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Equine: The Trail To Core Nursing Skills

Equine: The Trail To Core Nursing Skills

Equine: The Trail To Core Nursing Skills

Jessie Loberg BA, AAS, CVT, VTS-EVN
Jessie Loberg BA, AAS, CVT, VTS-EVN
on behalf of VetMedTeam

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Throughout history, the horse has played an important part in the progress of mankind. Transportation, a work partner, and, unfortunately, a war resource, we have relied heavily on the horse to help us achieve our goals. Today the horse has been replaced by the car as primary transportation, by motorized equipment on the farm and they are seldom used now in warfare. Yet mankind's fascination with, and love for, the horse is still strong.

Veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants play an important role in the delivery of quality medical services in both mixed and equine practices. Yet many team members have limited equine related training. Without a strong foundation in basic medical and husbandry factors, team members cannot begin to reach their full potential.

Equine: The Trail to Core Nursing Skills provides foundational training in core areas of equine medicine. Ranging from basic anatomy to wellness to nutrition, along with other topics, this 6-week course provides participants with a wide range of instruction in factors basic to equine medicine. For team members seeking to strengthen their knowledge of the horse, this course will provide an excellent beginning.


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
1. Develop an efficient stable management plan for horses
2. Compare and contrast chemical and physical restraint devices available
3. Describe safe methods used for trailering horses
4. Recognize equine behavior as it pertains to handling patients in a hospital environment
5. Identify anatomical systems of the horse
6. Evaluate the components of an Equine Wellness Program
7. Describe vaccine protocols used to prevent fatal diseases and identify vaccinations used on occasional basis
8. Identify common parasites seen in the equine patient and compare and contrast available anthelmintics
9. Utilize the Body Condition Scoring System in horses
10. Discuss digestive physiology in the horse, evaluate nutrient requirements and determine appropriate nutrients for the equine patient based on life stage
11. Discuss nutrient requirements for gastrointestinal disorders, laminitis and other special needs
12. Assess the equine patient with a complete physical, laminitis and ophthalmic exam
13. Evaluate site location for blood collection and catheter placement
14. Consider appropriate methods to administer medication
15. Calculate fluid requirements and choose appropriate fluid therapy
16. Assess critically ill patients and implement proper monitoring protocols
Jessie Loberg BA, AAS, CVT, VTS-EVN

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Jessie Loberg BA, AAS, CVT, VTS-EVN
on behalf of VetMedTeam

Jessie Loberg attended Ripon College where she received a bachelor of arts (BA) in Biology. After college, she moved to San Juan Island, WA where she took part in an Orca (Orcinus orca) research project on the Southern Resident Pods of the Puget Sound. During this time, she also volunteered at Wolf Hollow Rehabilitation Center where she participated in the rehabilitation of wild species native to the San Juan Islands.

After completing her internship at Littleton Equine Medical Center (LEqMC) in December of 2000, she graduated from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology. She then completed a 6-month internship with LEqMC, and was hired full-time as a radiology/anesthesia technician and head of the anesthesia department. In practice, her interests have always been with equine anesthesia where she focused the majority of her continuing education.

Jessie Loberg is currently a veterinary practice consultant for the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). She served as an organizing committee member during the petition for the Academy of Equine Veterinary Nursing Technicians and currently serves as the executive director for the AEVNT.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and camping.

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