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Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine

Karl E. Jandrey, DVM, MAS, DAVCECC
Karl E. Jandrey, DVM, MAS, DAVCECC
on behalf of University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine



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KAREN Fischer (26 Dec 2020)
concise and useful information
Sana Datta Vasuki Satyanarayana (25 Aug 2020)
Very good
Ms Helena McGowan (23 May 2020)
I had issues with the slides being delayed, and I cannot print my certificate as it is not completing the survey. No matter how many times I complete it and save changes it will not accept the survey as being done.

I would like to...

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The aggressive therapy of anemia and coagulopathies with blood products is becoming more commonplace in veterinary practice. Emergency and critical care facilities often have in-house blood donors or easy access to a supply of blood products from a commercial source. This lecture will describe the concept of transfusion triggers and arterial content of oxygen. Various blood products and their components will be detailed to enable the clinician to deliver blood product therapy effectively.


To understand individual blood products
To know when to give blood product
To understand a transfusion trigger
To choose the appropriate blood product
To understand blood products are drugs
Karl E. Jandrey, DVM, MAS, DAVCECC

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Karl E. Jandrey, DVM, MAS, DAVCECC
on behalf of University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Karl Jandrey is an assistant professor of clinical small animal emergency and critical care at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. He attended The Ohio State University and earned both his undergraduate and veterinary degree in 1992. After graduation, Jandrey accepted an internship at a small animal private specialty practice in Los Angeles. He continued his veterinary career as an associate in private general practice, followed by a residency in Northern California before becoming director of emergency services for a specialty hospital in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Jandrey began his academic career as a lecturer at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and returned to Davis in 1999. Jandrey was board certified by the American College of Veterinary Medicine specializing in Emergency and Critical Care in 2001.

During the course of his veterinary career, Jandrey has had articles on platelet function in cats as well as various case reports published in peer-reviewed journals. He has earned various honors and awards and especially honored by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2004 & Class of 2006 as the Favorite Small Animal Faculty Clinician.

Jandrey is involved in many activities and organizations and sits on various committees in the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. His clinical research of bleeding and clotting disorders in dogs and cats has been awarded grants from San Francisco Miller Foundation, Center for Companion Animal Health, American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, and American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.

Beside topics in emergency and critical care, Jandrey teaches Small Animal and Exotic Clinical Toxicology and an undergraduate seminar in toxicology. He also teaches in clinical rounds and the sophomore doctoring course. Jandrey has presented lectures in France, Israel, Australia, China, the UK, and many places through out the United States on many aspects of Emergency and Critical Care, including transfusion therapy, pain control, feline aortic thromboembolism.

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User Reviews (60)

