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Internal Medicine: Health Is More Than Skin Deep Part One

Internal Medicine: Health Is More Than Skin Deep Part One

Internal Medicine: Health Is More Than Skin Deep Part One

Liza Wysong Rudolph, BAS, CVT, VTS (CP-Canine/Feline, SAIM)
Liza Wysong Rudolph, BAS, CVT, VTS (CP-Canine/Feline, SAIM)
on behalf of VetMedTeam

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The body is a complex creation with systems interacting and affecting overall health. An indepth understanding of these systems, and the diseases and conditions that affect them, is core to providing high quality medical care.

Internal Medicine: Health is More Than Skin Deep is a series of two courses designed to provide advanced level training for veterinary technicians.

Part One addresses endocrinology, respiratory, hematology, urinary and renal diseases and abnormalities.
Part Two looks at musculoskeletal, neurologic, and gastrointestinal systems, hepatic and infectious diseases.


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
1. Differentiate the various endocrine related disorders, including disease of the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands
2. Discuss appropriate diagnostics and treatment protocols for endocrine related disorders, including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, hypoadrenocorticim and hyperadrenocorticism
3. Differentiate between diabetes mellitus and diabetes insupitis
4. Compare and contrast upper and lower airway diseases
5. Evaluate mediastinal disease, including mediastinitis, pneumomediastinum and mediastinal masses
6. Consider anesthetic and analgesic complications associated with respiratory disease
7. Identify thrombotic and hematologic disorders, including anemia, polycythemia, and autoimmune hemolytic anemia
8. Differentiate acute and chronic renal failure, and describe appropriate treatment protocols for each
9. Compare and contrast urinary tract biopsy techniques
10. Consider nutritional management with renal disease, urolithiasis, and feline idiopathic cystitis
Liza Wysong Rudolph, BAS, CVT, VTS (CP-Canine/Feline, SAIM)

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Liza Wysong Rudolph, BAS, CVT, VTS (CP-Canine/Feline, SAIM)
on behalf of VetMedTeam

Liza is a graduate of the Bachelors program in Veterinary Technology at St. Petersburg College and has a special interest in internal medicine, especially regarding patient care, immune mediated diseases, and oncology. She is currently employed as Education and Compliance Coordinator at Saint Francis Veterinary Center in Woolwich Township, New Jersey.

Liza is an active member of the Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Clinical Practice (AVTCP), Academy of Internal Medicine Veterinary Technicians (AIMVT), and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). She enjoys providing education and training to veterinary technicians by traditional lecturing, online continuing education opportunities, and publishing informational articles.

She likes to spend her spare time gardening, reading, or watching films. Liza also has an Australian Cattle Dog to keep her busy at home.

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