP (Feline)
Dr. Colleran is a 1990 graduate Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She is the owner of two feline exclusive practices, one in Portland, Oregon founded in 2003 and the second in Chico, California founded in 1998. She received a Master’s in Animals and Public Policy in 1996 from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. Elizabeth is an ABVP Diplomate in Feline Practice. She is also a Past President of AAFP and is a member of the AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice® Task Force.

Dr. Robertson received her veterinary training at the University of Glasgow followed by specialized training in anesthesia and a PhD at the University of Bristol. She is board certified in anesthesia and animal welfare by the respective American and European Colleges and is trained in small animal acupuncture. Her research interests include assessment of pain and use of opioids in cats and the development of anesthetic protocols for pediatric patients and large scale spay and neuter clinics. She was a faculty member at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Florida and served an assistant director in the Animal Welfare Division of the American Veterinary Medical Association. She is currently on faculty at Michigan State University.

Karen E. Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM, CVA
Dr. Felsted is a CPA as well as a veterinarian and has spent the last 15 years working as a financial and operational consultant to veterinary practices and the animal health industry. She also spent three years with the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues as CEO. She has written an extensive number of articles for a wide range of veterinary publications and speaks regularly at national and international veterinary meetings. She is the past treasurer of VetPartners, a member of the Veterinary Economics’ Editorial Advisory Board, a past member of the CVPM board of directors and the past treasurer of the CATalyst Council. In 2011, she was awarded the Western Veterinary Conference Practice Management Continuing Educator of the Year and in 2014, the VetPartners Distinguished Life Member Award.

Cindy Charlier, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC
Cindy Charlier brings 29 years of small animal practice and ownership experience to dentistry continuing education. After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1984, she spent the first 19 years of her practice career as a partner in a 22 doctor, 3 hospital, AAHA small animal practice in the suburbs of Chicago. Since 2003 she has owned Fox Valley Veterinary Dentistry and Surgery, a dental and oral surgery referral practice, with offices in Chicago and St. Charles, Illinois. She is a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and member of the American Veterinary Dental Society.

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Dr Roy Gully (11 Aug 2020)
Great tips!
Mrs Selena Kealy (26 Jul 2020)
Good tips
Dr Gail Walter DVM, Dip ACVP (Clinical Pathology) (7 Jul 2020)
very informative and good information
Dr Melanie Bene DVM (4 Jul 2020)
I loved everything about this course. I wish these concepts were taught back when I was in school. Very creative and innovative ways to provide better care for feline patients.
Ms S W (13 Jun 2020)
Very important information! Very happy to have this available
Dr Dawn Metzger DVM (2 Jun 2020)
I cannot get this course to progress Had to reload at least 10 times. Very frustrating
Dr Tara Pogarch (9 May 2020)
Very helpful information
Mr Gabriel Velazquez (9 May 2020)
It was nice having more than one presenter share information and expertise.
Amy Stubbs (22 Apr 2020)
I liked that there were different speakers, this helped keep my attention!
Dr River Robbins DVM, MS (15 Apr 2020)
Very helpful
Dr Alvin Pokorny DVM (7 Apr 2020)
Great Info.
MaKayla Jones (6 Apr 2020)
This video is very helpful and gives insight to many thing I was never taught
Dr Keri Driscoll DVM (6 Apr 2020)
excellent course
Ms Erin Jensen CVT (5 Apr 2020)
The course was very informative and provided a lot of information that was not known to me. I look forward to using these tips in the future at the practice I work for.
Mr Soroush Moghaddam Jafari (17 Mar 2020)
Great Course with Amazing Explanation of Important Points about Feline Patients.
Christina Dittmer (9 Mar 2020)
Very easy to understand and simple things to do to implement in your clinic
Dr Kristin Beckley (5 Mar 2020)
Great information provided that will be easy to implement in practice and enrich the visits of our feline patients.
Ariel Kohlstaedt (5 Mar 2020)
Enjoyed the simplicity and straight forward yet very informative approach
Kendra Chaney (5 Mar 2020)
I learned so much from this course that i can take into practice.
Brenda Hixon (25 Feb 2020)
This covered multiple areas of the Veterinary practice in which tips can be put into place.
Dr Alvin Pokorny (18 Feb 2020)
Lots of great info.
