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Oncology: Cancer In Small Animals Part One

Oncology: Cancer In Small Animals Part One

Oncology: Cancer In Small Animals Part One

Kim Albin, LVT, VTS (Oncology)
Kim Albin, LVT, VTS (Oncology)
on behalf of VetMedTeam

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Cancer can occur in a number of different locations and organ systems. It is important for veterinary technicians to have a strong grasp of the factors involved across all types of cancers. Understanding these factors is critical to the delivery of quality oncology services.

Oncology: Cancer in Small Animals Part One is an advanced level course that focuses on specific types of cancers. Information on the types covered in this course is available in the course content section below.

This is the 2nd of 3 Oncology courses that use the same textbook. The other two courses are Oncology: An Overview of Cancer in Small Animals and Oncology: Cancer in Small Animals Part Two.


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
1. Review the cell, cell cycles and proteins needed for cell function
2. Differentiate normal and cancer cells and assess cancer cell metastasis
3. Differentiate the pathology and behavior of various reproductive cancers
4. Define mammary hyperplasia and dysplasia
5. Identify tumors of the prostate, penile, preputial and scrotal origin
6. Assess tumors of the urinary bladder and determine appropriate therapeutic protocols
7. Describe tumors of the nervous system and compare and contrast therapeutic protocols
8. List tumors of the ocular system (including eyelids, conjunctiva and ocular surface) and determine appropriate therapeutic protocols
9. Explain diagnosis and staging of tumors of the hematopoietic system, including lymphoma and leukemia, and determine appropriate therapeutic protocols of hem tumors, based on staging and diagnostic evaluation
10. Evaluate histiocytic disease
Kim Albin, LVT, VTS (Oncology)

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Kim Albin, LVT, VTS (Oncology)
on behalf of VetMedTeam

After gaining a strong foundation as a Licensed Technician, Kim became a VTS (oncology). She has worked with the Oncology Unit at Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital 6 years, focusing on animal and handler safety. She has published several articles in Veterinary Technician magazine, the Canadian Veterinary Technician magazine, and is currently working on a Chemotherapy Safety Book.

Kim is Past President of the Veterinary Technician Cancer Society and is the Safety Coordinator for many Veterinary Oncology clinics.

In her spare time, Kim is a mother, wife, and a sponsored amateur triathlete on the Lansing Triathlon Team, as well as a fitness instructor at the YMCA.

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