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Basic Microscopy: Part1

Basic Microscopy: Part1

Basic Microscopy: Part1

Dr Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy
Dr Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy

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Imaging will be the enabling biomedical technology of the next 30 years in the same way that DNA/DNA sequencing has been over the last 30 years. Our goal is to increase knowledge and skills of our colleagues; to do so, we deliver microscopy courses, training and manuals. At present, I have developed 2 courses: Basics of Optical Microscopy and Principals of Advanced Microscopy. The courses are specially designed for: postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and post graduate students with biological and medical background. For this reason we try to use a minimum amount of maths and rely on phenomenological explanations, hand-made models, and clear demonstrations. Special attention is given to the development of essential skills, so young scientists can run independent cell-biological lab and manage equipment.


Very often, you work with a microscope and require a good quality picture for your research and publications. In order to operate the instrument efficiently, you need to know the theory behind it and obtain a good training.

KNOWLEDGE: In this course, starting from basic laws of optics, viz.: reflection and refraction, we will cover the following topics: Image formation by Magnifying Glass and Human Eye, Simple Microscope, Infinity-corrected Microscope, Köhler Illumination; Phase-Contrast Microscopy, Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy, and Fluorescent Microscopy.

SKILLS: You will know how to align a microscope for good transparent imaging and how to select the correct fluorescent filter and dichroic mirror.
Dr Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy

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Dr Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy

Dr. Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy (Imaging Technologist)
Wellcome Trust Centre For Molecular Parasitology Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation College of Medical,Veterinary & Life Sciences
Room B6/21 Sir Graeme Davies Building
University of Glasgow
120 University Place
Glasgow, G12 8TA, UK

Phone: (+44 )141 330 8282 Fax: (+44)141 330 5422
E-mails: [email protected]

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