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The Money Circle: Keeping Track Of Your Dollars

The Money Circle: Keeping Track Of Your Dollars

The Money Circle: Keeping Track Of Your Dollars

Erin Macdonald, CVT, CVPM
Erin Macdonald, CVT, CVPM
on behalf of VetMedTeam

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As the name of the course implies, the process of taking in and spending practice dollars can sometimes make you feel like you are going in a circle, without much progress. Yet it is very important to have a finger on the financial pulse of the practice. Without understanding the basic terminology and factors of accounting, as well as being able to review and comprehend the data returned in reports, it will be much harder to maintain a healthy practice.

The goal of this 3-week course is not to turn participants into mini-accountants, but instead to help practices better understand how to evaluate and control financial health. The financial health of the practice directly impacts the quality of medicine the practice can provide and the level of fair compensation available for the practice team members.

We can agree that dealing with bookkeeping and reading statements does not usually rank high compared with other components of practice life. But with basic training, these areas will not be so overwhelming and will in turn become less of a chore and more of a "hmmm - what was I so afraid of?"

Let VetMedTeam break down this topic into bite sized chunks so that the material is easier to swallow. Not only will this course cover topics such as how to analyze a profit and loss statement and discuss numerous accounting, payroll, collections and billing topics, but through assignments, it will also help the student to synthesize practical solutions for many of your practices trouble areas.

If you are new to management or have little financial training The Money Circle: Keeping Track of Your Dollars is a “must take” course!


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
1. Perform basic bookkeeping tasks
2. Compare in-house payroll processing to outsourcing payroll
3. Discuss the purposes and uses of the Profit & Loss statement
4. Analyze a Profit & Loss statement
5. Explain the difference between cash and accrual methods of accounting
6. Identify and apply common accounts receivable policies and procedures
7. Create a plan to maximize collection efforts and minimize bad debts
8. Create and utilize a basic accounts payable filing system
9. Construct an efficient plan to pay accounts payable timely
10. Evaluate whether or not to take advantage of early payment discounts and delayed billing
Erin Macdonald, CVT, CVPM

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Erin Macdonald, CVT, CVPM
on behalf of VetMedTeam

Erin Macdonald is currently employed at Haines Road Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida and holds the position of Hospital Administrator. She has worked in the veterinary field since 1999, her first position as a receptionist.

In 2006, she received an Associate in Arts Degree in General Studies and an Associate's in Science Degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College. That year, she became a Certified Veterinary Technician. After receiving a Certificate in Hospital Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Technology Management, she achieved the designation of Certified Veterinary Practice Manager in 2009.

Erin is a member of both the Florida Veterinary Technician Association and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America. Erin lives in Pinellas Park, Florida with her son, Kingston, dog, Gemma; and two cats, Gia and Roxanne.

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