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YoungStock Signals

YoungStock Signals

YoungStock Signals


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Young stock rearing costs around 3 cent per liter of milk on a well-run farm, as against 5 cent on a poorly run farm. To rear top-quality heifers and to prevent disease among calves, you need to approach every stage of the process correctly. Work logically, carefully and cleverly. This training takes you through the whole process of rearing young stock.


On completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
Objective 1:
Keep calves healthy and give them the best start possible.
Objective 2:
Broaden your knowledge about management, housing and feeding in regards to young stock.
Objective 3:
• Help your clients prevent disease among calves.

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CowSignals Master Trainer, Director/Owner of the CowSignals Training Company
Co-founder of Vetvice and CowSignals, Veterinarian and Cowmunicator

I love cows and I like farmers a lot! Let your cows live happily and twice as long! Listen to the cow, she's got know how! I want to see less sick, wounded and lame cows. I put all my energy, enthousiasm and power in making cows, farmers and advisors more happy! And together we work on a more sustainable world. So, dairy farmers, advisors and trainers from the world: keep up the good work and thank you for joining CowSignals.

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