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Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Stephanie Stoebe & Jeremy Wagner
Stephanie Stoebe & Jeremy Wagner
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators



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Ashley Ramirez (9 May 2017)
Good Video
Mrs Karrie Cowan (8 Nov 2016)
I liked the self paced videos.
(8 May 2019)
This class was great!

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The 2012 and 2013 recipients of the Texas Teacher of the Year award will share strategies for setting up and maintaining an effective classroom environment. Methods and resources for successful behavior, time and overall classroom management will help you establish and maintain an efficiently-run classroom. This webinar will cover both elementary and secondary models for classroom management.


Learn strategies for setting up and maintaining an effective classroom environment
Stephanie Stoebe & Jeremy Wagner

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Stephanie Stoebe & Jeremy Wagner
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

Stephanie Stoebe is an educator at Round Rock's Hernandez Middle School. She is the 2012 Texas Teacher of the Year and has had a passion for teaching since she took on the role of director of educational services in the Texas regional probation department. When she isn't mentoring students and teachers at school, she is involved in community outreach to empower parents in preparing their children for the future. She has been an ATPE member since 2009.

Jeremy Wagner teaches science in Frenship ISD in Lubbock, TX. He is the 2013 Texas Teacher of the Year and advocates teachers becoming voices for change in education. He has been an ATPE member since 2009. When he isn't mentoring other teachers, teaching his eighth-graders, or pushing for change, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family.

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User Reviews (206)

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Ashley Ramirez (9 May 2017)
Good Video
Mrs Karrie Cowan (8 Nov 2016)
I liked the self paced videos.
(8 May 2019)
This class was great!
Adriana Shed (8 May 2017)
I was required to take this course for my educator prep. program.
Stephany Goodwin (8 May 2017)
Very helpful information and discussion!
Patricia Kercheval (8 Mar 2017)
This was very interesting for all the areas that were covered, especially the part about student involvement in the classroom and the fact that rules and procedures are two different things.
Mrs rebecca harris (7 May 2017)
the sound went out the last five minutes of the video, but it might have just been my computer.
Edward English (7 May 2017)
The points made are very important and consistent with good classroom management. The introduction however was rather tedious and lengthy.
David Taylor (7 Mar 2019)
Mrs Tricia Lynch (7 Mar 2017)
Classroom management has always been a concern among some of our teachers. This provided pertinent information.
Mrs Jennifer Shelton (7 Mar 2017)
I truly enjoyed this presentation. I took away some new ideas of how to better structure my classes.
Mrs Martha McMillan (7 Jun 2019)
I love classroom management, so I found the information in this webinar very useful.
STACY GRIGG (7 Jun 2018)
Enjoyed this class.
Mrs Julie Plockot (7 Feb 2018)
Many good ideas and techniques for all teachers, not just new ones!
Mrs Angeline Brown (7 Feb 2017)
I am just getting back into teaching, after a long break to raise my family. This was a very good refresher on classroom management for me. Thank you!
Shawn Robinson (7 Aug 2019)
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the various classroom management strategies to implement in my classroom.
Benjamin Ahrens (7 Apr 2017)
The content learned will be used in my classroom beginning the rest of this year and continuing to the next years.
Mrs Jessica Diaz (6 Nov 2019)
They had great ideas to connect with our students and have great classroom management!
Kevin Ogilvie (6 Nov 2016)
Very informative webinar!
Miss Leila Gower (6 Jan 2017)
I felt this E learning was very helpful and I especially liked the 5 time management steps and will keep those in mind as I enter the classroom as a student teacher here in the next month.
Mrs Brenda Stefancik (6 Dec 2016)
I enjoyed this presentation. I especially appreciated that the presenters were from varied grade levels. I work with Jr. High students and hearing from a Middle School teacher was appreciated.
Ginger Abney (6 Aug 2019)
This was a very instructional video. The speakers provided a lot of great information for classroom management.
(6 Aug 2019)
I love Wong!!
(5 Sep 2019)
It was good to see that some of the steps I am taking other teachers are taking too.