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KAREN Fischer (26 Dec 2020)
concise and useful information
Sana Datta Vasuki Satyanarayana (25 Aug 2020)
Very good
Ms Helena McGowan (23 May 2020)
I had issues with the slides being delayed, and I cannot print my certificate as it is not completing the survey. No matter how many times I complete it and save changes it will not accept the survey as being done.
Jodie Spencer (20 Apr 2020)
This was a good course and provided valuable information on various transfusion products. Perhaps the course has been updated as I had good audio through the entire presentation.
Mrs Meghan Blake LVT (13 Mar 2020)
Very informative
Dr Dawn Metzger DVM (27 Dec 2019)
Interesting information. Much more extensive than in the past
Elizabeth Andrus (17 May 2019)
more explanation on slides would be helpful but good information.
Dr Kim Danoff DVM (3 Apr 2019)
Very helpful
Mrs Shauna Eakin (25 Mar 2019)
Very informative and easy to follow.
Mr Muhammad Tariq Javed (14 Mar 2019)
Excellent course and presentation
Ellen Seabourn (29 Jan 2019)
Very interesting material! Lots of good charts in this presentation.
Mrs Kelly Vance RVT (21 Jan 2019)
I enjoyed listening to this course and going thru the slides at my own pace.
Dr Donald Martinson DVM (5 Dec 2018)
On a scale of 1 to 10, for all of the CE I have taken this is a 9.9, and I have only ever had one I would rate a 10.
Dr Matthew Lamare (24 Oct 2018)
Well organized, easily used in the clinical setting.
Mason Beasley (23 Aug 2018)
Information was very useful, especially having dealt with emergencies in the past. However, some audio would enhance the learning for this course.
Katia Lauricella (23 Aug 2018)
Course had a lot of very good information. However it would've been better if there was audio to go along with the slides
Emilee Sawyer (24 Jul 2018)
very specific information hard to follow and understand when you don't have extensive knowledge of the subject.
Ivy Sudduth (18 Jul 2018)
Very good course. It would be better if there would be audio to accompany the slides however
sasha caudle (1 Jul 2018)
Excellent self study course
Kayla King (22 Jun 2018)
Information was helpful. Only wish that there was speaking throughout the slideshow, for learning purposes.
Miss Colleen Jones CVT (12 Jun 2018)
I felt that the content was helpful.
Russell Bush (12 Jun 2018)
Very good
Dr Irina Meadows DABT (11 Jun 2018)
Would have been better with an audio but pretty self explanatory.
Benjamin Dick (10 Jun 2018)
Very detailed.
Ms Mykaela Gorom CVA 1 (5 Jun 2018)
This was a highly informational presentation on blood transfusions in canines and felines. It talked about blood types, cross matching, and all of the effects of every type of transfusion.
catherine bould (27 May 2018)
no audio
Dr Steven Peterson (3 May 2018)
well organized
Mr Bilqisthi Putra DVM., M.Sc (27 Apr 2018)
good and simple review
Judith Nabozny (23 Apr 2018)
Great review of transfusion basics
Jessie Bruckshaw (23 Apr 2018)
Good information. No sound though, so pictures ect. were not explained.
Kristy Johnson (7 Apr 2018)
I prefer a lecturer, not having to read it.
Dr Karen Holm DVM (19 Mar 2018)
Would have been nice and more informative with verbal communication not just reading.
Kristn Mccann (12 Mar 2018)
No place to ask questions, but otherwise informative
Timothy Ericksen (6 Feb 2018)
This was a very good and informative review of transfusion medicine
Dr David Loehndorf (26 Jan 2018)
This course covers the basics of transfusing blood to dogs and cats. Good review as well as tips for choosing the type of blood component for various conditions.
Dr SEONGKUK PARK (18 Jan 2018)
Good review for transfusion of dogs and cats.
Trisstina Wyrick (16 Jan 2018)
Some slides were very confusing without enough explanation. A voiceover would have been helpful too
Linsey Doolittle (12 Jan 2018)
good information
Katie Boyer (7 Jan 2018)
Would have enjoyed audio
Dr C.Meril Raj. B.V.Sc., (5 Jan 2018)
The course was useful overall
Dr rizwan shazad (1 Jan 2018)
Its shame there is no audio, would love to have lecture.
Lane Arrendell (20 Dec 2017)
would love to have audio with this
Anita Wagner (29 May 2017)
This course should have a lecture accompanying the power point, and a quiz afterward to verify that you are retaining information effectively.
Dr Merlin Van Zee (13 May 2017)
Needs an audio lecture with it
Ms Kristen Andrews (10 May 2017)
I think this program would have been very beneficial if a lecture accompanied the slides. As is, the presentation is fairly informational. It would have been more interesting and comprehensive if a speaker gave the presentation.
Ms Latoya Square (26 Apr 2017)
Pretty simple and to the point presentation.
Dr Joseph Orthoefer DVM, Mph, MAPA (20 Apr 2017)
I am a veterinarian for I am a vtewerinarian for a research program. an animal Research program.
Jamelyn Kyser (1 Apr 2017)
Easy to understand/follow, fairly limited scope of information given
Dr Mark Murray DVM, MS (15 Mar 2017)
No audio?
Ms Pamela-Rae Moreno (8 Mar 2017)
This course was very informative. Charts/graphs would be very helpful for the shelf life of blood products.
Mr Thomas Wassersleben (7 Mar 2017)
Good presentation. Interesting facts on specific Feline breeds that are "B" type.
Mrs Laura Jensen CVT, LVT, VTS (ECC) (18 Feb 2017)
Great information!
Ms Magdalena Nowicka LVT (21 Jan 2017)
I wish there were more free of charge CE.
Dr Stacii Comstock DVM (11 Jan 2017)
Great presentation but I agree with the other comments that audio commentary would have been nice.
Dr Rambabu Sambangi DVM (6 Jan 2017)
Good information
Dr Terezie Goedde-Stanberry DVM (4 Jan 2017)
Good concise information. Should note on course info that not audio with slide presentation.
Mrs Laura Lanza CVT (9 Dec 2016)
It was a well organized presentation. I was hoping there would be audio to accompany the course. Based on my learning style, it would have made for a more enjoyable experience.
Dr Jessica Hunter DVM (25 Nov 2016)
Good overall review of transfusion medicine and blood products.
Miss Ferran Harston (16 Nov 2016)
I enjoyed this course. I often don't know where to start when researching transfusions, which causes confusion and information overload. This course put all the important information in one place for a great refresher!
Dr Mallroy Goring BVMedSci BVM BVS (7 Nov 2016)
Concise and helpful


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