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Introduction to Ethics for the Land Surveyor

Introduction to Ethics for the Land Surveyor

Introduction to Ethics for the Land Surveyor

Dennis J. Mouland, PLS
Dennis J. Mouland, PLS
on behalf of GeoLearn LLC

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In this course we discuss the term “ethics” and what it means in the context of any profession. Then we apply it to some of the important ways in which the word ethics applies to surveyors and the practice of professional surveying. We also compare and contrast ethical practice with adherence to rules and regulations of a licensing board. The course also addresses some ways in which you can assess your behavior to compare with what the public and the profession may expect for ethical practice. In practice, this course emphasizes how to interact with your clients and others in a “right” manner and to do the job in the “right” way.


Objective 1
Apply the concepts of ethical practice to situation in the practice of surveying
Objective 2
Understand the difference between licensing board rules and regulations and what ethical practice means: where to they overlap, where are they different?
Objective 3
Develop your ability to evaluate your own behavior to see if it fits with ethical practices.
Dennis J. Mouland, PLS

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Dennis J. Mouland, PLS
on behalf of GeoLearn LLC

Dennis J. Mouland is a registered professional surveyor in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management, and has been in the surveying profession since 1972. His experience is evenly split between the private sector, including his own surveying firm, and federal government employment.
Dennis has been an instructor and course manager for the BLM/Forest Service “Advanced Cadastral School” and more recently served as the National Cadastral Training Coordinator for BLM in Phoenix, AZ (2005 – 2011). In that position he developed the Certified Federal Surveyors Program for the Department of the Interior. In addition to having over 300 technical articles published in the U.S. and Canada, Dennis is a contributing author to the textbook “The Surveying Handbook,” and authored “Ethics for the Professional Surveyor” in 1996, now in its third printing. He has conducted seminars for the surveying and real estate professions since 1984. To date, Dennis has instructed over 100,000 students on survey subjects.
Dennis has taught boundary law subjects in higher education institutions since 1995, and is currently a Surveying Instructor at the University of Wyoming and Oklahoma State University. He lives near Durango, Colorado.

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