Miss Aaronni Miller (5 Mar 2017)
(5 Jun 2019)
Lot of information
Anna Reed (5 Jun 2018)
Audio was not great.
Mrs Bethany Gamez (5 Jan 2017)
I rate this Webinar with 4 stars. I would not have minded a longer version where more individual scenario questions are posted and discussed. Great tool for first year Educators.
Mrs Rebecca Mayes (5 Jan 2017)
Interesting to hear from three different educators to get a variety of perspectives.
Mrs Lynnette Frausto (5 Jan 2017)
Classroom management is always important. I love the emphasize in procedures and not rules, about making connections with students.
Shewanda Hayes (5 Apr 2017)
I thoroughly enjoyed the content
(4 Oct 2019)
Very informative information.
Angela back (4 Nov 2018)
Alot of good info for classroom management
Irene Flores (4 May 2017)
The course was great with several helpful tips that I will incorporate in my classroom. Thanks!
Cortney Jalomo (4 Mar 2017)
I enjoyed listening to this webinar. I learned to keep myself a priority so not to burn out. As STAAR approaches, I tend to forget that.
(4 Jun 2019)
Very Informative. Great refresher course on Classroom Management.
Jennifer Kelarek (4 Jun 2018)
I am a first-year teacher, and I found this webinar to be beneficial. Throughout the entire video are useful tips that I intend on using in my classroom.
Tina Leonard (4 Aug 2019)
I loved this course and felt that it provided a wealth of information for both new and experienced teachers. I feel like the presenters covered the main aspects of classroom management and I was able to take a great deal of this information and use it toward my plans for the upcoming school year. I actually feel that this would have easily been extended into a 2 hour course. I feel as if the first presenter had SO much great information that had to be squeezed into a short allotment of time, that he had to rush through some of his key points. I was a little disappointed by this, as I was really enjoying him goin in depth for each slide presented. All in all, it was an engaging and useful presentation and I hope that my school allows us to use these courses more often for our professional development.
Katelyn Vining (4 Aug 2019)
Lots of good advice for new and seasoned teachers.
(4 Aug 2019)
This powerpoint was very informative, although I have been an educator for over 10 year some of the information was presented in a new way. Will certainly use the tips!
Corina Laraway (4 Aug 2018)
This presentation was engaging, interesting, and fast-paced. I learned a lot and came away with quite a few good ideas to try for next school year. I'm very pleased with this training course.
(4 Apr 2019)
The examples each presenter gave were excellent. It's always good to hear from presenters who are actually IN the classroom!!
Mrs Sandra Paulk (4 Apr 2017)
It was very informative, but a little long winded. I didn'the particularly care for the jumping back and forth between so many people.
(31 Oct 2019)
Gave excellent advice that I can use in the classroom.
Mrs Jo Ladd (31 Mar 2019)
This was educational and informational.
patricia ellis (31 Mar 2017)
Little complicated but over all great job.
Lora Rogers (31 Jul 2019)
Very informing and will use these suggestions in my classroom.
LaJacklyn Adams (31 Jul 2018)
The information provided was very practical.
Miss Mary Ketchum (31 Jan 2017)
Thank you!
mary crean (31 Dec 2017)
codes:S,F,L,H I work at a DAEP setting and we try our best to be polite to each other and the students. I feel modeling the behaviors to each other has lead to less bucking of rules and nice behaviors.
Mrs haley emery (30 Nov 2016)
The button pressing was a little distracting but great contributions from everyone.
Mrs Ashley Ellens (30 Jul 2018)
It was a very good refresher to help bring things to mind as I switch content area and grade levels. Even though I already do many of these things in my classroom, it made me think about it in a new context/setting as I prepare for a new position.
Rhett Hansen (30 Jul 2018)
Great information on how to relate to students, and get the most out of their effort through classroom management!
Mrs Christy Greer (30 Dec 2016)
Great webinar -- great ideas!
(3 Sep 2019)
Very engaging and helpful advice!
Mr Aaron Couch (3 Oct 2018)
I greatly value the additional ideas on resources and strategies for managing my classroom, students, and most importantly, time!
