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The Paperless Classroom

The Paperless Classroom

The Paperless Classroom

Jillian Howard
Jillian Howard
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators



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Bethany Hara (9 Oct 2018)
Great information and explanation of the concept. I also really learned through the use of showing her educator notebook and the student's notebook.
Mrs Karrie Cowan (9 Nov 2016)
I like the self paced videos.
Sylvia Jones (9 May 2018)
Technology is giving us the opportunity to provide our students with different ways of instruction.

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In "The Paperless Classroom," Jillian Howard presents an innovative instructional strategy enhancing your classroom engagement. This presentation highlights software applications, websites, and techniques that will create individualized instruction for every student while considering student learning modalities. Jillian provides insight on how to gradually release students into a paperless setting and the proper steps for preparing a digital classroom. "The Paperless Classroom" will prove to be an evolutionary approach in both classroom management and instruction.


Learn about preparation, tools, resources, and tips for making your classroom a paperless classroom.
Jillian Howard

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Jillian Howard
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

Jillian Howard is a bilingual educator in Clear Creek Independent School District. She is the 2014 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. Although Jillian experienced many hardships during grade school, she credits her teachers for helping her to develop a love of learning. Since becoming a teacher herself, she's worked to continue the legacy of those teachers and is an advocate for meeting the needs of children from diverse backgrounds. As the Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year, she uses her voice to encourage teachers to allow children to come as they are and being willing to meet them there.

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User Reviews (161)

