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An Introduction to Value Engineering

An Introduction to Value Engineering

An Introduction to Value Engineering

Mr Steve Kirk
Mr Steve Kirk
on behalf of SAVE International



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Last updated: 28 Sep 2020

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Mr Philippe-Alexandre Verreault (28 Sep 2020)
Very good introduction.
Douglas W Leo (9 Sep 2020)
great overview really stressing positive results
Paul Bowes (14 Aug 2020)
Great intro to the concepts, ideas and benefits.

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An overview of Value Engineering.


Value Engineering Basics
Learners will gain an basic understanding of Value Engineering.
Mr Steve Kirk

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Mr Steve Kirk
on behalf of SAVE International

Steve Kirk is the current SAVE Vice President of Education.

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User Reviews (38)

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Mr Philippe-Alexandre Verreault (28 Sep 2020)
Very good introduction.
Douglas W Leo (9 Sep 2020)
great overview really stressing positive results
Paul Bowes (14 Aug 2020)
Great intro to the concepts, ideas and benefits.
Rick Holmes (7 Aug 2020)
Good introduction to Value Engineering.
Mrs Christine Lavoie (29 Jul 2020)
basic intro
Luis Felipe Carvajal (4 Apr 2020)
good introduction to this topic
Mr Sultan Al-Ghamdi G (8 Mar 2020)
Short & valuable
Mr Saad Arafat (30 Jan 2020)
Excellent and brief
Aizaz Ahmed (24 Dec 2019)
I like this introduction
John Vandenberg (18 Nov 2019)
This was a very concise and "valuable" presentation of the concept of Value Engineering. I found it very helpful.
Mr BANDAR Al-Shammri (22 Jul 2019)
It's include a nice information about VE.
Maher Al-Kotory (25 May 2019)
Very Good
Voltaire Dupo (20 May 2019)
Concise but on point to what the practice is
Mack Wallace (23 Apr 2019)
Inspirational, very good at making us believe in what we are doing.
Catherine JUGE-MENARD (15 Apr 2019)
Music too loud. Do not hear well the speakers.
Nader Hosny (29 Mar 2019)
Very Nice Brief
Mark Gabel (3 Jan 2019)
This is an excellent video - it should be posted on the public web as a commercial for what Value Engineering can do and why it is a worthwhile activity for projects. I particularly liked the comment toward the end where team building is mentioned as a natural outcome of Value Engineering. Yes!
Deepak Joshi (26 Dec 2018)
This course is a good curtain raiser for Value Engineering. it is helpful for fresh engineers to understand fundamentals and origin of this concepts
Dr Ahmed Fouda VMA (4 Dec 2018)
I think this course need to share some examples to show success stories of VM in the real projects or developments.
Robert Yokl (3 Dec 2018)
Great introduction to VE/VA.
Mr Hazem Alkhaiat (27 Oct 2018)
It was a very nice informative introduction about Value Analysis and Engineering. Amazing!!
Miss Gricelda Garcia (5 Oct 2018)
Explain an easy way the introduction to Vave.
Llaneza Murillo (3 Oct 2018)
This is a very good information that provides a general understanding of VAVE.
Rachel Hottor (26 Jun 2018)
I would like to know how value engineering has evolved with today's technology and advancement since General Electric began the V.E. process.
Jameel Banoo (9 Jun 2018)
Concise summary of Value Engineering with some history of it’s origins
Mr Javier Masini CVS (18 May 2018)
Very good Quality Introduction. Looking forward for more like this.
Miguel Reyes (14 May 2018)
Interested in learning more.
Mr Sabturani Bakil CE, CVS, CCC (10 May 2018)
Mr Adeyemi Adesina (9 May 2018)
A very good introduction to Value Engineering.
Ms Noraini Md Zamri Noraini Md Zamri (8 May 2018)
Concise and Straight forward.
Miss May Kuan (21 Mar 2018)
A very direct and great introduction of what is VE about and how it benefits an organization and team
Miguel Otero Jimenez (20 Mar 2018)
Good overview of VE.
Emad Shublaq (15 Feb 2018)
There is much about VE history and words are more generic ; for example VE was discovered in the forties while in the VMA or AVS ask exactly when ; 1947 or 1957 or 1948 ! Moreover , the terminology of VA , VE , and VM ( UNDER THE Value Methodology is not presented clearly ). The sequence of Value start not shown well ; when it moves to US Navy , ........ Till SAVE International . I prefer if the presenter is mention about VE / VA works as Problem solving tool at the beginning ! and so many thoughts I use to teach my attendees at first day . Prof. Emad Shublaq, Ph.D., CPEng., CVS-LIFE , F.SAVE, F.ASCE.
Cleumar Santos (8 Feb 2018)
Thank you for good introduction
Waseem Almasalma (12 Jan 2018)
It's a brief, but great. Thank you.
Enrique Ledesma (7 Jan 2018)
Really good introduction to Value Engineering, looking forward to continue learning...
Mr Widia Kurnia Adi ST (29 Jan 2017)
Great introduction simple yet inspiring to dig deeper for VE concept and prarices
Mr Bas Janssen (10 Jan 2017)
this E-learning was a nice introduction in to value engineering where it came from and how it was developed. it shows that it can be performed on one time and repeatable projects and on products and production processes. it takes you to the essence of the product what is it's main function and what are supporting components to that function.


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