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Functional Neuroanatomy

Functional Neuroanatomy

Functional Neuroanatomy

Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas
on behalf of Health Education England

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Although knowing the names of different parts of the brain is essential to describe disease processes accurately, a good understanding of functional anatomy will enhance your understanding of neurological disease and its imaging manifestations. The level of detail covered in this session is aimed at trainees wanting to develop a specialist interest in neuroradiology. This is a lengthy session and it is not necessary to complete this in one sitting.


By the end of this session you will be able to:
• Name the lobes of the brain and identify the boundaries that separate them
• Locate the primary and supplementary motor cortex and trace the course of the corticospinal tracts
• Name and localise the different parts of the basal ganglia
• Localise the primary sensory cortex and trace the course of the white matter tracts involved in sensation
- Broca's and Wernicke's areas and understand their roles in speech production and understanding
- Critical structures involved in memory, for example the limbic system, and understand the functional anatomy of the Papez circuit
- The anatomical and functional components of the cerebellum and its connections
- The components of the ventricular system, the basal cisterns and their contents
- The components of the primary visual pathway and supplementary areas associated with visual processing/eye movements
- The cranial nerves on routine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences
Adam Thomas

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Adam Thomas
on behalf of Health Education England

Adam Thomas is Consultant Neuroradiologist at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. His main interests are paediatric neuroradiology, stroke imaging and neuroradiology education.

Adam is also a Module Editor for Module 6b Neuroradiology on the Radiology Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) project.

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