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Delivering Prevention To The Patient

Delivering Prevention To The Patient

Delivering Prevention To The Patient

Sue Gregory, Gill Davies
Sue Gregory, Gill Davies
on behalf of Health Education England

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This session describes how the DH toolkit came about, what principles were applied and how it used current evidence to produce guidance on prevention. The latter are described and the evidence for this is shown.


By the end of this session you will be able to:
• Describe the key preventive messages listed in 'Delivering Better Oral Health – An evidence-based toolkit for prevention'
• Outline the rationale for individual-orientated preventive measures, within a practice population model
• Describe the agents available for use for an individual
• Identify and list the reviews that support the adoption of an individual-based approach
Sue Gregory, Gill Davies

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Sue Gregory, Gill Davies
on behalf of Health Education England

Sue Gregory OBE
Deputy Chief Dental Officer for England, Department of Health


Immediately prior to moving to DH, Sue was a Consultant in Dental Public Health for Bedfordshire, Luton and Hertfordshire Primary Care Trusts.

Sue sat on the Specialist Advisory Committee for Dental Public Health
Director of two Dental Public Health Training Programmes. She was an invited member on the Board of Faculty of Dental Surgery, and chairman of the BASCD Consultants in Dental Public Health Group.

Sue is a past President of the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry, from 2006 to 2007.

Sue led the development and implementation of the Bedfordshire Orthodontic Personal Dental Services Pilot. She worked with the Department of Health and FGDP(UK) on national guidance for ’Dentists with a Special Interest’. She chaired the joint DH/BASCD working group which developed the practical toolkit ’Delivering better oral health’.

Gill Davies
Specialist in Dental Public Health

Dr. Davies qualified from Birmingham and, after four years in general practice, undertook a Masters then a PhD in dental public health. She gained experience of clinical research whilst working for Colgate-Palmolive as a Research Fellow. As a Specialist in Dental Public Health for NHS Manchester she oversees dental epidemiology and provides information which assists with commissioning dental services. She leads the Dental Health Promotion activity and has Regional and National roles concerned with dental epidemiology.

Gill was heavily involved with the collation of Delivering Better Oral Health – the prevention toolkit.

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