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Bethany Hara (9 Oct 2018)
Great information and explanation of the concept. I also really learned through the use of showing her educator notebook and the student's notebook.
Mrs Karrie Cowan (9 Nov 2016)
I like the self paced videos.
Sylvia Jones (9 May 2018)
Technology is giving us the opportunity to provide our students with different ways of instruction.
Melissa Kerry (9 Jun 2018)
Lots of good resources!
(9 Aug 2019)
Interesting ways to utilize technology tools to teach and assess student progress.
Eva Burge (8 Sep 2018)
Interesting ideas. Like the use one one note.
Mrs erin parris (8 Nov 2016)
Good information
(8 May 2019)
This course gave great examples of websites and ideas to implement more technology into the primary classroom.
(8 May 2019)
Such a great lesson
Adriana Shed (8 May 2017)
I was required to take this course for my educator prep. program.
Stephany Goodwin (8 May 2017)
good course, a bit long. but a lot of good info!
Ms Angela Luke (8 Mar 2018)
Lots of good information
Mrs Amy Amacker (8 Feb 2018)
I came away with some good ideas fro iterating technology in the classroom but I am not convinced that a "paperless" classroom would be effective.
Ms Mikehail Williamson (7 Nov 2016)
This has some good information for older students. I would have like to have some information geared towards Kindergarten
Mrs rebecca harris (7 May 2017)
great tips and ideas
Mrs Monica Aguilar (7 Jun 2018)
Gives a good picture of what the paperless classroom looks like.
Shelby Patterson (7 Aug 2018)
This webinar was very informative.
Mrs Regenia Dixon (7 Apr 2017)
Very good information.
(6 Mar 2019)
Tried to listen with an open mind, but honestly, an entirely paperless classroom is kind of concerning. In many ways, students need to learn to function outside of technology just as much as within it.
STACY GRIGG (6 Jun 2018)
Thank you for the great information and resources. Enjoyed this class!
(6 Jul 2019)
Great information about One Note. thank you for sharing
(6 Jan 2020)
Great information given, very interesting.
Mrs Branda Barnas (6 Feb 2018)
I feel like some of the information is outdated. Great idea and information. We now have google classroom that has much more benefits than what was in this video. Still a lot of the content was good to know.
(6 Dec 2018)
I loved the course. Only downfall to the course now is the use of onenote and its regularity in classrooms in 2018. Students are finding it easier to use google versions of Microsoft products to accomplish class assignments.
Ms Cristina Galindo (6 Apr 2017)
I gained a lot of different ideas and methods on how to incorporate a paperless classroom/ technology into a classroom and also how to accommodate different thinking and personality types
Mrs Heather Loop (6 Apr 2017)
I appreciated the amount of time taken to dig deep into One Note as a great tool to enhance paperless learning.
(5 Jun 2019)
There could have been more information on other programs available to use with technology.
jesslyn wilson (5 Jan 2020)
Good resources for districts without access to resources like canvas
Braden Hunt (5 Jan 2019)
A lot of concrete tools for incorporating technology in the classroom. Also a lot of hands on tools that don't require paper.
Mrs Erin Treybig (5 Dec 2018)
Very informative with resources to use in a classroom. Instructor was clear and knowledgeable. Thanks for offering this class.
Catherine Clarke (5 Apr 2018)
It is great to learn different ways. One can learn from other perspectives even if they are not adapted completely. To have a completely paperless classroom I find a little much. Balanced, I think paper, technology, and interaction have a place. Rather than entirely create a paperless classroom, I believe I would incorporate some of these ideas to reduce the amount of paper so as to engage the students in different ways.
Amanda Hydock (5 Apr 2017)
Great ideas to use in the classroom to phase out old paper style work!
(4 Jul 2019)
I enjoyed the content and positive attitude of the presenter.
Mrs Amanda LeDoux M.Ed (4 Jan 2017)
It was very good!
Mrs Karen French (4 Feb 2017)
lots of ideas without the paper
Miss Mary Ketchum (4 Feb 2017)
Lots of good information. This will be applicable for students with poor fine motor skills.
Corina Laraway (4 Aug 2018)
I got so much out of this training! I'm very impressed with the options I can use to move *toward* a paperless classroom, or perhaps a *low paper* classroom, from today onward!
Mr William Heikell (4 Apr 2018)
Great class!
patricia ellis (31 Mar 2017)
Thought it was very informative.
Hannah Fitch (31 Jul 2018)
OneNote has changed drastically since this course was created, needs an update!
mary crean (31 Dec 2017)
I am looking forwrad to see how I can incorporate some of this in my classroom at the DAEP setting.
Mrs staci korkowski (31 Dec 2016)
This was okay for my current classroom.
Linda Paschal (30 May 2018)
Great information. Thank you!
William McGonagle (30 Mar 2017)
Awesome course.
Rhett Hansen (30 Jul 2018)