Heather Koenig (3 Nov 2018)
Good practical information shared in this course.
Mrs Sarah Morgan (3 Nov 2016)
Great information.
Denise Littlejohn (3 Jan 2018)
A variety of ideas on a topic that everyone can use. I appreciated that information was presented by three different instructors who had actual classroom experience.
Melissa Almand (3 Feb 2018)
Lots of great ideas. I really enjoyed the note taking function.
Dr Brian Watson (29 Mar 2017)
William McGonagle (29 Mar 2017)
This was a great resource.
Korinn Mallory (29 Jun 2018)
Very good refresher on classroom management. Great for keeping the best strategies in the front of your mind!
April Navarro (29 Jul 2018)
Very helpful information. I am a third year teacher and still learn something new each time. I really liked the ideas for tile management and getting everyone invovled in classroom activities as it is always said no two kids are the same.
Selina Owens (29 Apr 2017)
Braden Hunt (28 Sep 2018)
I liked the material about how important relationships and positive reinforcements.
Victoria Speir (28 Oct 2018)
This video gave me so many great tips for my classroom! Being in residency right now there are a few issues in our classroom that could have been prevented by implementing some of these suggestions, especially the procedures.
Mrs Kennie Wilcox (28 Mar 2017)
The tips were valuable for new teachers and a great review for veteran teachers.
Camila Cruz (27 Jun 2018)
Good content.
Randi Watson (27 Feb 2018)
This course had some good points.
Mrs Katherine Shevchenko (27 Feb 2017)
It was a concise and well organized session, it was great to hear from experienced teachers that explained useful and applicable methods to truly connect with students to help foster respect in the classroom as an overarching classroom management strategy.
Emily Saunders (27 Apr 2018)
Lots of practical tips!
Mr Matthew Berndt (26 Oct 2016)
I liked the webinar, classroom management is of big importance to the teacher but it can be the most challenging to master. This webinar provided several tips and strategies one can implement to create an organized and well-controlled classroom.
(26 May 2019)
Loved it! Lots of great ideas to implement in my classroom.
Ms Katy Mulvaney (26 May 2018)
It was a really good reminder course. I wasn't surprised to hear them mention Harry Wong at one point. I'm even going to update my Day One lesson based on some of the ideas.
Mr Mark Kesselring (26 Mar 2017)
This was an informative session.
Felicia Aguilar (26 Jun 2018)
It's a great source for refreshing effective classroom management.
(26 Jul 2019)
Great ideas for how to manage your classroom!
Beverly Clark (26 Jul 2018)
This presentation was well prepared.
Stephannie Williams (26 Jul 2018)
Excellent information, very useful
(26 Feb 2019)
Would like to have seen more concrete examples, or video of ways to handle classroom management.
(26 Feb 2019)
Enjoyed the slides.
Mrs Brittney MiShaw (26 Apr 2017)
Great tips!
(25 Oct 2019)
excellent pointers for new teachers as well as veteran teachers. Especially liked the idea of notecards by the phone for parental contact.
Mrs Shera Darby M.Ed. (25 Jul 2019)
sound quality made it difficult to understand what Stephanie said during her presentation
Mrs Bianca Moser (25 Apr 2017)
Very informative!!
(24 Jul 2019)
Enjoyed the course.
Jacqueline Sampson (24 Jul 2018)
The course is good for both new and veteran teachers as classroom management is a vital component of the teaching process.
Ms Kacy Wilson (24 Jan 2017)
Very thorough class.
Miss LaDaysha Smith (24 Apr 2018)
The information shared during this webinar was very useful, helpful, and made so much sense. I loved the encouragement as well, stating that it will be hard but it will be possible.
Brandy Young (24 Apr 2017)
Good beginning teacher information.
Ms Danielle Dumas (24 Apr 2017)
Relevant information for beginning teachers.
(23 Oct 2019)
Was more like a discussion between several teachers mostly about how they learned to relate to/motivate their students versus offering concrete, practical, every-day, ready to apply classroom management techniques.
