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Exotic Dentistry

Exotic Dentistry

Exotic Dentistry

DrJayne Weller. BVSc, BSc, BA, Cert Zoo Med
DrJayne Weller. BVSc, BSc, BA, Cert Zoo Med
on behalf of University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science

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Dental disease is a common presenting complaint for many pets that present to a veterinary clinic, and exotic pets are no exception.
This CVE podcast will cover some of the basics of exotic animal dentistry. There will be a brief overview of the causes and sequellae of dental disease in rabbits, rodents and lizards, followed by a review of the preventative measures that can be taken to avoid difficult, expensive dental procedures. A description of how to carry out appropriate dental exams for a range of species will be provided and there will be some footage of dental procedures to get you up close and personal with the teeth of exotic pets.


On completion of this course the learner will gain knowledge of:
Great starting points for examinations of their exotic pet patients, as well as a good review for those in need of a refresher.
DrJayne Weller. BVSc, BSc, BA, Cert Zoo Med

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DrJayne Weller. BVSc, BSc, BA, Cert Zoo Med
on behalf of University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science

Jayne has been directing the Unusual and Exotic Animal Service at the Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney since 2014.
Prior to joining ARH, Jayne was the veterinarian for the Lilongwe Wildlife Sanctuary in Malawi, Africa and spent two years working as the clinical veterinarian at the University of Sydney’s Avian, Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital.
Jayne has extensive knowledge of all exotic pets and zoo animals and consults on both general and referral cases in all species. In 2015, Jayne successfully attained the Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice in Zoological Medicine from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Edinburgh University.
Prior to completing a veterinary science degree, Jayne completed a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Bachelor of Arts in Music and English Literature. She also spent three years as a zoo keeper at Mogo Zoo where she cared for a range of wild and exotic animals, including small and large carnivores, primates, hoofed stock, birds and reptiles.
While completing her veterinary science degree, Jayne set up a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Nepal. She supports wildlife carers internationally with veterinary advice.
Jayne is passionate about providing all species of animals the highest level of medical and surgical care.

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