Christina Meszaros (11 Feb 2020)
Great simple ideas that any clinic can easily introduce
Mrs Susan Durfee CVT (1 Feb 2020)
A good variety of information.
Dr Kyra Larkin-Sladek BSc, DVM (26 Jan 2020)
Great practical advice that can be immediately implemented in practice.
Vanessa Giatroudakis-Root (6 Jan 2020)
I found this webinar to be helpful. I like that it touches on multiple topics including oral radiography.
Ms Allison Phillips LVT (31 Dec 2019)
Great information, helpful and a great presentation. Loved that I could go back and review slides
Tamara Hills (7 Dec 2019)
good info
James McMinn (1 Dec 2019)
Great info!!!
Sidney Griffin (23 Nov 2019)
A good review for even veterinarians who do not see many cats
Shiloh Boehler (20 Nov 2019)
Alana Lisano (13 Nov 2019)
This course has great tips that are easy to implement to make our practice more cat friendly.
Dr Dane Piper DVM (11 Nov 2019)
extremely useful
Natalie Hansen (18 Oct 2019)
This covered a nice range of feline-oriented topics that are absolutely practical for the veterinary field. There are a lot of useful gems in this presentation that would be a boon to any vet practice.
Dr McLean Gunderson DVM (16 Oct 2019)
I have taken many cat friendly-CE courses, and I always get something new from them. This one did not disappoint. I enjoyed the different speakers and the level of expertise.
Mrs Patricia Ganske CVT (30 Aug 2019)
was very nice power point, and great information
Mrs Shawna Molliere (26 Jul 2019)
Very imformative
Calla Fisher (15 Jul 2019)
I appreciated the detail of the topics without being over the top. I also liked that they didn't go too quickly and even offered their email addresses in case we have further questions! Definitely more personable than some previous online CE courses I've taken. Thanks!
Stephanie Gothier (14 Jul 2019)
Very easy to follow along and very interesting all the way through. I love the happy towels idea.
Lisa Carter (2 Jul 2019)
There was a lot of good information regarding how to keep a feline patient calm. The analgesic information was simple but helpful. The dental radiology was interesting, but the video disappeared a lot during the presentation.
cassie Coats (17 Jun 2019)
Great variety of content. It is nice that a different narative does the voice over for different topics.
Christine Estrada (13 Jun 2019)
Great amount of information in a short amount of time.
Matthew Hynes (7 Jun 2019)
A LOT of information.
Susan Holland (18 May 2019)
Very enjoyable and educational multi speaker format
Richard Scholfield (6 May 2019)
Many good usable tips
Alexandra van Emmerik (18 Mar 2019)
Great presentation, provides a good range of information. I especially appreciated the information about intraperitoneal bupivacaine, and the specific statistics relevant to assessment of resorptive lesions (which will be very helpful in conveying the importance of dental radiographs to clients!)
Dr Alan Zamarron D.V.M. (13 Mar 2019)
Pay attention to the types of tooth resorption
Blane Anderson (7 Mar 2019)
Thank you!
Dr Beth Reineke (20 Feb 2019)
covered a nice range of topics
Charity Lockard (17 Feb 2019)
Very informative
Dr Melissa Greenwood Runde DVM (17 Feb 2019)
i will use some of the tips in my practice.
Nathalie Avendano (9 Feb 2019)
Very informational seminar.
Ms Lindsay Nelsen (4 Feb 2019)
I really enjoyed this webinar. It was very easy to follow, and I enjoyed hearing about different topics.
Cassandra Robert (30 Jan 2019)
Learned a lot with this webinar, very enjoyable. Thank you!
kylie hamacher (4 Jan 2019)
the program was informative
brianna adeeb (31 Dec 2018)
The audio wasn't the best. I could understand it but it was a bunch of recording that played right after each other rather than one complete recording.
Erica Fuller (23 Dec 2018)
Always looking for better ways to handle cats.
Jeannette Molina (15 Dec 2018)
Good tips. The local anesthesia part was very helpful.
Danielle Hughson (13 Nov 2018)
Lots of very good information.