(23 Jul 2019)
They shared a lot of great tips to apply to both elementary and secondary levels.
(23 Dec 2019)
There were helpful tips on procedures and connecting with students to be effective in the classroom.
(23 Apr 2019)
I thought the presenters shared some good strategies to maintain a good classroom environment.
Mr Clint Helpenstill (23 Apr 2017)
I do many of these concepts taught in managing my classroom. I learned a few more also that I will attempt to use in my classes.
mandi smith (23 Apr 2017)
thank you
(22 Oct 2019)
I appreciate the tips given and explained
Mrs Maria Ramirez (22 Nov 2016)
Great information, addressed and gave useful advice on management issues we face in the classroom ever school day.
Holly Sanders (22 May 2018)
Useful information for beginning teachers
Barbara Ryza (22 Mar 2017)
I really enjoyed this video
Mrs Amy Amacker (22 Feb 2017)
Good overview of classroom management techniques. Practical tips that are easy to apply to daily routines.
Mrs Delfina Lopez (22 Aug 2019)
Thank you for all the helpful information and encouraging words.
(21 Sep 2019)
It took almost 11 minutes at the beginning just to get into material and another 3-4 in just good-byes/thanks at the end.
Kimberly Wilson Parsons (21 May 2018)
Slides and live feed of presenters on phones is a bit of a snoozer, but good information within.
Francisco N Morin (21 Jun 2018)
I agreed with all the comments that where given.
Guadalupe Novak (21 Apr 2018)
Good webinar! Great reminder on the importance of connecting with students, having procedures for everything goes a long way.
jeff coop (21 Apr 2017)
My only suggestion would be, and I know this is probably a little knit-picky, but as a former design and production professional I think that this webcast could have benefited from some investment from someone with a background in video editing and sound board management. Additionally, having this E-Learning broken into two portions would have been beneficial.
Mrs Silvia Camacho (21 Apr 2017)
Great and beneficial information to apply in the classroom at the beginning of the year.
Mrs casey golden (20 Sep 2018)
This professional development was really well developed. I learned a lot of tips and ideas on how to effectively manage a classroom.
Ms Rebecca Schlembach (20 Oct 2016)
The presentation presented classroom management theory and examples of implementation. There were new ideas that I will include in my own future teaching.
(20 Nov 2019)
Great information for classroom management but also some important tips to help teachers survive and not get overwhelmed.
Jeffery Sampson (20 Aug 2019)
The course is beneficial to new teachers as well as veterans in terms of re-iterating the relevance of classroom management as it relates to the learning process.
(20 Aug 2019)
Good strategies to use in the classroom
(2 Jul 2019)
Love the cup idea!
Gave good advice and shared personal tips and tricks to classroom management.
Sherri Echols (2 Apr 2018)
GREAT information for new teachers and those that have no children of their own.
Debra Cornelius (2 Apr 2017)
very helpful
Mrs Nan Robinson (19 Dec 2018)
The best quote....”Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. This is so true and what a great reminder! Great ideas shared.
Tryna Smith (19 Apr 2018)
It is important to remember proximity.
Mrs Shelley Cooper (19 Apr 2017)
Great e-course!
Angelique Van Winkle (19 Apr 2017)
Thank you so much. This came at a timely manner.
(18 Oct 2019)
Thank for for all of the great tips and ideas. Classroom management is essential in providing a successful learning environment for all students!
(18 Oct 2019)
Very real advice
Mr Francisco Torres (18 Nov 2016)
Excellent refresher of important concepts to improve classroom performance.
Mr Danny Hernandez (18 Nov 2016)
good information and question and answers.
(18 May 2019)
The course had a great deal of information about classroom management and it will be very rewarding in the classroom.
Mrs Mikeela Hudson (18 May 2017)
It's great to always learn new tricks!
jennifer kramer (18 Jul 2018)
Excellent advice for behavior, classroom management, organization and time management.
Mr Dan Parker (18 Jan 2017)
A very good synopsis of the basics of classroom management. There was a lot of good information that would take a teacher quite a while to digest and apply.
Mr William Heikell (18 Feb 2017)
This was a nice refresher course. The basics never can be forgotten.
