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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Dr Mario Fucinari DC, CPCO
Dr Mario Fucinari DC, CPCO
on behalf of National University of Health Sciences

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Dr Raul Zavaleta DC (1 Oct 2020)
Very clear, right to the point.
Dr Paul Walter DC CCSP (30 Sep 2020)
Dr Fucinari goes to great lengths to make sure everyone understands concepts. he is the definition of the word "teacher".
Ann Hammon (30 Sep 2020)
Succinct and useful. Thanks,

I would like to...

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The State of Illinois has mandated that all professionals covered under the Medical Practice Act must attend at least one hour pertaining to sexual harassment prevention. Dr. Mario Fucinari, an active practitioner in Illinois and a Certified Professional Compliance Officer will explain the necessary information to not only meet the requirements, but to enable you to apply the information to your life as well. One of the most common employee complaints, sexual harassment is problematic for supervisors and managers, and a liability for the business. This course will train doctors and their employees on what is considered sexual harassment, prevention training, and what to do if they see or experience sexual harassment. Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace will save time and money, protect employees, and build company morale.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Course Objectives
• Outline what sexual harassment is and the laws protecting people from the occurrence
• Explain the different types of sexual harassment and the risks
• Discuss the organization’s risk factors
• Explain the reporting process of sexual harassment
• Present examples of activities considered sexual harassment
• Lead the participants in the development of sexual harassment policies and procedures
Dr Mario Fucinari DC, CPCO

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Dr Mario Fucinari DC, CPCO
on behalf of National University of Health Sciences

Dr. Mario Fucinari practices in Decatur, Illinois. He graduated from Palmer College in 1986. He is a Certified Professional Compliance Officer. He is on the speaker's bureau for NCMIC, Foot Levelers and ChiroHealthUSA

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User Reviews (34)

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Dr Raul Zavaleta DC (1 Oct 2020)
Very clear, right to the point.
Dr Paul Walter DC CCSP (30 Sep 2020)
Dr Fucinari goes to great lengths to make sure everyone understands concepts. he is the definition of the word "teacher".
Ann Hammon (30 Sep 2020)
Succinct and useful. Thanks,
Dr Joshua Eldrenkamp DC (30 Sep 2020)
Very informative and necessary
Dr Amanda Driscoll DC, ND (30 Sep 2020)
well written and concise.
Tina Slater (29 Sep 2020)
Some technical glitches with the program but eventually worked it out. I found some of the material repetitive but also useful since that was more important information. I recommend.
Tara Gerou (29 Sep 2020)
Straight-forward and sufficient.
Douglas COCHRAN (28 Sep 2020)
learned a lot of interesting info!
Dr Paul Sullivan (26 Sep 2020)
Course was clear and easy to follow. Some technical issues may need to be addressed. Some of the audio was clipped when the program was automatically transitioning from one slide to the next one.
Gregory Cramer (25 Sep 2020)
Dr. Fucinari did an excellent job of providing a broad and then specific understanding of sexual harassment. His presentation was very clear and he included step by step actions for employers to incorporate in their work environment. The written handout was excellent as well.
Dr Kristine Aikenhead DC (21 Aug 2020)
Clear, straight-forward, and enlightening.
Brian Tutor (21 Aug 2020)
Very well done and very useful for my office
Zachary Serven (9 Aug 2020)
Great course with a lot of great information. It was a really nice refresher for some very important information.
Krista Ribando (9 Aug 2020)
Very informative, not only for employees but as an employer to set up proper policies and procedures related to chiropractic offices. I will recommend this course!
Kimberly Kaliebe (8 Aug 2020)
Thank you for a great refresh of a very important topic.
Dr Robert Iliff DC (30 Jul 2020)
I recommend this course to others. It is a very appropriate and informative presentation.
David Fruhauf (25 Jul 2020)
The information provided, even sample procedures and policies was a excellent source for my office.
Joseph Campobasso (23 Jul 2020)
This course clarifies how every Illinois office should comply with sexual harassment policies and procedures.
Steven Petzel (3 Jul 2020)
Its great information to know as we hire more employees.
Leah Guidolin (14 Jun 2020)
Good Course
Jennifer Pishotta (27 May 2020)
This was a great course. It was laid out nicely with note attached. I would highly recommend it.
David Bemis (26 May 2020)
Gives an overview and specific details for sexual harassment considerations. Policies and procedures are necessary to documentation for employees and expected behaviors to be aware of that may be offensive or unwanted.
Dr Stacie Stephenson DC, CNS, DABAAHP, FAARM (13 May 2020)
Information can be shared in 10/15 minutes. Need more about protecting employers from employee retaliation .
Mark Jones (8 May 2020)
very specific and well put
Dr Jodi Perrin DC ND (30 Apr 2020)
I always enjoy Dr. Fucinari's classes. They are very informative and you are able to implement the material immediately.
Clinton Sexton (24 Apr 2020)
Provides good employer guidelines.
DAVID TAM (9 Apr 2020)
This is a very informative course take on this subject.
Alan Phillips (29 Mar 2020)
Thankyou again for a nice seminar. Alan Phillips
Theodore Johnson (26 Mar 2020)
The audio of the presenter prematurely ended before the last statement was completed, in a number of instances. Other than that technical issue, the presentation thoroughly covered the subject matter.
Dr Bonnie Ahlf DC (25 Mar 2020)
Clear and appropriate information for procedures
Stacy Ruhland (4 Mar 2020)
this knowledge is super basic and a waste of time. we're doctors not clowns.
Gabriela Ludeman (26 Feb 2020)
Good content, well put together slides. Easy to follow along.
Chuan-Min Wang (1 Nov 2019)
clear and distinct
John Cress (4 Sep 2019)
Very thorough and easy to listen and read.


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