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Professionalism for New Dentists

Professionalism for New Dentists

Professionalism for New Dentists

North Carolina Dental Society
North Carolina Dental Society
on behalf of NC Dental Society Education Portal

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Launch date: 07 Nov 2019
Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2021

Last updated: 09 Nov 2020

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Shelbi Nelson (8 Nov 2020)
Fairly long and could have been condensed but it was nice to review the information.
Robert Henkel (20 Oct 2020)
Good information on record keeping and duty delegation for the new dentist.
Dr Kalynn Foster (3 Sep 2020)
Long and the information could of been more to the point, but overall it was helpful!

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Professionalism for New Dentists (PND) will help you, new in practice in North Carolina, become familiar with North Carolina laws and regulations regarding the legal and ethical operation of a dental practice.


Coding and Billing
Coding and billing will help you understand proper and ethical coding through demonstrations using actual claims, radiographs and intra-oral photographs. Coding and billing properly will help you improve claims acceptance by insurance carriers, and help you avoid legal and licensure issues that can occur because of fraudulent or inaccurate claims submission.
Delegable Duties
Different states have different rules about which functions and duties may be delegated to a dental hygienist, dental assistant or other auxiliary. You’ll learn what is permitted in North Carolina, and also will know how to distinguish between functions and duties that are delegable in private practice versus in specific public health settings, and the various levels of supervision required for each setting.
Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct
Superior ethics and professionalism are the hallmarks of the dental profession. PND will illustrate, using real life scenarios, the five principles that comprise the ADA Code of Ethics, as well as examples of violations and behaviors of unprofessional conduct relative to each of the five principles. You also will learn the regulations associated with communications and advertising dental services.
Record Keeping and Informed Consent
Proper documentation and maintenance of a patient’s record is critical. PND will teach you which information is required to be maintained in a patient’s record, applicable laws relative to confidentiality, retention, and furnishing records, and the information that must be shared with a patient for appropriate informed consent.
Professional Boundaries
Hand in hand with ethics and the professional code of conduct, respecting professional boundaries is of paramount importance in a dental setting. Following the PND course, you will understand the definition of a professional boundary, which is the implicit or explicit demarcation separating the professional relationship with a patient or staff member from other personal or business dealings. You also will understand what behaviors and actions constitute a boundary violation, as well as the ethical and legal ramifications of crossing professional boundaries.
North Carolina Dental Society

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North Carolina Dental Society
on behalf of NC Dental Society Education Portal

The North Carolina Dental Society was founded in 1856 and is one of the oldest dental societies in the country. Headquartered in Cary, the North Carolina Dental Society is a part of the American Dental Association and all NC Dental Society members are also members of the ADA. Our five districts constitute the final leg of our tripartite structure. Our mission is to help all members succeed.

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  • North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners
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    Reference: All dentists licensed after January 1, 2019

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User Reviews (39)

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Shelbi Nelson (8 Nov 2020)
Fairly long and could have been condensed but it was nice to review the information.
Robert Henkel (20 Oct 2020)
Good information on record keeping and duty delegation for the new dentist.
Dr Kalynn Foster (3 Sep 2020)
Long and the information could of been more to the point, but overall it was helpful!
Brandon Loren (30 Aug 2020)
Too long
Erika Babikow (30 Aug 2020)
A bit lengthy, but content was comprehensive and informative.
Robert Porter (28 Aug 2020)
Very long - could be more concise.
Wenjing Pang (20 Jul 2020)
This is a very helpful course!
Viviana Santiago (15 May 2020)
A very detailed and complete conference.
Steven Randall (15 May 2020)
relevant information, highlighting details that are easily forgotten or misunderstood
Reinaldo Deliz-Guzman (14 May 2020)
Desiree Lewis (14 May 2020)
The modules were informative, succinct and relevant.
Dr Alyssa Ricci DDS, MSD (12 May 2020)
I thought it was a great refresher and had great info specific to practicing in NC!
Dr Jonathan Wyble (9 May 2020)
Excellent course!
Jennifer D'Silva (8 May 2020)
Thorough and in depth
Eshere Gbarbea (4 May 2020)
Wish the power point slides where printable
Shelli Boucher (19 Apr 2020)
Very informative!
Ross Carroll (12 Apr 2020)
I really wish I could have sped up the playback rate. I wish that there was a downloadable version of the slides.
Dr Cathern Krupinski (11 Apr 2020)
Easy to follow, very informative.
Dr Haley Lindner/Nichols (9 Apr 2020)
Good information! Like that the in-person lectures were recorded.
Anthony Gragg (28 Mar 2020)
It was good to see an actual recorded class, it was much more engaging than watching slides flip while someone talks in the background. Thank you for offering the course online in these weird times of COVID-19
Diedra McGuire (26 Mar 2020)
Welll done course. Everything was explained simply and clearly
christopher ramke (25 Mar 2020)
Good course. Relevant information that all dentists should know when practicing dentistry.
Katherine Jones (25 Mar 2020)
Very clear and informative!
Frank Petrola (23 Mar 2020)
Straightforward presentation of material. All speakers were engaging and content was presented in professional manner. Ease of website was excellent for the course. Highly recommend when not being able to attend in person. Thanks!
Miglena Stoikov (14 Mar 2020)
Dr Jon Criter (8 Mar 2020)
very easy to navigate and informative!
Raynald Desameau (31 Jan 2020)
Course was straight forward and information was found to be relevant to everyday practice.
Marisol Lopez (20 Jan 2020)
Very informative course! Helps me understand coding much better.
Todd Bivins (13 Jan 2020)
Very good course! Online version was an outstanding option. Speakers were very informative and even entertaining!
Adrian Soto (12 Jan 2020)
Great for new dentist as it provides some guidance in different situations that will arise in the practice of dentistry.
Dr Nicolette Chahin DMD, MS (8 Jan 2020)
Very straight forward!
casey cho (6 Jan 2020)
love the class, very informative.
Chester Hsu (5 Jan 2020)
Very informative and nicely presented.
Dr Keara Vincent DDS (3 Jan 2020)
Information was very helpful and this format was convenient.
Ethan Norton (1 Jan 2020)
very long
Marshal Earnest (1 Jan 2020)
Very thorough and comprehensive.
Dr Li-yang Hsu (28 Dec 2019)
Informative presentation. Well prepared and executed. This option is great and convenient.
Nathan Sommer (27 Dec 2019)
I appreciated the genuineness of the presenters. The convenience of being able to watch the video recordings online was great!
Dr Matthew Britt (10 Dec 2019)
Highly Educational


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