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Diabetes for Licensed Clinical Staff

Diabetes for Licensed Clinical Staff

Diabetes for Licensed Clinical Staff

Sheila Richmeier, MS, RN, FACMPE
Sheila Richmeier, MS, RN, FACMPE
on behalf of Remedy Healthcare Consulting, LLC

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This course develops the knowledge and skills needed to recognize the signs and symptoms of diabetes, understand the disease process and recognize the risk factors of the disease. The content will introduce testing and medications used for diagnosing, treating, and effective management of diabetes. It will also explore the actions that care teams and patients can take to improve patient health and prevent diabetes.


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
• Understand disease process (dx, sx, risks)
• Demonstrate effective management of diabetes (meds, actions)
Sheila Richmeier, MS, RN, FACMPE

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Sheila Richmeier, MS, RN, FACMPE
on behalf of Remedy Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Sheila Richmeier, MS, RN, FACMPE has over 30 years of healthcare experience in medical practice management and clinical operations.
Throughout her career, Sheila has managed clinical staff, provided oversight for business, financial and clinical aspects of a medical office and provided key insights in various consulting projects. Drawing upon diverse hospital, home health, and primary and specialty care experiences, Sheila provides practical efficiency solutions to medical offices and has exceptional insight in translating concepts, policy and information into operationalized action within the practice. She is also well known for her unique abilities as a workshop instructor and group facilitator, leading medical office staff in peer to peer presentation and networking sessions.
She has worked with primary care practices across the country specializing in practice redesign and PCMH transformation, leading efforts for the Maryland Multi-Payer Pilot Program, Delaware state transformation effort and Nebraska Chronic Disease work. Sheila brings a tremendous amount of expertise in the areas of operationalizing grants focused on primary care; clinical practice redesign to achieve standardized and complementary healthcare delivery and payment structure; PCMH transformation and recognition assistance; teaching, demonstrating and assisting practices with quality improvement methodologies; analyzing and institutionalizing team based care structure; and developing and delivering workforce education.
She is the author and co-author of multiple books and publications, and the instructional designer and lead writer for over 50 online educational courses dedicated to increasing the competency and application of knowledge for medical office staff through retention and application strategies built into the rapid learning e-courses.
Sheila has her Masters in Nursing from the University of Kansas along with her Fellowship from the American College of Medical Practice Executives and Board Certification from American Nurses Credentialing Center for Ambulatory Care Nursing. She resides in Kansas City with her husband.

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