Ms Bernadette Hancock (17 Sep 2019)
Very helpful strategies.
(17 May 2019)
Great suggestions for classroom management!
Mrs Melissa Garrett (17 Mar 2017)
Very informative! Excellent tips to apply in the classroom!
Mary Riley (17 Jul 2018)
Good video. I learned a lot.
Mrs Pam Daigle (17 Jul 2018)
Beneficial information on how to run an effective classroom.
Mrs Kimberly Nowell (17 Jan 2017)
This training was good. The presenters should refrain from making comments generalizing all low income parents, and just state that some students, no matter what socioeconomic status, have tough home lives, lack parental support, etc. The ideas and examples given were good and useful. The sound was a bit tough to hear at some points.
(17 Aug 2019)
Thank you for the course
Dr Samantha Julien (16 Nov 2019)
This information was very useful. I am going to implement some of the tips spoken of in this segment.
Jaime Frame (16 Jun 2018)
The suggestions that were made were not specific. Although as an overview it was an adequate course, I found that the vague suggestions and lack of specifics were not as helpful as I had hoped.
Evet Harris (16 Jul 2019)
This information is very useful to beginning and teachers with years of experience.
Ms Shayla Ray (16 Jan 2018)
Thank you for the wealth of information being shared for the group. Distinguishing the difference between rules and procedures can often be overlooked or misused. Also "I dismiss, not the bell" is my favorite.
Mrs Colleen Brumme (16 Jan 2017)
I really learned a lot around classroom management. A must listen. Love the red, yellow, green cups and that there needs to be a procedure for EVERYTHING!!! because organization is key for a successful classroom.
Mrs Traci Willingham (16 Aug 2019)
Great ideas on classroom management and time management!
Erica Gutierrez (16 Apr 2018)
As a future educator, I found the information in this webinar very useful. Thank you!
Catherine Clarke (16 Apr 2018)
It was helpful to have the three perspectives.
Tara Shumar (15 Sep 2018)
This course had a lot of great information.
(15 Oct 2019)
Good information I will use in my classroom.
Ms Vivian Simpson BS (15 Nov 2019)
Real problems addressed.
(15 Jul 2019)
thank yiu for sharing.
(15 Jul 2019)
good information and tips!
Miss Laura Ruiz (15 Feb 2017)
It was pretty good. It gave me ideas when the one day that I will have my own classroom. Right now how I am a substitute teacher my classroom management is positive and negative, 80/20. Still working on my negative so I could be more positive.
Christina Floyd (15 Dec 2018)
Some of the topics discussed were more about first year teacher tips than about classroom management in general, but still lots of good information.
(15 Aug 2019)
The class was very instructive on classroom management
Emily Roth (15 Apr 2017)
Very informative and relevant to the classroom.
Mrs Michelle Atkeisson (14 May 2017)
Useful ideas!
Mrs Melody Daniel (14 Mar 2017)
Helpful and informative content.
(14 Feb 2019)
I've been teaching for 15 years and it was good to see some important reminders on how to manage my class. You are never to good or old to learn something new.
(14 Feb 2019)
It's always good to get a refresher on classroom management.
David Duty (14 Feb 2017)
It fulfilled my CPE credit requirements.
(14 Apr 2019)
Suzanne Rothman (14 Apr 2018)
Love Mr. Wagner
Colleen Brumme (14 Apr 2018)
I really liked the suggestions on how to manage your own class.
Sylvia Jones (13 May 2018)
Great helpful information
Mr Dale Shaulis (13 Mar 2018)
The techniques offered by the presenters came from real experiences within their classrooms and will be instantly applicable in my own classroom.
(13 Jun 2019)
This is an excellent resource for classroom management tips, especially for new teachers! There is so much useful information to talk about, but for me it can be boiled down to genuine care & respect.
Shawna Ward (13 Jun 2018)
Great information
Mr Ernesto Carreon (13 Jan 2017)
I really am happy that I was able to review classroom management strategies with this training. I learned new strategies I'm going to being using immediately.
