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Family Caregivers and Their Caretaking Experiences

Family Caregivers and Their Caretaking Experiences

Family Caregivers and Their Caretaking Experiences

Allan G. Hedberg, Ph.D.
Allan G. Hedberg, Ph.D.

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This is a course on caretaking by a variety of care providers. This course is designed to help nurses and other health care providers work with family providers and others, as well as provide such services themselves. Caring for someone is a very challenging undertaking and is subject to the burnout experience.

There are many ways to prevent burn out. There are many meaningful benefits of care providing. We need to learn it ourselves first, then help others engage in care providing in a meaningful and healthy manner. Enjoy the course and make caretakiang a meaningful experience as well.


At the end of this course the learner will be able:
1. To learn how to teach healthy caretaking to family members

2. To learn how to help caretakers provide care without becoming burned out and
depleted themselves.

3. To learn how to make the caretaking experience a rewarding one for the caretaker and
the person being cared for.

4. To learn how to fully appreciate the caretaking experience and learn for the patient
and their family many life lessons.

5. To learn about some of the educational and professional resources available to

Allan G. Hedberg, Ph.D.

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Allan G. Hedberg, Ph.D.

Allan G. Hedberg, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, received his doctorate from Queen’s University in 1969. He has taught at several universities, including Wheaton College, Baylor University, and Trinity Western University. He has served on the Board of Governors of Trinity Western University and many professional organizations.

Dr. Hedberg and his wife, Bernice, reside in Fresno, California. They have a legacy of three adult children, Carrie, Darcie and Ethan, and their spouses, who are active in their own respective professions, churches, and communities. Their legacy includes eight active grandchildren, Amanda, Micah, Linnea, Johanna, David, Birgitta, Charis, and Elias.

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