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Canine Lymphoma: Basic science and clinical management

Canine Lymphoma: Basic science and clinical management

Canine Lymphoma: Basic science and clinical management

Veterinary Cancer Society
Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association


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"Canine Lymphoma: Basic Science & Clinical Management The first half of this talk will focus on the basic science of lymphoma. Clinically relevant lymphocyte immunology will be reviewed. Lymphoma molecular biology and cytogenetics will be presented. Diagnostic tests such as histopathology, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry , flow cytometry, and PARRs will be discussed as well.

The second half of the talk will focus on the clinical management of canine lymphoma. This talk will summarize current recommendations for staging and treatment of canine lymphoma. It is assumed that all attendees will be very comfortable with CHOP chemotherapy. Therefore, newer therapies will be discussed, including autologous bone marrow transplant, dose-intensified chemotherapy, half-body and whole-body radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. Rescue therapies also will be summarized."


Learning objectives
• Recognize the main subtypes of lymphocytes, and know the basic immune system functions for each, and know their roles in anti-tumor immunity.
• Understand how flow cytometry and PARRs are performed, and know the uses and limitations for both.
• Recognize the different subtypes of lymphoma and their biologic behaviors.
• Know the current recommendations for staging and treating canine lymphoma. Know some the newer treatment strategies that have been evaluated for canine lymphoma.
Veterinary Cancer Society

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Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Dennis Bailey -Dennis Bailey received his DVM from Cornell University, graduating with distinction in 2000. He completed his general internship at North Carolina State University in 2001. He returned to Cornell as the inaugural medical oncology resident, completing his program and becoming board-certified ion medical oncology in 2004. From 2004-2006 he worked at Long Island Veterinary Specialists, where he helped establish a full-time oncology service. He then returned yet again to Cornell, this time as a Lecturer in Medical Oncology from 2006-2008. He has been a staff oncologist at Oradell Animal Hospital since 2008. Dr. Bailey also has been a consultant for the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) since 2007. Dr. Bailey served on the ACVIM Oncology Certifying Examination Committee from 2007-2009, chairing the committee during his final year. He also helped establish and chaired the Oncology Certifying Examination Rating Committee from 2010-2014.

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