Kathryn Storm (1 Nov 2018)
I felt like the last two portions of the course were not really "feline" specific, and honestly are things that practices should be implemented with all patients. I was hoping for more "cat-specific" recommendations
Callie Musgrove (31 Oct 2018)
I took another cat friendly webinar and this one was more helpful in the sense it discussed what the clinic as a whole can do to help reduce stress in a cat rather than just what a technician can do.
Ms ariel jenks (29 Oct 2018)
great information, presented in a clear concise manner.
Ms Katie Weiner (26 Oct 2018)
Very helpful course
Yunita Citra Sari (21 Oct 2018)
This topic is very interesting!
laura smith (20 Oct 2018)
confusing because it kept changing topic.
Mrs Nichole Schales LVT (11 Oct 2018)
This course was very informative about cats and their behavior. A lot of people misunderstand cats! They really are not mean animals, just misunderstood!
Miss Kerry Davies (10 Oct 2018)
This course was clear and concise to follow with ideas to implement and relevant research to support them. This has provided me with a good base of information when considering fear free/cat friendly concepts while working in the clinic which I wasn't previously aware of.
Dr Tannis Dressell (9 Oct 2018)
I especially appreciated the section about resorption lesions
Tiffany Young (9 Oct 2018)
The power point presentation was easy to listen and follow along to. Easy to understand and take notes when needed. Great presentation.
Brittany Herring (28 Sep 2018)
I learned a lot about how to take better care of cats during hospital visits.
Mrs Olivia Jones LVMT (27 Sep 2018)
Most pictures and videos would not play during presentation and only showed the "buffer" arrows so I did not get the full effect!
Chanel Baron (19 Sep 2018)
I liked the dentistry and anesthesia aspects
Miss Rebekah Walker (14 Sep 2018)
Has good info and learnt alot.
Odette Girard (6 Sep 2018)
The volume was different from one speaker to the other making it difficult to hear correctly for some. The different subjects were pertinent. Thanks
Mrs Violet Leavitt LVT (5 Sep 2018)
It was hard to hear a few times.
Miss Libby Evans RVN (3 Sep 2018)
Good information but explanations were excessive and speakers at times mumbled their speech.
Dr Linda Harbeck (27 Aug 2018)
Very well done! Informative and interesting!
Miss Ellie Stonestreet L (27 Aug 2018)
Helpful with reducing stress to feline patiens
Dr Kennedy Makondo (25 Aug 2018)
Practical ideas that can easily be adopted in a practice
Jenna Foreman (22 Aug 2018)
Very insightful
Mrs jessica hyde (16 Aug 2018)
These were all good tips to assist you in your cat practice
Jessica Claudio (12 Aug 2018)
Absolutely essential tips to follow for a more cat friendly atmosphere at your veterinary hospital.
Mrs Amy Krick CVT (12 Aug 2018)
There was a lot of helpful information
Mrs Sue Alexander (11 Aug 2018)
Anna cseri (3 Aug 2018)
I wish there was a video of feline restraint and techniques.
Melissa Flook (31 Jul 2018)
Some pictures didn't show on the slides (x-rays).
Ms Beatrice Saurenmann (30 Jul 2018)
Learned a lot and was very interesting Thanks
Jetzy Villanueva (30 Jul 2018)
This course showed a variety of areas where improvement can be made to make cat friendly clinics.
Meghan Gerzevske (28 Jul 2018)
Lots of good, practical info here.
Rebecca Britner (25 Jul 2018)
Great review for a tech that has been out of general practice for several years
Miss Tristin Adams (24 Jul 2018)
Very helpful, and educational.
John Lobdell (23 Jul 2018)
useful information
Sarah Paterson (19 Jul 2018)
A nice refresher/overview on feline behavior, anesthesia, and dentistry.
Ms Kathrynn Taylor CVA (19 Jul 2018)
So much information in the matter of an hour, but the class is still made simple. Would highly recommend.
Ms Alaina Martin (17 Jul 2018)
Definitely a great course for anyone who wants to take a closer look at feline behaviors and common feline specific medicine.
Julie Schieffelin (7 Jul 2018)
Great class!
Caitlynn Bright (5 Jul 2018)
I really enjoyed how the lecture was broken up into sections, all of which were helpful and engaging.
Ms Margaret M. (Mariam) Ayers(-Frawan) CVT, AAS (1 Jul 2018)
I would appreciate a way to print the course notes. If that's possible, I don't know how to do it.