Mrs Regenia Dixon (13 Dec 2016)
This was a great video. Will us some of the things discussed.
(13 Aug 2019)
Excellent information.
(13 Apr 2019)
It was a little hard to stay engaged. But good information.
(12 Nov 2019)
Interesting. I'm a big fan of Harry Wong and use some of his strategies that were discussed.
Mrs Janet Pena (12 Nov 2016)
great information
Mrs Heather Loop (12 Mar 2017)
Informative for those who are just starting out or need a refresher.
Leanne McNamara (12 Jul 2018)
Very informative and engaging.
jayne moorman (12 Feb 2018)
loved the idea
Mrs Courtney Davis (12 Dec 2016)
loved how they kept it real world! It sounds so simple, but making each child feel special and important is key... no matter how hard it is to find a common ground with them.
Vanessa Wilson (12 Aug 2019)
This was very informative and encouraging. It was a perfect way for teachers to start off the school year.
Ms Karen Graham (12 Aug 2019)
Very useful information for beginning the school year.
Mr Larry Washington Sr (11 Nov 2016)
Great course...would recommend to others.
Marla Perez (11 May 2017)
I enjoyed being able to obtain more information on how to effectively manage a classroom.
(11 Jun 2019)
The information and tips given were very helpful. I am looking forward to putting these ideas to practice.
(11 Jun 2019)
Good tips, but the presenters kept interrupting each other.
(11 Jul 2019)
There was some very useful information in this webinar. I loved the procedures that were outlined and will be using some of them to beef up my procedures.
Jae Woo Lee (11 Jul 2018)
Covers all the bases and provides some practical tips for classroom management.
Rebecca Valencia (11 Apr 2019)
Helpful classroom management tips,refreshers, and reminders to use in my class.
Scott Davis (11 Apr 2018)
Good demo of activities to limit management issues.
Mr charles griste (11 Apr 2017)
Great class enjoyed it. Even after 34 years of teaching there is still something to learn thanks..
Bethany Leadon (11 Apr 2017)
Great information. Loved getting views from multiple presenters.
Mrs Sondra Coleman (11 Apr 2017)
This will help me with classroom management techniques.
(10 Sep 2019)
Great tips on classroom management. Ideas that could be incorporated as soon as the next day.
Bethany Hara (10 Oct 2018)
Good information, engaging presenters.
Mrs Chau Nguyen (10 May 2017)
Excellent tips and well paced
Ms Bonnie Coates (10 May 2017)
Great tips and useful strategies.
Rodney Smith (10 Jul 2018)
Very good strategies. I also use the 'teacher dismisses--not the bell' strategy. It really works.
Nikki Smith (10 Jul 2018)
Very useful information. I have taught 19 years and try to incorporate at least one new concept for myself to utilize...several possibilities in this presentation.
Jonathan Evans (10 Feb 2018)
Great advice for future teachers!
(10 Dec 2018)
Material was helpful, some of the audio was difficult to understand
Mrs Julie Sholl (10 Apr 2017)
I really enjoyed this presentation. Getting several examples from the different presenters was helpful. Their enthusiasm in their teaching styles just shows the love they have for teaching. Ultimately, forming that special student-teacher connection is the most important part of teaching.
Carmen Ashby (10 Apr 2017)
Even though I taught for 7 years, I have been out of teaching for 3. This course was a nice refresher on what I need to do when I get back in a classroom.
Mrs Laura Saur (1 Nov 2018)
Great info for new teachers and refresher for tenured teachers as well.
Miss Anais Trevino (1 May 2017)
This webinar was extremely helpful and I will use the ideas and tips in my future classroom. Classroom management is extremely important.
Mrs Bonnie Johnston (1 Mar 2017)
This was a great course on Classroom Management. I enjoyed the emphasis on using positive reinforcement in the classroom. Also, organization is a must to be successful!
Mrs Melissa Jones-Meyer (1 Mar 2017)
Very helpful! I was reminded to involve the students in the process of classroom management, rather than take it all on myself.
Vickie Malone (1 Aug 2019)
An excellent course for all educators.


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