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Addressing SIBO Biofilms & Advanced Methods for Treating Methane

Addressing SIBO Biofilms & Advanced Methods for Treating Methane

Addressing SIBO Biofilms & Advanced Methods for Treating Methane

Michael Ruscio, DC
Michael Ruscio, DC
on behalf of National University of Health Sciences

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Addressing SIBO Biofilms & Advanced Methods for Treating Methane
Biofilms are protective films that can form over bacteria and fungus and contribute to treatment resistance. The utility of co-administration of biofilm degrading agents with antimicrobials or antibiotics in SIBO is unclear. We will examine the available literature and outline observations from our clinical research in attempts to provide practical recommendations regarding biofilms. Methane predominant SIBO appears more resistant to treatment than hydrogen predominant SIBO. Antrantil is a new compound that may offer utility in methane SIBO treatment. We will review Atrantil and other methane treatment synergists in addition to preliminary observations from our clinical research with Atrantil.


Biofilm objectives
Understand the clinical significance of biofilms
Understand available treatment options for biofilms
Understand what a typical presentation of biofilm may look like
Have a reasonable approach to treating biofilms
Understand Atrantil's ingredients, mechanisms of action and published research
Understand other methane treatment synergists
Have recommendations for using Atrantil or other methane synergists for treating resitant methane SIBO
Michael Ruscio, DC

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Michael Ruscio, DC
on behalf of National University of Health Sciences

Dr. Michael Ruscio is a functional medicine practitioner, researcher, and author. His specialties include autoimmune, thyroid, and digestive disorders. He consults clients locally in the Bay Area and remotely across the country. His clinical research is focused on digestive disorders. Dr. Ruscio has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences including the SIBO Symposium, PaleoFX, Ancestral Health Symposium, and an international symposium in London. He’s also spoken for several online health summits, including Sean Croxton’s Digestion Sessions. Dr. Ruscio has collaborated with many authorities in the health and wellness industry, including Robb Wolf and Melissa Hartwig. He has been interviewed on several popular podcasts such as Sean Croxton, Robb Wolf, Ben Greenfield, and Jimmie Moore, and he’s provided clinical training for Designs for Health and the SIBO Symposium. Dr. Ruscio also conducts a very highly rated functional medicine podcast. You can visit his website and podcast at

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