With everything becoming more focused on technology, this is an informative video.
(3 May 2019)
Paperless is way more beneficial to use in the classroom. I think that classrooms now days really need to keep this in consideration.
Melissa Almand (3 Feb 2018)
Thank you for sharing your success with the Microsoft One Note. I look forward to working with it.
Karen McCoskey (3 Apr 2017)
I learned more about other options for students to save digital work, and I learned about figuring out logistics beforehand.
Dr Brian Watson (29 Mar 2017)
Sharon Schoolcraft (29 Apr 2019)
Neat ways to spark creative and integrate technology in the classroom.
Nancy Smith (28 Jul 2018)
So much good information! And so much to think about. Thank you!!
Trish Pacheco (28 Jan 2018)
I've seen lots of different ways to integrate technology in the classroom, this was something I had never seen before. I think it would definitely take some time to learn "how" to put this tool into use, but I can see the value in what it can bring to the classroom.
Mrs Esmeralda Villarreal (28 Feb 2017)
the videos are very informative and helpful especially being a first time teacher
Mrs Jessica Tyler (28 Feb 2017)
Thank you for the online classroom -- this gave me some different resources to try in my classroom.
Mrs Martha McMillan (27 May 2019)
I really enjoyed all the information she provided. I loved how she teamed up with the technology teacher to help her with her paperless classroom.
Sheri Hadley (27 May 2019)
Very Knowledgable! Can’t wait to incorporate in the classroom!
Randi Watson (27 Feb 2018)
This course was ok, a bit outdated.
Miss Laura Ruiz (27 Feb 2017)
I knew in a paperless classroom is not 100% technology, because there are times that the paper " old-fashioned" is way better than teaching it with technology. And if your going to to a paperless classroom it does it time because some of the students or all are not use to it .
Emily Saunders (27 Apr 2018)
Takes you through practical ways to implement.
Mr Matthew Berndt (26 Oct 2016)
I would have never seen the value of OneNote in the classroom until this webinar.
(26 May 2019)
Very good presentation
(26 Mar 2019)
Great video! I believe by using technology in the classroom it encourages individual learning and gives students a different avenue to learn.
Mr Mark Kesselring (26 Mar 2017)
I am so excited to make my music class paperless. Maybe next I can make it chairless, instrumentless, and teacherless.
Mrs Brittney MiShaw (26 Apr 2017)
I gain a lot of great tips for a paperless classroom
Mrs Julie Ibarra (25 Oct 2016)
I was fascinated by the ability to go "paperless" in the classroom.
Ms Katy Mulvaney (25 May 2018)
I knew about most of these resources, but I really liked the integration of the Thinking Hats!
(25 Jul 2019)
Great resources!
(25 Apr 2019)
This is a great course. Lots of helpful information!
(25 Apr 2019)
Helped me become a better teacher
(25 Apr 2019)
I like the step by step instructions and the resources suggested
Mrs Sandra Paulk (25 Apr 2017)
This lesson was informative on how to use less paper activities in my classroom and make learning more technology based for my students.
Tammy Caver (24 Jun 2018)
I really enjoyed this class. I have been wanting to move to use less paper in the classroom, and this has given me some great ideas to decrease the use of paper.
Mrs Kimberly Ewing (24 Jul 2018)
Good information to integrate a paperless classroom.
Mrs Mary Ann Bankston C (24 Jan 2019)
Wonderful way to incorporate in the classroom.
Mrs Bianca Moser (24 Apr 2017)
This was a very informative course! I am excited to apply to my classroom.
Andrea McKiel (24 Apr 2017)
Thank you for the suggestions.
(23 Nov 2019)
This course was good. It was a little dated but brought up some good points.
Barbara Ryza (23 Mar 2017)
I can't wait to try out these ideas! Especially OneNote.
Leanne McNamara (23 Jul 2018)
Very informative
(23 Jan 2020)
I would have preferred to see the presenter.
(23 Jan 2019)
I've never seen a classroom set up this way so I enjoyed seeing this concept discussed.
Mrs Kimberly Nowell (23 Jan 2017)
This was a wonderful workshop! The presenter was easy to listen to, knowledgeable and a great presenter. I walked away with lots of ideas and resources.
Mr Clint Helpenstill (23 Apr 2017)
The paperless classroom E-Learning was informative. It is not possible as of right now for my class to go paperless due to all students not having technology access everyday. I feel in the future my classes will be paperless. This presentation gave me good information to help getting me to think about ways to more use technology in my classroom.
(22 Nov 2019)
Enjoyed learning about One Note. Will use it tonight!
Holly Sanders (22 May 2018)
Preparation is the key.
Dr kaylynn vrabel (22 Mar 2017)
I love that these ideas are not super tech savoy. They are things that I can use even with 4th graders.
Wendy Kriewald (22 Apr 2019)
The course helped me better understand that it is okay to use paper but also incorporate digital formats not necessarily bound to a computer screen.
Guadalupe Novak (22 Apr 2018)
