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CPD 52 for Dental Teams: Part 4 (Units 10-13)

CPD 52 for Dental Teams: Part 4 (Units 10-13)

CPD 52 for Dental Teams: Part 4 (Units 10-13)

Mrs Glenys Bridges
Mrs Glenys Bridges

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Team CPD 52 offers a wide range of verifiable and core CPD programmes for Dental Teams. . Part 4 is made up of 3 units. Each unit is one-hour and is a complete distance learning CPD programme for the whole dental team. They are developed to meet GDC requirements .
Units included in Part 4:
10 Whole Team Audit Skills
11 Consent to Care
12 Radiation and Radiological Protection
13 Teamwork for Decontamination Procedures


Whole Team Audit Skills - Members of the team will be able to:
- Policies and procedures contribute to the continuous development of patient care
- To recognise team roles in quality management
Consent to Care - Members of the team will be able to:
- Be fully aware of GDC definitions and requirements for consent
- Develop a practice consent check list
- Follow practice audit and review procedures
Radiation and Radiological Protection - Members of the team will be able to:
- Compare current compliance with best practice requirements
- Dental nurses can define their role in patient care in line with professional standards
- A process of continuous review and improvement will be followed
Teamwork for Decontamination Procedures - Members of the team will be able to:
-Agree team responsibilities and training needs
-Work as a team toward the decontamination procedures
-Develop existing attention to detail culture for performing and recording decontamination activities
Mrs Glenys Bridges

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Mrs Glenys Bridges

Glenys is an established dental trainer and business consultant specialising in enabling practices to maximise the potential for their team. Her qualifications include management, teaching, counselling and life coaching.

She is currently Director of Glenys Bridges Practice Pathways offering qualifications and Continuous Personal and Professional Development across the dental team.

Glenys is a twice published author on dental practice management and contributor to Messages from Dental Masters 2. She has developed and delivered five qualifications for practices managers and administrators. Glenys was one of the founders of the British Dental Practice Managers Association (ADAM).

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