Dr Caroline Bailey (1 Jul 2018)
Useful material.
Charles Edmundson (27 Jun 2018)
The course was very informative and increased my knowledge of cats.
Dr Stephen W. Long,DVM dvm (27 Jun 2018)
very helpful in a concise and logical approach.
Jennifer Silveira (27 Jun 2018)
Excellenet information for all veterinary staff, from front desk to the veterinarians. on how to improved overall care for our feline patients.
Joe Ferguson (22 Jun 2018)
Very informative.
Haleigh Russell (21 Jun 2018)
Very eye opening, learned a lot of new information.
clarissa ortega (20 Jun 2018)
I really enjoyed this course, this provided me with not only technique in handling cats, but also a few skills to keep in mind while working with cats.
Shaelyn Kutz (19 Jun 2018)
I really enjoyed that there was many different speakers who were able to explain the topics to the fullest.
Nadja Lubiw-Hazard (16 Jun 2018)
I enjoyed the focus on key points on several topics. It made it very engaging.
Jonathan Power (13 Jun 2018)
Good overview of material and perspectives from different experts.
Brittany Cazatt (12 Jun 2018)
This video was very interesting to watch. I am a little scared of some cats because I do not know how they will respond when having to perform a task, but after learning these steps and techniques, I could try them out in clinic and tell my classmates about them too!
Dr Robert McClellan DVM (11 Jun 2018)
Good info
Mrs cindy comer (9 Jun 2018)
very interesting and helpful
Mrs Kaitlynn Dragoo (30 May 2018)
I really enjoyed the course. A few of the people were a little hard to hear though.
Kandy Dunkley (29 May 2018)
Very informative
Dr Henry Snelgrove DVM, CTCVMP (28 May 2018)
great simple ideas.
Amanda Shaw (28 May 2018)
I enjoyed the dental part especially.
Natalie Stepancic (27 May 2018)
Nicole krane (25 May 2018)
Very informative
Mrs Nico Baker (24 May 2018)
I liked the variation of different topics. It did not get boring and the information was much easier to remember this way. I liked the way this presentation was set up.
Dr Donna Baer DVM, CCRP (24 May 2018)
great review
Raquel Crotty (22 May 2018)
Love the towel in the waiting room with Feliway!
Jordan Jones (18 May 2018)
Has some good ideas for a small animal hospital that sees a lot of cats, most of who are aggressive. I really like the doctor in first to approach.
Mrs Jennifer Crook (15 May 2018)
I learned several new things.
Lisa Stinnett (12 May 2018)
It was a decent webinar for short quick beginner tips on feline care.
Anastasia Nesterenko (10 May 2018)
I learned a few things from this presentation
Ms Danille Jakes CVT (10 May 2018)
This has provided great information to make practices more "cat friendly". I would have personally appreciated to have learned more anesthesia related material for cats.
Miss Stacey Skorupa (7 May 2018)
I enjoyed the surgical suggestions and types of oral resorption lesions!
Kelly Lam (1 May 2018)
Easy to follow and well explained slides!
Nerea Telleria (1 May 2018)
Even English isn't muy native language I've found the course easy to follow. I've learnt a few more tips to be a more cat friendly clinic.
Payton Williams (30 Apr 2018)
I really enjoyed this!
Ms Julie Bell (30 Apr 2018)
I found that this webinar was extremely helpful. I work in a feline only vet hospital, so many of these concepts are already being used. The section about oral radiographs was extremely informative for me.
Ms Paige Worthington (28 Apr 2018)
Very Informative
Ms Britanie Gehling (27 Apr 2018)
Good information on how to handle cats when they come in for their visit.
Mrs Zelda Matthee-Johnson (23 Apr 2018)
Some great tips!! Have already tried a few and found improvement.
Mrs Shirley Schreiber RVN (18 Apr 2018)
great information and good advise
Susan Szczotka (17 Apr 2018)
I am confused with all of the discussion of use of the pop-off valve in anesthesia. I was taught that in smaller animals a non-rebreathing system was preferred/required. In my feline practice I have never used a system with a pop-off valve.
Jesse Clausner (16 Apr 2018)
Love cat friendly information. It's a place a lot of clinics are lacking in so it's good to see free resources on the topic!!


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