Love the idea behind a paperless classroom! Our day to day activities are highly technologically integrated & I believe that this will be the new way to reach our students in the future.
(21 Oct 2019)
A very comprehensive presentation outlining mostly how to use Microsoft One Note, a free Microsoft tool, in order to create a paperless classroom.
Dr Olayinka Aikens (21 Mar 2017)
Since I teach technology courses this gave me a new perspective on how to use even more programs with the paperless classroom.
Anna Reed (21 Jun 2018)
Great visuals!
Irene Flores (21 Jul 2017)
This course was very helpful! Lots of great ideas!
jeff coop (21 Apr 2017)
Other than what at times felt like a landslide of information there was some really interesting information discussed in this presentation
(2 Jul 2019)
This course contains valuable information for transition to a paperless classroom.
Denise Littlejohn (2 Jan 2018)
Interesting use of Microsoft One Note and other technology sources for classroom use.
Ms Debra Stewart (2 Jan 2018)
Very relevant with generation Z students.
Lauren King (2 Feb 2018)
Very good class!!
(2 Dec 2018)
I've never used One Note and might now that it's been explained to me. Thank you
Mrs Debra Kagle (2 Dec 2017)
Very helpful course.
(2 Apr 2019)
I enjoyed the course wish I had viewed earlier...we are now Goggle Classrooms. Lots of real good information. Thanks for sharing.
Natalie Music (2 Apr 2018)
This was a very interesting course that will be useful moving toward being paperless.
Chad Baker (19 Sep 2018)
I'm a math teacher, so I see this as something I could add to help minimize the paper we use.
(19 Nov 2019)
Lots of good information about using paper-free tools in the classroom. Most of the information was geared towards secondary classrooms. Some primary classrooms may benefit.
Mr Larry Kingsbury (19 Nov 2016)
This was a good course, but is now a bit dated. I an a PBL instructor. We use Google docs, rather than One Note. Heard some helpful ideas, but most of it was really better suited for teachers with no technical teaching experience.
David Taylor (19 Mar 2019)
Very Good
Jason Morris (19 Mar 2019)
Very good information to use
Susan McCool (19 Feb 2017)
Preparation seems to be the key to a successful paperless classroom.
Tryna Smith (19 Apr 2018)
I’m glad she explained that kids need to have paper integrated into lessons as well.
Mr Francisco Torres (18 Nov 2016)
Excellent overview on the importance of using technology not as an end but as a tool for student growth.
(18 May 2019)
A lot of information that was extremely helpful.
(18 Jul 2019)
Great ideas!!
jennifer kramer (18 Jul 2018)
Wonderful ideas presented!
Kimberly Wilson Parsons (18 Jan 2018)
Audio with slides. Great information, but not personally engaging. VERY hard for me to pay attention.
Mrs Nan Robinson (18 Dec 2018)
A wealth of knowledge was shared by Jillian. Thank goodness for the on-line, down-loadedable notes!
Mrs Courtney Davis (18 Dec 2016)
I love the idea of paperless classrooms! I think it would also allow for students to be more engaged and alleviate the "I can't find my paper excuse". However, I teach Kinder and except for the smart board and pre-approved computer apps, they don't get a chance to use a lot of technology... that is my goal this next semester.
(17 Sep 2019)
Very energetic about technology in the classroom, and very understanding about students who might not have a chance outside of the classroom.
Mrs Mikeela Hudson (17 May 2017)
This course had several online resources and carefully walked through a few options of how to create a paperless (or less paper) classroom.
(17 Jan 2020)
Thank you for the great ideas to use with technology.
Emily Riggs (17 Jan 2018)
I appreciate that she didn't try to present a paperless classroom as preparation-free. There's still work that has to go into planning and assessing. Additionally, most people assume a "paperless" classroom is one filled with technology. While that can be the case, there are so many more tools out there, such as white boards, kinetic-based activities, songs/sayings, mnemonics, etc. A paperless classroom can give students a change of pace from the ordinary paper-pencil routine.
Ms Bernadette Hancock (16 Sep 2019)
Provided some really good ideas to implement.
(16 Oct 2019)
I had no idea that OneNote existed before this presentation, much less its capabilities! What a wonderful tool that not only assists in teaching the current TEKS but also equips our students with digital tools that they can use in other areas of their education.
lisa sanford (16 Oct 2018)
Content was good but very difficult to read what was on the screen
(16 Nov 2019)
Very informative about how to integrate technology in your classroom and slowly move away from paper completely.
Jaime Frame (16 Jun 2018)
Very relevant and extremely informative. Will implement many of these ideas...
Ms Shayla Ray (16 Jan 2018)
I like the visuals and reminder that switching over to full paperless can be intimidating for both the teacher and the student.
(16 Dec 2019)
Lots of good ideas
Mrs Traci Willingham (16 Aug 2019)
