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Clinical Research Design and Biostatistics

Clinical Research Design and Biostatistics

Clinical Research Design and Biostatistics

Veterinary Cancer Society
Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association


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Clinical research design, interpretation, and biostatistics for the practicing specialty veterinarian The first half of the presentation will focus on the clinical research study designs commonly encountered in the veterinary literature such as cross-sectional, cohort, case-control, and randomized controlled trials. Through real world examples, we will discuss the potential biases associated with these various study designs and how each can affect the interpretation of study results. In the second half of the presentation, we will focus on biostatistics. We will discuss how to evaluate data distributions and when to use the more common statistical tests such as t-tests, Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon sign rank, chi square, Fisher exact, and time-to-event analyses. We will also discuss methods such as regression modeling (linear, logistic, cox) that allow multiple variables to be evaluated simultaneously.


Learning Objectives
• To understand the causes of artifactual associations - chance, bias, and confounding – which can interfere with the identification of valid statistical associations in clinical research studies.
• To understand the basic design elements and potential biases associated with case-control studies, cohort studies, and controlled clinical trials.
• To be able to identify categorical, numerical, and ordinal data; and the statistical tests appropriate for analysis of each.
Veterinary Cancer Society

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Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Dorothy (Dottie) Cimino Brown MS, DVM, DACVS
University of Pennsylvania
Professor of Surgery, School of Veterinary Medicine
Executive Director, Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center, School of Veterinary Medicine
Associate Scholar, Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Medicine
Dr Brown earned her DVM from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. She became board certified in Surgery in 1997, following her internship and residency at the University of Pennsylvania. She became faculty at PennVet in 1997 and her research program focuses on the development and validation of outcome assessment instruments for chronic pain and the application of those instruments to clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of novel interventions, such as targeted neurotoxins. Dr Brown became the Executive Director of the PennVet Veterinary Clinical Trials Center after earning a Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006. Through the Clinical Trials Center Dr Brown provides clinical trial design and biostatistical support to the faculty and house officers at PennVet, as well as to sponsors of studies that re being run through the Clinical Trials Center."

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