I enjoyed this training very much. Great information for my classroom!
Ms Vivian Simpson BS (15 Nov 2019)
Such exciting and informative information including resources.
(15 Jun 2019)
This is a great resource to see how to use technology to enhance learning.
(15 Jan 2019)
We can’t teach the way we’ve always taught. Many jobs today didn’t even exist when I started teaching. I need to adapt and change my teaching to meet the learning needs of my students. This course shares ways that we can be paperless and creative with out teaching.
Mr Brendan Carney (15 Feb 2017)
(14 Nov 2018)
This webinar was very informative and helpful for a teacher who is looking to go paperless!
Dona Doolin (14 Mar 2018)
Excellent tools that can be used with the students.
(14 Feb 2019)
I just started using google classroom this year and really like it. I enjoyed everything that you taught Jillian. I am excited to try Microsoft One Note, assessments in aware, and poll everywhere. I am also excited to use the online notebook, instead of using the traditional composition notebooks.
(14 Feb 2019)
Very interesting. I would consider myself an old school teacher so the thought of a "paperless" classroom or less paper classroom is fascinating to me.
Colleen Brumme (14 Apr 2018)
I thought the information around one note was awesome. In order for me to use it in my classroom I first must become familiar with it. Great webinar.
Miss Ami Giguere (13 Sep 2018)
My initial thought regarding a "Paperless Classroom" was the idea of it being focused on technology only. But Jillian provided a number of other ways to teach content without using paper. It was very refreshing.
Mrs Michelle Atkeisson (13 May 2017)
Mrs Katherine Shevchenko (13 Mar 2017)
Technology is changing the world and teachers need to engage and be prepared to help students meet the demands of tomorrow. I believe there are merits to going paperless as it can challenge and inspire teachers to create lesson plans that will fulfill all the different learning styles.
Linda Rust (13 Jun 2018)
A lot of great uses for upper grades!
Megan Brown (12 Sep 2018)
Very interested in this topic...loved the details about OneNote and how to incorporate into the classroom.
April Navarro (12 Oct 2018)
I really like all the information provided in this class. I liked hearing about different resources such as one note that I can use in my classroom for assignments as well as grading and providing feedback. I think the presenter covered alot of information that I can use in the classroom
(12 Nov 2019)
Great Presentation. Good ideas for going paperless in the classroom.
Mrs Janet Pena (12 Nov 2016)
This webinar was really interesting and helpful
Marla Perez (12 May 2017)
I enjoyed gaining knowledge on how to slowly release students into a "paperless environment" and the proper steps for composing a digital classroom.
Mrs Teresa Crosno (12 Jan 2017)
Thank you for all the information and resources this course gave to me and my teachers.
(11 Jun 2019)
I thought this was a good course.
stephanie mcknight (11 Apr 2018)
Jennifer Davis (11 Apr 2018)
The content was good though a bit out of date.
Katie Smith (10 May 2018)
Very informative about using technology in class! Can't wait to try poll everywhere!
Rodney Smith (10 Jul 2018)
Very informative. However, I am old school, and do not agree that the paperless classroom is the way to go. Students still need to hold a book. But, some of the ideas i can incorporate into my technology time.
Nikki Smith (10 Jul 2018)
The presenter was very informative. I teach Junior High special ed and do not agree that a paperless classroom is the way to go. Students need to be able to hold a book; highlight; make notes; and use 'old school' techniques. I will use some of the ideas when I do incorporate technology into my lessons.
(10 Feb 2019)
I appreciate the options presented.
Mrs Julie Sholl (10 Apr 2017)
Although very informative and quite impressive, I was overwhelmed with the amount of preparation, knowledge and collaboration that is needed in order to get a paper classroom going with OneNote. I can see this working more efficiently as a team effort between multiple classroom teachers.
Mr charles griste (10 Apr 2017)
This was good but In my experience of teaching science, kids need to learn to think by applying a concept to real life. This is what engineering is today: Problem Solving. In other words apply what you learn in school to a real world problem.
Melanie Lewis (1 Nov 2016)
This wasn't very engaging, but had good information.
Mrs Candace Hoggard (1 Nov 2016)
I don't know if I would ever go paperless. Technology is great, but always need a plan B.
(1 May 2019)
Good information for starting a paperless classroom.
Mrs Bonnie Johnston (1 Mar 2017)
This video provided many helpful resources that I can use in the classroom.
(1 Jun 2019)
Very interested course for an online educator! I’ll be sharing. Some great tips here.
(1 Aug 2019)
Nice job on how to make your classroom virtually paperless. Very clear.


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